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Dear newlywed bride, after months of hunting and stacking your bridal vanity kit with some of the best BB & CC creams, long-lasting lip colors and all the other necessary makeup essentials, it’s finally the time you get to experiment with it (because too many dinner invites lined up!). But before you begin, we’d like to share some of the most common makeup mistakes that most new brides make. Give a quick read and make sure you’re not making any.

1. Selecting the wrong foundation shade

One of the biggest makeup mistakes that women often make is choosing a foundation that doesn’t go with their skin color. And this happens because most of them try the product on their hands while making the purchase, whereas it should be tested on the jawline. Try consulting your makeup artist at the time of your bridal makeup for a win-win.

2. Using too many eyeshadow colors

Who said you’ve got to deck up your eyelids with too many colors just because you are the newlywed bride? At max, you should use three subtle colors at a time-lighter shade on your brow bone, medium one on your lids and a darker one on the outer corner of your eye and make sure to blend them well.

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3. Not preparing your lips before applying lipstick

The reason why you always end up eating your lipstick or why it doesn’t stay for too long is that you don’t prepare your lips before applying a lipstick. So, always make it a point that you prep your lips with a nourishing lip balm and let it absorb.

Pro-tip: Use a same shade lip liner to outline the lips and also use it to fill in the lips as the first layer of your lip color & then fill your lips fuller with your lipstick. Using a lip liner also ensures no lipstick smudging.

4. Not using a primer before getting started

You may feel that a primer is not worth the investment when your moisturiser is already doing the trick. But, believe us, it isn't doing anything. Your moisturiser only makes your skin soft, while a primer prepares your skin for your foundation and makes your makeup last longer. That’s not all, it also helps smooth your wrinkles, large pores and fine lines.

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5. Overdoing your eyebrows

As for today's makeup trend is concerned, your eyebrows can either make or break your look. So, it is best suggested to play safely while you are doing them. Keep them as natural as possible instead of penciling them over and over again.

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6. Using a dry makeup sponge

If you use a sponge instead of a brush to apply foundation on your face, always dampen it before every use. That’s because when your sponge is wet, it absorbs only some amount of the product- which means, you waste less makeup (Yay!).

7. Puffing your face with too much powder

After you have applied your foundation, it is important to apply some loose powder to set your makeup right (especially if you have oily skin). But overdoing the powder is not good, as it will only make your face appear too cakey and white.

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8. Applying foundation only on your face

Don’t apply foundation just to the face. Spread it all the way down your jawbone and cover the neck area as well. Otherwise, your neck and face are likely to give an uneven look. It looks awful when the color of your face is all even and doesn't match the color of your neck.

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9. Putting highlighter all over your face

A little bit of shine does no harm. But when you go overboard with it, it certainly isn’t a good idea. So, use your highlighter wisely. Apply it only on the key areas of your face, i.e. bridge of your nose, above your cupid’s bow, above and beneath the arch of your eyebrows and your cheekbones.

10. Curling your lashes after using mascara

You should always curl your lashes first and then apply the mascara because if you do it another way around, there are chances that your lashes will stick to the curler, turn it messy and even rip off your lashes at times. So, always do first things first. 

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Are you guilty of committing these mistakes already? Share your experience in the comments.

10 Common Makeup Mistakes every Newlywed Bride makes but It's time to STOP!

by Anupriya Khanna

10 Common Makeup Mistakes every Newlywed Bride makes but It's time to STOP!