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Best Mehndi Artists in Kochi

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Mehndi Artists in Kochi


Without an extravagant Mehndi ritual, Indian weddings would not be complete. Because of this, many brides anxiously anticipate their Mehndi ritual. And among the sixteen ornaments worn by an Indian bride are mehndi patterns. She is therefore incom...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Mehndi Artists on WeddingBazaar

Swaliha1 month, 2 weeks, 4 days, 14 hours, and 11 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Zaya Mehndi

Great work and good customer service 👌

...See More

Sree lakshmi1 month, 2 weeks, 4 days, 14 hours, and 14 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Zaya Mehndi

Realy fantastic work and customers support. Realy great ❤️

...See More

Shahaniya shafeer 1 month, 2 weeks, 4 days, 15 hours, and 14 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Zaya Mehndi

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful henna you did for my engagement , it was such a pleasure having you doing my bridal henna. It was superb and I got a lot of compliments on the mehndi design, colour and the actual look on the day. Awesome🤗Thankyou

...See More

Shelna shaju1 month, 2 weeks, 4 days, 15 hours, and 50 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Zaya Mehndi

Good review, excellent service rendered , satisfied with the experience and I do suggest to other persons too , nothing to improve Everything done properly team represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Information was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast. Answers were clear and where necessary detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly, minimising the end to end time to process complex transactions among a number of parties.

...See More

Latest Mehndi Ideas

Hire the Best Mehndi Artists in Kochi

The pre-wedding mehendi ceremony is crucial in Indian weddings. Indian weddings would not be complete without the mehendi ceremony, which has been performed for many years. Are the new coronavirus recommendations causing you any anxiety regarding your mehndi ceremony in Kochi?

Services offered by Bridal Mehndi Artists in Kochi

As we all know, one of a woman's most important wedding rituals is the mehndi ceremony. If you're getting married in Kochi, you're definitely looking for the best mehndi artists in Kochi there. Finding an artist that has the appropriate abilities and keeps up with the latest trends might be challenging due to the changing fashions in henna designs.

Bridal mehendi artists in Kochi are available to assist with bridal mehendi designs, Indian mehendi designs, Arabic mehendi designs, and many other types of mehendi patterns. A mehendi artist may be hired online, and the expert will arrive at your place with all of the necessary mehndi supplies.

As part of the ceremony, the bride's full arms and half legs are covered in mehndi. You may choose from a range of styles and patterns. There are also glitter mehndi designs that are mughlai, multicolored, and technologically advanced. All of the female guests painted themselves with mehndi as part of the event. These people include bridesmaids, relatives, and family members.

Latest trends in bridal mehndi designs & mehndi functions

The following list includes some of the most current and stylish bridal mehendi designs:

Wedding Mehendi Designs for "Dulhan"

When there are gorgeous Dulhan Mehendi designs available, why continue using the same old Mehendi patterns? Undoubtedly, this will take some time, but as the proverb says, "Good things come to those who wait." As a consequence, it will be worthwhile to wait for this design.

Trending bridal mehendi designs that are minimal:

Some ladies continue to believe that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" because of these designs' simplicity while yet being highly appealing. While some brides want to follow trends, others prefer to have their own unique bridal mehndi design. Here are some really popular wedding mehndi patterns for the future bride if you fall into the latter category.

Indian brides' traditional mehendi designs:

For all of you "Rajkumaris," these henna or Indian Mehendi patterns are perfect. And for any Indian brides searching for the most beautiful henna creations. So be sure to ask your mehendi artist to include some distinctive yet genuine designs. The perfect wedding mehndi design is available to you thanks to the blend of royal and desi trends in Indian bridal mehndi patterns.

Genuine Arabic Mehendi Patterns:

One of the most well-liked bridal mehndi patterns would be another term for "Arabic Mehendi Designs." And the majority of Indians choose this lovely mehndi design. This is due to the fact that this kind of mehendi complements any mehndi costume, including sarees, lehengas, and shararas.

Trendy bridal mehendi designs that are "Floral":

If employed in a lehenga or a mehendi, floral patterns will never go out of style. It will include roses, leaves, flowers, and lotus. Your hand will have a fresh appearance.

Pakistani Mehendi Design:

Pakistani mehendi motifs include more flowers, leaves, and dome-shaped patterns. Every region has its own design aesthetic, and Pakistan is no exception. The designs include elements of Pakistani, Hindu, and Arabic design.

Mehndi Designs for Dulha and Dulhan:

Modern brides are continually wearing the newest trends. Therefore, experimenting is only one more stage in a bride's life. And whether it's the patterns on their clothes or their mehendi, they want something new! Additionally, these patterns will immediately make Dulha's eyes more cheerful and inspire your creative side. Keep an eye out for the Dulha and Dulhan mehndi design if you want to see some real and exceptional creativity.

