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Preferred food

South Indian
North Indian
Below ₹250 per plate
₹250 to ₹500 per plate
₹500 to ₹750 per plate
Above ₹750 per plate
Pure vegetarian
Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian

9Wedding Caterers available in Indore

Catering Kitchen

: Pure vegetarian

: North Indian

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Ayojan Caters

: Pure vegetarian

: South Indian


: Pure vegetarian

: South Indian

South Indian
North Indian
JMB Caterers

: Pure vegetarian

: North Indian

Shahi Bhog Caterers

: Pure vegetarian

: North Indian

Shree Celebrations

: Pure vegetarian

: North Indian

Shyam Maharaaj

: Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian

: South Indian, North Indian

Wedding Zayka Caterers

: Pure vegetarian

: South Indian


: North Indian

: Below ₹250 per plate, ₹250 to ₹500 per plate

Latest inquiries in Indore for Wedding Caterers

Nag**** inquired for Wedding Caterers

Preferred cuisine South Indian

Event name Engagement

Budget Above ₹750 per plate

Number of guests Less than 150

Preferred food Pure vegetarian

Long ago

Hir**** inquired for Wedding Caterers

Preferred cuisine South Indian

Event name Engagement

Budget ₹500 to ₹750 per plate

Number of guests 150 to 300

Preferred food Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian

Long ago

Swa**** inquired for Wedding Caterers

Preferred cuisine North Indian

Event name Reception

Budget ₹250 to ₹500 per plate

Number of guests 150 to 300

Preferred food Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian

Long ago

Wedding caterers

Have you guys ever attended a wedding where there is no food? That can never be possible, right? Weddings are fun because of the food that is served.

Food is one mandatory element in wedding planning. Different types of cuisines, more than 15 dishes, banana-leaf meals, live counters, chaat, etc.. Mouth-watering, isn't it?

A wedding is never complete until the wedding guests come to the hosts and talk about the wedding meal. Wedding is an occasion where the energy must be at its peak and food is essential to create that energy.

Indian weddings have seen different cuisines apart from home cuisine. For example, the inclusion of live momo counters, manchurian, cheese balls, burgers, etc.. They have also seen different style of serving apart from the usual plate service. For example, buffet stalls at wedding receptions is one such area where all the creativity is used. Be it the inclusion of live counters, food trucks, multi-cuisine dishes, etc..

Apart from the wedding day, Indian weddings have some pre-wedding rituals like haldi ceremony, mehendi ceremony, sangeet ceremony, etc.. Food along with drinks are a common element in these ceremonies. Here, as the guest count would be comparatively less, the serving style and dishes served can be experimented with. With different types on meals and cuisines like welcome drinks, high tea, North Indian thali, South Indian cuisine, Chinese, Italian, and mediterranean cuisines, etc., there are lot of options to choose from.

What needs to be kept in mind is the quality of food. You don't want guests to fall sick after having your wedding meal. To keep the quality of food, you need wedding caterers who can maintain hygiene and provide tasty food. Moreover, with the rise of various viruses and diseases, food hygiene has become a mandatory protocol to follow. However, one question that bothers is - who will provide hygienic and tasty food?

Here is the answer - Go through our wedding catering section to know about our wedding caterers. Book them and have lip-smacking food at your wedding!

Things to consider while shortlisting caterers in Indore

Here are a few things to consider before booking a wedding caterer:

Stick to your budget

Wedding catering is one of the most important factors at your wedding. Also, it is important to note that this is the area where there are high chances to go off the wedding budget. Therefore, keep in mind the budget and stick to it.

Make your preferences very clear

If you need pure veg food, iyengar style food, kannada bramhin style food, or any other cuisines, mention the preferences clearly.

Explore the specialists around you

There are many caterers who are exemplary in certain cuisines. Select them for your wedding catering as they deliver the best work for you.

Note down

Before meeting any caterer, note down the questions or doubts that you have and never miss to ask important details like no onion no garlic food, vegan food, hygienic food, etc.. Be it the kitchen, number of staff, or the raw material procurement. Ask everything.

Meet multiple caterers

Only by meeting multiple caterers, you get the chance to increase your choices and select the best one among the shortlisted ones.

Tips to find the best caterers in Indore

Here are a few tips to find the best wedding caterers:

Research and explore

Research and make notes of all the things necessary like menu options, dessert options, welcome drink options, etc., before meeting a caterer. This way you will be ready for the meeting and can ask better questions. Explore for multiple options so that you will have more choices.

Communicate efficiently

When you meet any wedding caterer, explain your requirements clearly. Mention if you need pure veg food or non-veg food, no onion no garlic food, or any vegetable or dish that you don't need, etc.. Observe how the caterers respond for all your requirements.

