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Type of clothing Boutiques / Designer wear

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Things to consider while shortlisting wedding apparel in Kochi

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing wedding outfits:

Plan the budget

Wedding outfits will take around 15% of your wedding budget. During a wedding, there are hundreds of areas of expenses. Keep in mind of all of these, plan your budget, and try to stick to it.

Time to purchase

Plan and purchase the wedding outfits in such a way that you have time for alterations in case of misfitting clothes.

Explore the varieties

Scroll through Instagram and Pinterest pages, and multiple stores around you to understand the trend and to know things better.


Take a note of all the wedding outfits that you would need and for the occasion that you need it for. Try to find the outfits based on the occasions and sort it out when you find the outfits.

Explain your requirement to the designer

If you're planning to purchase designer wear for your wedding, be sure and clear with the designer as to what your likes and dislikes are.

Explore the tailors around you

There are many cases where the tailors ruin your wedding outfit. Make sure you research all the tailors around you and shortlist the best ones among them.

Tips to find the best wedding outfit in Kochi

These are the tips to find the best wedding outfits:

Time to purchase

Give enough time for purchasing and be very patient while having all the trials. Purchase the clothes well in advance so that you can have time for trial and error.

Purchasing partners

While purchasing the wedding outfit, take people who are patient and can help you with the selection. Make sure you take a maximum of 4 people with you.

Galli main khazana

The best wedding lehengas and sarees are available in places like Delhi's chandni chowk or WeddingBazaar's wedding outfits section. Try these places to get a steal deal for all your wedding outfits.

Stitched vs readymade

For some people ready-made clothes look beautiful while for some, a stitched garment gives a better fit. Decide on your preference and then go for shopping.

Select the wedding outfits from WeddingBazaar

As mentioned above, the wedding outfits from our partners are a steal deal. Our wedding planning experts from WeddingAssist platform do all the required research for wedding outfits and will filter out the best options based on your needs.

What makes clothing stores and boutiques in WeddingBazaar different from others

Our service providers for wedding outfits consider outfit designing as an art and they have magic in their hands! We can assure you that once you visit our service providers, you will not go empty-handed.

Popular apparel styles in Kochi

Popular wedding outfits are silk sarees, bridal lehengas, palazzos, suits, veshtis, sherwanis, kanjeevaram sarees, etc..

How to request a quote for apparel from WeddingBazaar

After you select the wedding apparel service provider, mention your name, email ID, phone number, and the best time to reach you. One of our wedding planning experts will then contact you for further process.

Steps involved in getting apparel in Kochi

These are the steps involved in getting your wedding apparel:

  1. Plan your budget
  2. Decide your choice of clothing
  3. Decide on the time of purchase
  4. Accompany less people with you for purchasing
  5. Have enough time for trial and error
  6. Enquire about payment modes and purchase your wedding outfits

The price range of wedding outfits in Kochi*

Category Cost
Lehenga Rs.20,000 to Rs.2,50,000
Sherwani Rs. 10,000 to Rs.50,000
Suit Rs.10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000
Silk sarees Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,00,000
Veshti Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,000
Non-silk sarees Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,50,000
Gowns Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000
Formal pants and shirt sets Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 40,000
Kurtas or kurtis Rs.1,500 to Rs. 10,000

*Prices may vary according to individual preferences.


What kind of services can I expect from professional Apparel service providers?

You can expect professional stitching and quality apparel from the service providers of WeddingBazaar. Our apparel partners have exclusive wedding collections which is sure to make you look dazzling.

How much is the advance payment for apparel?

Apparel service providers mostly ask for one time payment after the purchase of the wedding outfits. Only if the apparel is custom-made, they ask for advance payment.

Any discounts or offers available for apparel?

Watch out for the 'Offers' section in our website to find out about great deals and discounts on wedding apparels. To get notified about latest offers sign up here.

What wedding outfits are available for women?

Sarees, lehengas, gowns, salwar kameez, anarkalis, chudidars, etc.. are some of the wedding outfits available of the women.

What wedding outfits are available for men?

Sherwanis, dhotis, shirts, suits, blazers, etc.. are some of the wedding outfits available for men.

Are the wedding outfits readymade or can we get the material and get it stitched?

Both the options of stitching, and buying readymade apparel are available from the service providers of WeddingBazaar.

What are the different sarees that you have?

Kancheepuram silk sarees, designer sarees, Mysore silks sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, etc., are some of the sarees available with the service providers of WeddingBazaar.

What is the starting price of sarees and suits?

The price of Sarees for weddings starts from around Rs. 5,000 and goes upto Rs. 4,00,000. Suits can start from Rs. 10,000 and go upto Rs. 50,000.

Where can I do the trial of the dress before purchasing?

The outfit trials can be done at the shop where your are purchasing the outfits.

Can I order the wedding outfits online?

Yes, if the service providers support online orders, you can order your wedding outfits online.

Do you have only traditional outfits?

Along with traditional outfits, we have trendy and modern outfits as well.

Do you have designer wedding wear?

Yes, our service providers also provide designer wedding wear.

Do you provide accessories like footwear along with apparels?

Yes, accessories like footwear, imitation jewellery, are also available along with apparel.

Are designer lehengas available?

Yes, designer lehengas are also available.

Are sherwanis available?

Yes, sherwanis are available.

Are haldi outfits available?

Yes, outfits for haldi ceremony are available.

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