Bridal Mehndi Design 2022 with a Rose Motif

These days, wedding mehndi designs are becoming trendy with rose patterns. The majority of women choose these designs for their wedding mehndi this year. Pick the rose theme design that most appeals to you from a selection of options. For added elegance, you may use this to engrave your partner's name between the Mehendi patterns.

The Contemporary Dulhania Mehndi Style:

Pakistani mehendi motifs include more flowers, leaves, and dome-shaped patterns. Every region has its own design aesthetic, and Pakistan is no exception. The designs include elements of Pakistani, Hindu, and Arabic design.

Indian Mehndi Designs in Two Tone

Every bride loves to use this famous two-tone mehndi method. By using this style of mehndi design, you would unquestionably steal the stage. The included picture has a lotus theme, but you may change it to any motif you choose. If you're stuck with this option, do it yourself, or ask your mehndi artist to design the flowers this way.

Trending Bridal Mehendi Designs: "Peacock"

At the Mehendi ceremony, this peacock design with lotus, flowers, greenery, and a magnificent jali looks beautiful. Despite the fact that peacock patterns are so common, many new designs have evolved this peacock motif, including those seen below

Trendy Wedding Mehendi Designs Featuring "Elephant"

Elephant Design is now also well-liked, and if you like to try out novelties, these designs are for you. You may alter several additional designs to suit your preferences.

Wedding Date Mehndi Designs With Engraving

Are you searching for lovely designs to incorporate into your mehendi? Here, you have the most fantastic ideas. Simply ask the person who will be performing your mehndi to elegantly and tastefully engrave the dates of your wedding on your hand. The provided photographs might serve as inspiration for you. You may put your name and the name of your sweetheart to your mehndi if you include the dates.

Indian Mehndi Designs for Wedding Hashtags

Today, it's common to include bridal hashtags into mehndi patterns. Ask the mehndi artist to incorporate a hashtag you create with your partner's name into your design. Your mehndi will certainly stand out from the crowd if you include this hashtag. I thus advise you to use this pattern for your subsequent mehndi.

2022 Ganpati Bridal Mehndi Design

In our tradition, we believe that worshiping Lord Ganesh should be done before any ritual begins. Because of the ganesh, we have faith that all of our efforts will be successful. There is therefore no justification for the ganesh motif to be excluded from the wedding mehndi design. Pick this design to make a statement at your mehndi party and get the greatest mehndi appearance.

Bridal Mehndi Design for the Back Hand 2022

In order to choose a nice mehndi design, almost everyone first consults the internet. This is therefore the perfect look for the gorgeous future bride that you are. These are exclusive patterns for the rear hand that are not available anywhere else. These back hand designs are among the most exquisite. Simply add these layouts to your favorites without second thought.

Design for White Bridal Mehndi in 2022

Use this special mehndi to stand out from the crowd and look stunning at the same time. With your engagement dresses or any other garment you wish to wear to an event, this white mehndi would look wonderful. There is no better way to stand out at your mehendi than to do it this way. You should wear this clothing to your next mehndi as a result.

Mehendi patterns for legs

Just as important as hand mehendi design is leg mehendi design. Make your mehendi design appropriate for the occasion by including elephant, peacock, flower, jali, bell, leaves, and other shapes.

Celebrity-Inspired Mehndi Designs for Weddings

Do you like Bollywood over all other types of entertainment? Let me then suggest the ideal mehendi pattern for you. Look at the gorgeous mehendi patterns on the hands of Neha Kakkar, our most beautiful vocalist, and Shiny Doshi, our most handsome Indian actor. If you use any of this mehndi, you'll be the topic of the gathering.

Customized Mehndi Designs for the Wedding

Are you looking for a unique mehndi pattern? then adopt this particular look. In this scenario, you ought to request that your mehndi artist design the character you enjoy the most. If you adore dogs, for instance, you may ask her to create the face of your dog for your wedding mehndi. You may also ask her to create spiritual signals for you.

Guide to Hire Best Mehndi Artists in Kochi

 Follow your mehndi artist on social media

Social media, search engines like Google, and photo-sharing platforms like Instagram have made it easier than ever to find and follow local artists. Look at what they came up with. the caliber of the lines and the remarks made on the job. Save pictures of the designs you like, and consider finding out the cost and duration of the application process

Search for an Artist on Google

There are several directories of mehndi artists available online. When conducting a search online, consider using different words like "henna," "heena," or "tattoo," as well as several ways to spell "mehndi" like "mehendi" or "mehandi." Make many searches for diverse local musicians, being sure to include your city or state's name in each search.

Request references

You don't have to pick the only henna artist your mother or friend knows for your henna party. One of the best methods to locate a great artist is to find one and ask them for references. When you engage a henna artist for your wedding celebration, it's the same as hiring someone for a job; do your homework and ask the artist for referrals.

