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Best Wedding Planners in Kanpur

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Wedding Planners in Kanpur


The latest fashion in the Indian wedding market is low-cost nuptials. Not everyone wants to throw an extravagant wedding filled with luxury. Some of the soon-to-wed couples find creative methods to save a few dollars. This does not imply that you ...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Planners on WeddingBazaar

Neha Jain1 day, 17 hours, and 53 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Big Bash Events

outstanding planning, this company deserves great amount of hype like legit they’re so amazing their work deserves ounces of appreciation. their team is so kind and gentle and supportive and willing to work with admiration. we have so much respect for this team. they deserve hype

...See More

Pratiksha5 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours, and 15 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Kaashiyana Event

They fullfill all your requirements in a reasonable budget. They give best service. you can coustmize your needs. I attended many events organized by kaashiyana. You should definitely give a chance to kaashiyana.

...See More

S K5 months, 3 weeks, 15 hours, and 34 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Kaashiyana Event

I would love to say thank to you and your team members for all the amazing work they did over the past few months. I am amazed your team managed everything and how easy you make things for me and my staff. All of my staff love working with everyone at YC&E. I heard incredibly positive things over the past few days about their interactions with your staff members at events. You and your team did superb job through this event.

...See More

Bharti5 months, 3 weeks, 16 hours, and 2 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Kaashiyana Event

I don't even know how to say thanks to you and your staff members. I am completely in awe of how on top of things you manage to be and how EASY you make things for me and my staff. I honestly don’t know how we could possibly do it without you. Your team really did an amazing job.

...See More

Latest Wedding Planning Ideas

Hire Wedding Planners in Kanpur

The most precious day in a person's life is their wedding day. However, careful preparation is required. There are several things that need to be taken care of, from locating different suppliers to ultimately scheduling their services. By handling all of your wedding-related activities, professional wedding planners in Kanpur can guarantee you a flawless wedding experience.

We have more than 190+ accredited wedding event planners on WeddingBazaar who can help you on your big day and take care of all your wedding-related concerns. All of the best wedding planners in Kanpur that we have mentioned have experience in this area and will make sure that everything goes according to schedule. Our mentioned wedding planners in Kanpur will provide you with end-to-end solutions, whether it's a straightforward traditional wedding or a destination wedding in your ideal location. One of the best business listing websites, WeddingBazaar, connects you with over 190+ vetted and trustworthy wedding event planners that can provide professional services for any budget. They will handle every aspect of your wedding day just as you had envisioned.

Types of Wedding Planning

It takes a lot of effort to organise a wedding, but hiring a professional wedding planner is a certain method to reduce your workload so you can concentrate your attention on the goal—getting married! The typical couple spends seven hours per week preparing their wedding, according to a recent WeddingBazaar research. This may not seem like a lot, but when you take into account your job schedule and other daily obligations, the time can rapidly add up.

Full-service wedding planner

A full-service wedding planner, sometimes referred to as an all-inclusive wedding planner, is the best option for couples who need detailed instructions and expert advice from the beginning. If you don't have a lot of free time to devote to wedding preparation, full-service planners are a terrific alternative. From assisting you with selecting a wedding location and managing vendor correspondence to organising escort cards and managing your bridesmaids on the wedding day, they will be involved in every task on your to-do list.

Couples that require assistance with the little aspects of a wedding, such as selecting linen colours and flowers, and would like to leave those decisions to a professional may consider hiring a full-service planner. This kind of wedding planner is often the most costly choice because of the dedication and labour required.

Month-of wedding planner

Consider hiring a month-of planner if you prefer to do the majority of the planning yourself to reduce stress when things become hectic. According to WeddingWire research, 16 percent of couples choose for this kind of wedding planner on average. A few weeks before to your wedding, you'll start using your month-of planner. They'll concentrate on managing last-minute, unrelated activities like final contract discussions, paying vendors, and scheduling delivery (flowers, food, décor, etc.) for your wedding.

Day-of wedding coordinator

The duty of a day-of wedding organiser really begins a few weeks before to your event; they'll speak with you a few times to develop a strategy for the big day and determine what still needs to be done. Contrary to a month-of wedding planner, the day-of wedding organiser will leave most (if not all) of the planning to you, including telling vendors about your wedding schedule and verifying delivery dates.

Consider the buddy who offered to "run" everything on your wedding day as the professional, far more experienced version of that friend (which isn't necessarily a good idea). Their duties often involve guiding suppliers to the appropriate locations, overseeing the setup and cleanup of the wedding décor, and making sure that the day is proceeding as smoothly as possible. With 37% of couples choosing to work with a day-of wedding coordinator, they are the most sought-after sort of wedding planner. Numerous wedding locations provide day-of coordination in their rental packages.

