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Wedding makeup artists

It's your wedding day and you should look your best on that day. You will be busy with all the rituals on the wedding day and in this small time frame, you need someone who can make you look as beautiful as an angel! The moment your partner looks at you, he/she should fall in love with you all over again.

Who can make you look that beautiful? Of course, the beautician. The main reason to book a professional makeup artist for all your wedding makeup is that they know what exactly your skin needs. Apart from that, they also take care of your hairstyles, saree draping, and offer these services to your family members as well. This way, you'll not have to worry about not knowing how to drape a saree!

There are many types of makeup techniques like HD makeup, natural makeup, airbrush makeup, etc.. All of them will suit certain skin types and you must select that which suits you. Also, care should be taken while using concealers, foundation, etc.. and only choose shades that matches your skin tone. It is a sensitive area which needs expert eyes to understand this. Who else can be better than a professional makeup artist?

However, where can you find an expert beautician? Who can guarantee you that you will look like a bride and not a bridezilla?

We can!

WeddingBazaar has professional makeup service providers who are the best in their field!

Visit our makeup artists section to know more.

Things to consider while shortlisting bridal makeup artists in Kochi

Here are a few things to consider before booking a bridal makeup artist:

Set your budget

Consider this as your first priority whenever you think of wedding planning. The obvious reason is that your preferences and priorities are greatly altered by the wedding budget.

Decide on the bridal makeup artist

There are many brides who would want their bff's to take care of the bridal makeup or they choose to do it themselves. Some even take suggestions from their friends and relatives and then decide. Take your time and decide who your choice of artist would be. Keep in mind that you will also need the makeup artist to handle the hairstyling and saree draping.

Check for any skin allergies

Some of you might have certain allergies or skin infections. Make sure you visit a dermatologist and ask their suggestion on makeup. Use only those products that are recommended.

Research on the bridal makeup artists

Be it any famous stylist or your regular parlour aunty, you will have some particulars and are only comfortable with some people. Research, ask people and know the parlours or salons near you. There are different types of makeup like HD makeup, 3D makeup, airbrush makeup, natural makeup, no-makeup makeup, contouring, etc.. Check the various styles and decide on which style you want to go for.

Prepare your questionnaire

Prepare questions beforehand and never hesitate to ask any of those questions to the beautician. Make sure you have taken note of all the questions and doubts that you have. Opt for a trial makeup session which might help you finalise on a beautician.

Check if you need any additional service

Along with makeup on the wedding day you might also want makeup for friends and family, waxing, a spa session, manicures, pedicures, facials, body polishing, etc.. Discuss this with the makeup artist and check if they have special bridal makeup packages that you can choose.

Tips to find the best bridal makeup artist in Kochi

Here are a few tips to help you find the best bridal makeup artist:

Scroll through their social media page

Nowadays, most bridal makeup artists have their own social media platform. Scroll through all of their pages to get an idea of their work. They will have before-after pictures of brides which could help you decide.

Questions to the rescue

From skin allergies to number of services provided, you will have lot of questions and there are chances of missing to ask anything to the beautician. Therefore, make a note of all your questions and have a thorough discussion with the makeup artist. This way, it will be easy to filter out the options.

Catalogue or portfolio

If the beautician is not having any social media pages, ask them if they have any catalogue or portfolio where you can see their work. Note the points that you observe which later helps you with filtering.

Services provided

As mentioned above, ask them about the services provided. From saree draping, hair styling, to makeup and styling for the family, there are many services that come in bridal makeup packages. Also, enquire on how many people would be accompanying the bridal makeup artist.

Select the bridal makeup artists from WeddingBazaar

Confused with the pool of options? Need help in filtering out to find the best bridal makeup artist? Well, we are here to help you. Our wedding planning experts from WeddingAssist platform do all the required negotiations to give you the best deals.

What makes bridal makeup artists in WeddingBazaar different from others

Our hand-picked, professional bridal makeup artists are the best in their field. Not only do they understand the needs of the customers but they always deliver more than expected. They believe that honest service is the key to customer satisfaction. They use good quality and skin-friendly products.

Popular bridal makeup styles in Kochi

Popular bridal makeup styles are monochromatic makeup, natural makeup, evening makeup, airbrush makeup, HD makeup, mehendi makeup, updo hairstyle, etc..

Steps involved in hiring bridal makeup artists in Kochi

These are the steps involved in hiring a beautician:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Search for options and styles
  3. Research on the bridal makeup artists around you
  4. Keep your questions ready
  5. Ask questions and note down their answers
  6. Scroll through the bridal makeup artists' social media page
  7. Filter out the beautician's and finally pick one

How to request a quote for bridal makeup from WeddingBazaar

After you select the bridal makeup artist, mention your name, email ID, phone number, and the best time to reach you. One of our wedding planning experts will then contact you for further process.

Are salon services included in the bridal makeup packages

Yes. Some of our bridal makeup service providers also have salon services. You can opt for all-inclusive bridal makeup packages or choose various services based on your requirement.

The price range of makeup artists in Kochi*

Category Cost
Bridal makeup Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000
Bridal and family makeup Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000
Saree draping Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 3,000
Hair styling Rs 1,000 to 5,000
All-inclusive package Rs 35,000 onwards

*Prices may vary according to individual preferences.


What kind of services can I expect from a professional bridal makeup artist?

A bridal makeup artist takes care of the bridal makeup along with hairstyle and saree draping for the bride. They also assist the bride in wearing jewellery. Some artists even offer pre-wedding beauty services like waxing, hair spa, facials, body polishing, haircuts, manicure, pedicure, etc..

What is the approximate cost of bridal makeup services in Kochi?

The cost for bridal makeup based on the makeup artist, services opted for, and products used. However, an approximate cost for bridal makeup in Kochi will be around Rs. 20,000 to Rs 1,00,000.

How many days in advance do I need to book a wedding makeup artist in Kochi?

Bridal makeup artists can be booked a couple of months before the wedding date.

How much is the advance payment for bridal makeup?

Advance payment for bridal makeup services varies with every service provider. While some prefer a percentage of their payment in advance, the others prefer to have full payment in advance.

How many trial makeup sessions are done?

It is mutually decided by the service provider and the client. Usually 1 to 2 trial make up sessions are done before the wedding.

How long does the bridal makeup take?

Depending on the sophistication of the makeup, it usually takes a 1 - 2 of hours to get the entire bridal makeup and hairstyle done.

What brands do you use and are they specific to the skin?

The common products that are used include Lakme, Krylon, Nykaa, Maybelline, M.A.C., etc.. If you inform any of your skin issues or specifications to the beautician, they bring the products accordingly.

Any discounts or offers available for bridal makeup?

Watch out for the 'Offers' section in our website to find out about great deals and discounts on bridal makeup services. To get notified about latest offers sign up here.

Do your makeup artists do makeup only for weddings?

No. Some of them even handle makeup for occasions like engagement ceremony, baby naming ceremony, photoshoots, etc..

Will your makeup artists get the makeup products as well?

Yes, if mentioned in the contract, the makeup artists will also get the makeup products.

Is saree draping included in bridal makeup package?

Yes, saree draping for the bride is included in most bridal makeup packages.

Is makeup done only for brides?

If requested by the client, even family members, friends and bridesmaids can be included in the package at additional cost.

What are the groom makeup packages?

Some of our beauty experts also offer groom makeup packages. It includes makeup, hairstyling, salon services, etc..

Does your bridal makeup package include hairstyling?

Yes, the bridal makeup package also includes hairstyling for the bride.

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