Obtain Referrals

Henna artists work with a lot of brides, caterers, designers, makeup artists, and photographers. Request a suggestion from one of the other suppliers you are collaborating with. Browse your photographer's blog to find performers from previous weddings. Request referrals from henna artists whom your makeup artist has worked with in the past. If your artist is serious about the henna business, she will have a strong network of people who have either seen her work or have heard good things about her.

Agreement and affirmation

Like the majority of bridal service providers, your mehndi artist should present you with formal documentation (a contract or certification) of what you agree upon. Prior to your mehndi celebration, having everything in paper will help you prevent issues on the big day. Sending an email with all the details, including how much has been paid as a deposit and how much is still owing, as well as any travel expenditures, can be a quick and easy way to do this. Every written document must provide the event's date, time, and place. If your mehndi artist won't provide you with something in writing, you might want to reconsider your choice.


The bride's payment of a deposit benefits both the bride and the mehndi artist. You reserve the day and guarantee that the artist will show up at the scheduled time and date by paying the deposit. The artist is guaranteed that you won't cancel at the last minute and won't squander a time slot that they could have scheduled someone else for by collecting the money. It's a really professional way of doing business. You have the right to ask for a receipt after paying the deposit, and you ought to get a confirmation or contract in return.

Ask the artist if it is not stated, and make sure it is stated in your agreement if it is not. Pay attention to any conditions in the deposit that may specify when you can cancel and still collect your money.

expectations for the bride and the artist

Make sure to put in writing any special instructions for the artist, such as getting your mother-in-law hennaed, a dress code, arriving early, etc., to prevent last-minute surprises. It is important to find out the artist's seating and lighting needs if the mehndi is being done during the sangeet or mehndi reception. The artist should provide you guidelines on how to get ready for mehndi. Be prepared for some people to cut in front of you, apply more henna than you meant, and fight to do more amid the craziness of the mehndi celebration.

Keep this in mind while booking your performer. Don't allow your guests to treat your artist like a quiet pushover in order to get more henna done.

If you have set limits on what people can do, don't be shocked if your visitors subsequently tell you that the artist was unpleasant. Your artist needs to be forceful but not obnoxious. They assume she is being rude since they were presumably repeatedly told by the artist that they couldn't get any more henna done. Keep in mind that if you desire boundaries, they will come with some uncomfortable situations.

When and location

The bride could get her henna done at the sangeet or mehndi ceremony or the day before the celebration. Because the stain takes two days to reach its fullest shade, carefully choose your visitation time. Applying mehndi the day before the celebration will allow you to do so in the comfort of your home. Instead of spending the entire party day sitting around with wet paste on your hands, this will allow you to enjoy yourself.

Consider hiring a second artist for the mehndi celebration if you want to guarantee that everyone receives henna. What is best for your occasion will depend on how many people the artist can henna in an hour. Some mehndi artists only work out of salons, while others travel to clients' homes. Choose the solution that best meets your requirements. House calls often come with an additional fee, particularly if the artist also charges for travel. Get all of these information done and written down before your event.


Do your study since while price and quality frequently go hand in hand, it isn't always the case. Even though some artists bill by the hour, be sure you know what you're receiving before hiring them. Some artists provide fixed-price bridal packages with a variety of levels to choose from. The degree of design complexity and the extent of the area covered affect the expenses. Avoid offers that look too good to be true or complicated price arrangements.

The artist you select should be able to give you a clear estimate of how long it will take to complete your mehndi so that you can keep the cost within your budget. Ask about transportation charges if your home is far from the city center. Again, get everything in writing to avoid last-minute surprises, and don't be hesitant to request precise numbers and thorough details.

Things to consider Hiring Mehndi Artists in Kochi

Do they travel to distant places?

Find out if the mehendi artist travels to certain places and what portion of the travel costs they will charge you if your event is in a different city, for instance.

Which kind of mehndi are they using?

We can notice several unethical ways to get money as the globe is always evolving. To cut costs, some mehendi artists use dangerous, rash-producing ingredients in their mehendi. Even if it costs a little extra, make sure your mehendi artist utilizes genuine, organic mehendi. With your party, you cannot afford to take any chances.

The price per hand and whether family packages are offered

The front and back of the hands might add an extra INR 50–100 to the mehendi price. Before making a reservation, be careful to settle any unresolved conflicts. In addition, you and your loved ones must all apply mehendi on their hands as part of the ritual during a wedding. In this case, find out whether they have any affordable package options or if they charge per person and specific design needs (say for example, mandala designs on the front of the hands for all). The best option is to know the pricing in advance rather than getting shocked with an unpleasant and unexpectedly huge bill.

Are they available on such and such dates and at such an hour? 

Your mehendi artists must only perform at one event each day in order to give you and your guests their full attention. If they are hurriedly leaving for another event, you can get poor results.