Wedding weekend coordinator

Consider this provider to be a cross between a month-of and day-of wedding planner. A wedding weekend organiser is necessary to ensure that everything goes smoothly if there are many days of celebrations and many guests to manage. The driving force behind your wedding day, even if just 4% of couples use this sort of planner, may also help with duties like welcoming guests and planning non-wedding events, like your rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch.

Destination wedding coordinator

For couples organising a wedding from a distance, a destination wedding consultant is essential. It's great to have a dependable expert there in your place or someone who is highly knowledgeable with preparing weddings in your destination when you and your fiancé(e) can't easily visit your wedding venue. When you can't be there in person, a destination wedding coordinator may assist you in finding locations, meeting with vendors, and getting a firsthand account of everything. Additionally, they'll let you know about pertinent, locally relevant facts that you might not be aware of, such weather trends, local events, travel advice, and local traditions.

Vendor scouting and referrals

What else does a wedding planner do, besides putting out the schedule for your big day and answering all the emails you sent in a fit of insomniac rage? Even if you don't plan to use an event planning company's services on a full-time basis, many of them will provide couples expert opinions and guidance. The coordinators can go through your wedding contracts, go with you when you tour the site, or recommend other providers. Event planners have a large network of business contacts, including rental firms and neighbourhood wedding florists, so this is a fantastic way to meet some of the finest in the industry!

Á la carte wedding planner

Since no two weddings are ever exactly the same, some wedding planners let their customers make their own à la carte service lists and exclude any items they don't want. If you have a tight budget but still need expert advice in some areas, creating a bespoke planning package might be a wonderful solution.

What to remember while hiring Wedding Planners

There are a lot of things to take into account while planning a wedding. It involves more than just compiling the to-do list and paying for the event; it also involves the countless minutiae that pop into the head and, in most situations, raise anxiety levels. This may be of some assistance to you if you are unsure of the considerations you should make while choosing the finest wedding planner. Believe it or not, a wedding planner may significantly reduce your stress while also saving you time and energy!

Look for a better deal.

If there is one thing that we are certain of, it is that wedding planners are masters when it comes to budgeting, numbers, and, most importantly, preserving money. Don't you feel happier when you save money? The implication is not that your wedding will be cost-free. However, you may take advantage of the wedding budget that you set by working with a competent organiser. To avoid remaining in total and full bankruptcy, it is advisable to trust the services of a professional if you lack the gift of negotiating.

Keeping costs in check

If you struggle with math, there's a chance you won't understand the wedding budget you have in mind. If that's the case, make sure you always stay within your budget.

Without a sure, you would have to deal with this problem repeatedly without a wedding planner.

To avoid overspending on the big day, it is preferable to leave all money-related issues in the hands of a professional who understands how to make the most of every opportunity.

Your life throughout the pre-wedding period will be simpler to appreciate with an organizer's assistance.

Draw a minute-by-minute timeline.

The big day itself must be meticulously planned out, and that day is the wedding!

All aspects, including the picture shoot, ceremonies, preparations, and other events, must be specified, and the duration of each must be considered.

If you plan the wedding by yourself, there is a good possibility that everything may end up being a little complicated. This isn't because you're not organised; rather, it's just that you'll have a million other things on your mind that may stress you out.

setting up a picture session

You may have seen a million ideas for the pictures you wish to have taken during your wedding. But in order to do all of this, you must ensure that there is sufficient time and that all necessary preparations have been made. It is quite possible that the photographer is aware of precisely what has to be done to ensure the picture shoot is flawless. Do not hesitate to hire a reputable wedding planner if you want this aspect to be more fluid.

Keep your wedding attire authentic.

The selection of your wedding vendors is crucial. However, it would be simpler to keep a consistent design and décor for your special day with the aid of a wedding planner. A lot of the experts provide decorative services. As you receive two things for one price, this helps you save money. You may also get in touch with different businesses to obtain better service and have a better wedding!


Using a wedding planner's services will ensure that, in addition to the discussions you must do, there will be contact with all of the vendors participating in the wedding.

The ideal thing in this situation would be for your wedding planner and the band or DJ to pick and schedule the songs that are respectable enough for the ritual, and not the ones that are forbidden, if you don't want to complicate your wedding over the terrible confusion of the Reception music.

At all times, music may be a useful tool for time management.

When it comes to organising a wedding, one must take the process extremely seriously. It must be handled professionally and not carelessly. Hiring a wedding planner is preferable than doing everything on your own. You may arrange themed weddings with the aid of a wedding planner, making them spectacular and unforgettable.

What to discuss with your Wedding Planner?

What sort of wedding are you interested in having?

A. This is not the response we are looking for, but it is a common response we receive: "I want a unique, unusual, creative wedding." Every bride wants something special, and we want to see how unconventional the couple is willing to get. While it's crucial for us to know the couple's preferred sense of style and individuality, we also need to know how far they are prepared to go from the typical wedding formula.

What colour scheme do you use?