How many individuals make up their team?

For a social occasion like Teej, when you can anticipate at least 60-100 women getting their mehendi done at the same time, having a sufficient number of people is essential. One employee can only take care of a maximum of 10 females in such a situation. Therefore, be careful to inquire about the size of the mehendi artist's team and whether they can accommodate the number of visitors you are expecting. Budget appropriately; adding team members will result in increased expenses.

How long have they been an expert in this field? 

This is a crucial question to ask if you have particular designs in mind. A talented mehendi artist will be able to implement the complicated designs you've chosen with a steady hand and steady technique. A professional mehendi artist would demand a premium of between INR 2,000 and INR 5,000.

What kind of payment is accepted?

Always ask about the payment method before continuing to prevent frauds. If the mehendi artist doesn't have a track record or doesn't have many recommendations from friends and family, wait before paying the whole amount. Be cautious. Additionally, it could be challenging to keep track of specific requests from some people during a large-scale gathering. Ask the mehendi artist and crew to create a notebook with name, request, and any applicable extra expenses in order to provide the maximum transparency and clarity when settling accounts at the end of the day.

Do they have any reservations policies?

Many mehendi artists require months of advance appointment, particularly the more well-known ones. Book them in advance, familiarize yourself with their cancellation policies, and discount range to ensure you don't miss out on your favorites.

Do they require any particular lighting or seating configurations?

The mehendi artists can find it challenging to do their duties properly because of the inadequate lighting designed for instagram-worthy photos at your location. Make sure you perform it during the day or that you have the ability to change the lighting as necessary. Also, ensure that there is enough lighting and low-rise seating.

Would they be able to execute the designs you and your family have chosen for the bridal mehendi?

Show the mehendi artist the design you've chosen and seek their honest opinion on whether it is within their capabilities to prevent last-minute disappointments like average-looking mehendi or a really terrible xerox of the design you've chosen.

In conclusion, it is crucial to perform thorough research and pick your kochi mehendi artist wisely and within your budget. Make sure to make reservations for your Kochi mehendi artists in advance, especially during the busy wedding and festival seasons. To gain a feel for the artist's caliber and skill, plan a trial as early in the process as feasible. It's a significant matter and a crucial component of your major event. To guarantee that your celebration goes off without a hitch, use the advice above!

Bridal Mehndi Artists in Kochi Costs

The rates charged by mehndi artists vary according on the individual artisan. Other elements that impact service prices, in addition to the expert's qualifications and standing, include

The price of bridal mehndi artists in Kochi varies widely depending on the artist's skill, experience, and creativity of the henna designs. For bridal mehendi, the basic design costs around 3000. In Kochi, a respectable mehendi artist could bill anywhere from 6000 to 100,000.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Mehndi Artists in Kochi

Q - Can I get a discount if I hire a Mehndi artist via Wedding Bazaar?

We collaborate with some of the best mehendi artists in Jaipur. They are well-known in their field and have a lot of experience. We simplify the whole bridal mehndi artist hiring process. Find a variety of wedding mehndi artists online, then get in touch with them to discuss availability, dates, and prices.

Q - Are there any other services offered by Wedding Bazaar?

Mehndi Artists are among the many wedding services provided by Wedding Bazaar. Depending on your spending limit, you can engage wedding planners, makeup artists, photographers, choreographers, bands, bridal wear stores, groom wear shops, rental clothes stores, and caterers. Wedding Bazaar is your one-stop shop for planning a wedding. The best wedding vendors in various Indian cities may be found online and booked from the comfort of your own home.

Q - Are the Top Mehndi artists on Wedding Bazaar professionals?

Look no further if you're looking for the best mehdi artisans in Jaipur. Not only are our bridal mehndi artists brilliant, but they are also imaginative. They create unique patterns and are knowledgeable about the significance of mehndi in weddings. The competence with which the work is accomplished, the assurance of quality, and the modest assistance will undoubtedly win your heart.

Q - What should I discuss with the Best Mehndi artists in Jaipur?

There are a few things you should discuss with mehndi artists before hiring them. Learn how many individuals may utilize the artist to apply Mehndi from them. Inquire in detail about the Mehndi artist's prior projects and portfolio. Find out whether the Jaipur Mehndi artist is available on the dates you choose. Carefully enquire about the Mehndi artists' cancellation and refund procedures. Don't forget to inquire with the artist about the approved payment options and timetable. Also mention how many mehndi artists would be present at the wedding. You must first decide what you need before you start browsing the list of mehndi artists. Always make a budget ahead of time to ascertain how much you can spend on mehndi artists without going over. These artists are in great demand all year long, so if you wait too long, you can lose out on the one you want. Therefore, hire your artist at least 2-3 months before your wedding day. Look into the backgrounds and reviews of any mehndi artists featured on fab wedding before hiring them.

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