1. Surprising Many of my brides lack an immediate response. Consider particular colours, and if possible, bring in fabric samples, paint chip colours, magazine rip sheets, or anything else that represents the look you want. A primary colour (your main colour), a secondary colour (your accent colour), and a third colour are the ideal number of colour options for any palette (what we call the finish color: silver, crystal, copper or gold).

How do you want to add your own personalities to your celebration?

A. We hope the pair responds by describing themselves in more detail, including their favourite meals, cultural backgrounds, relationship tales, how they met, etc. We ask this because we want to share the narrative of the couple. The more personality and attention to detail you incorporate into your wedding, the more it will reflect your personality rather than the standard template that so many couples choose to use.

What kind of living do you adopt?

1. Are you contemporary? Eclectic? Classic? Traditional? Retro?

We ask this because your response helps me understand both your personality as a pair and the type of lifestyle you choose.

Which design style would you choose for your wedding?

A. A couple may not spend their life according to the same manner that they envision for their wedding. They frequently want to act out their fantasies on that particular day.

How can I differentiate and personalise my wedding?

A unique theme or notion that is unusual is not necessary because that doesn't necessarily fit who you are as a couple. Instead, strive to have a wedding that deviates from the conventional schedule and formula that everyone else follows. Engage your visitors in some interactive involvement so they can't guess what's going to happen next and so they feel like they experienced something special.

Do I have to participate in all the traditional rituals, such as the garter throw, bouquet toss, cake cutting, and first dance as husband and wife?

A. None of it is required of you! Regarding these customs, everything is entirely up to you because it's your wedding. But before making these choices, pause to think about whether you'll regret leaving them out in the future (e.g. having that special moment with your dad, your mom, etc.).

Should there be a separate late-night lounge area or an after-party?

A. None. Both disrupt the celebration's momentum and vitality, which increases the risk of losing visitors. Try not to spread out too much or for too long. Keep everyone inside the confines of one room. Instead, choose to alter the setting periodically during the evening. Have a lounge area in your reception area, and as the party progresses, switch up the entertainment, music, and lighting to create a fresh mood.

What are the hottest colour trends this year?

Aim to choose colours that are distinctive to you rather than those that are predicated on current trends. A lovely wedding will take place if you listen to your heart and remain loyal to what's significant and precious to you and your fiancé. .

How does wedding bazaar help in hiring the Best Wedding Planners in Kanpur?

Indian couples may arrange their weddings conveniently and affordably with the help of WeddingBazaar, an online wedding planning platform and publisher of wedding-related material.

WeddingBazaar is on a mission to simplify and make thrilling Indian wedding preparation possible. With a youthful army of wedding enthusiasts, WeddingBazaar seeks to ease the wedding-related woes of every young couple in the nation.

We are a passionate group of wedding planners trying to create a brand-new approach to wedding planning with beautiful goods and outstanding customer service. We're honoured to have served as Yuvraj Singh and Bhuvneshwar Kumar's official wedding planners. We like what we do, which is how we assist with the planning of your wedding in a loving manner.

Our team of top wedding organisers in Kanpur is always searching for bright individuals to join us. We search the entire city to locate them in various locations. The professionals at WeddingBazaar evaluate these wedding planners' abilities, portfolios, and reviews before selecting the top ones and listing them on the website in a variety of price ranges so that you may pick the right one for your needs and budget.

Wedding Planners in Kanpur Prices/cost

Weddings are one of life's most beloved and passionately observed occasions. Everyone imagines having a wedding that will be remembered fondly for years to come. In Indian culture, a wedding is similar to a cultural celebration that includes several ceremonies as well as singing, dancing, and other activities. Despite how much one may appreciate these occasions, arranging them may be time-consuming and exhausting. This necessitates hiring wedding planners in Kanpur for expert assistance.

Frequently asked questions about Top Wedding Planners in Kanpur

Q - Where can I find the best wedding planners in Kanpur?

You can find all of your wedding providers for the celebration of your nuptial rituals and wedding day on the Weddingbazaar wedding planning app. Due to its exquisite hotels and palaces, Surat, India, attracts wedding parties. Weddingbazaar can be useful if you're unsure of where or how to hunt for a wedding planner. By considering your city, your budget, and the overall rating, you may choose your Indian wedding planner. A tonne of planners will appear on your website once the extraneous information has been removed, and you may look through their portfolios, professional histories, etc. You can call or chat online with the planners you've selected using Weddingbazaar.

Q - Are Wedding Planners on wedding bazaar professional?

Yes, the wedding coordinators at WeddingBazaar are skilled professionals. Marriage Bazaar Every single aspect of your wedding is in the control of the wedding planners. The designers are in charge of everything, including choosing the wedding date and delaying the actual bidai. choosing a wedding theme, renting out locations, decorating, sending out invites, choosing attractions, hiring makeup artists and fashion designers, creating presentations, taking wedding photos, preparing a feast, booking hotels, decorating, and organising travel. Basically, the wedding planners will allow you relax and enjoy the occasion.

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