Compare and select

Compare all the shortlisted wedding caterers. Check thier per plate offering and request for tasting sessions before finalising one.

Select the caterers from WeddingBazaar

Instead of running behind the caterers and researching too much, you can simply take our assitance. Our wedding planning experts from WeddingAssist platform do all the required negotiations to give you the best deals.

What makes caterers in WeddingBazaar different from others

We have hand-picked caterers who are the best at wedding catering. They always deliver one step more than your requirements and make sure that you are satisfied with the service.

Popular catering styles in Indore

The most popular catering styles are plated dinner, buffet, food stations, live counters, food trucks, family style, cocktail style, South Indian meals, North Indian thali, Chinese, Italian, Andhra cuisine, etc..

How to request a quote for wedding catering from WeddingBazaar

After you select the wedding caterer, mention your name, email ID, phone number, and the best time to reach you. One of our wedding planning experts will then contact you for further process.

Steps involved in hiring a caterer

Here are the steps involved in hiring a wedding caterer:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Discuss with your families about what kind of food has to served for different wedding ceremonies
  3. If you have any dishes or cuisines in mind, make a note of it
  4. Meet different wedding caterers
  5. Shortlist the caterers based on the price, preference, and availability
  6. Filter out the caterers as and when they don't meet any of your criteria. Have another round discussion if need be along with a tasting session
  7. Book the wedding caterer

The price range of caterers in Indore*

Style South Indian North Indian Multi cuisine
Vegetarian Rs.100 to Rs.500 Rs.100 to Rs.500 Rs.100 to Rs.500+
Veg and non-veg Rs.250 to Rs.750 Rs.250 to Rs.750 Rs.250 to Rs.750+

*Prices may vary according to individual preferences.

*All prices are per plate.


What kind of services can I expect from professional catering service providers?

Professional caterers offer catering services to all kinds of wedding ceremonies and provide options like live counters for dosa, salad, pasta, pan etc., contents of thamboolam, any food items required for ceremonies with snacks and beverages. Apart from these, they also provide required manpower to handle all these tasks.

What is corporate catering?

If catering is done for corporate events such as meetings and conferences, then it is called as corporate catering.

Is the food prepared at the wedding venue?

It entirely depends on the facilities at the wedding venue and the caterer's comfort. If it is a small event the caterers usually prepare the food at their own kitchen and deliver at the venue. If it is a big event like a wedding, the caterers prefer to prepare the food at the wedding venue.

How do you prepare the veg and non-veg dishes?

Most of the caterers from WeddingBazaar either only do pure veg cuisine or pure non veg cuisine. There are rarely any caterers who do both. but for those who handle both styles, they use separate vessels and utensils for preparing vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This ensures that there is no cross-contamination between dishes.

Do your caterers offer tasting sessions?

Tasting sessions depend on the size of the order. For a large order like wedding ceremonies, almost every wedding caterer will offer tasting sessions on request.

How many servers are required for wedding catering?

The number of servers required for wedding catering depends on the size of the guest list. If the guest list is big the number of servers required for will also go up. Usually around 12 to 15 serving staff are hired for a wedding with 600 guests.

Can the food menu be customized?

Yes, the wedding food menu can be customised as per the requirement of the hosts. The caterers will also have their own set of menus from which the hosts can choose or they can also customise the entire menu.

What is the approximate cost of catering services in Indore?

The cost for catering services depend on various factors like guest list, menu, number of items, extra amenities like plastic cups, spoons, bowls, etc.. Though every caterer charges differently the approximate cost of catering for 300 guests in Indore lies in between 1,00,000 and 3,00,000.

How many days in advance do I need to book a caterer in Indore?

The best caterers in Indore get booked even a year in advance. But, the ideal time to book wedding caterer will be at least 6 months prior to your wedding day.

Do you offer a buffet for weddings?

Yes, our caterers also offer wedding buffet if requested by the hosts.

Will you do both indoor and outdoor catering?

Yes, most of the caterers from WeddingBazaar offer both indoor and outdoor catering services.

How much is the advance payment?

Advance payment for wedding catering service varies from caterer to caterer. While some prefer a percentage of their payment in advance, others prefer to have full payment in advance.

Any discounts or offers available for catering?

Watch out for the 'Offers' section in our website to find out about great deals and discounts on wedding catering services. To get notified about latest offers sign up here.

Do you provide live counters?

Yes, wedding caterers from WeddingBazaar provide live food counters if requested by the hosts.

Do you serve alcohol at weddings?

Yes, the caterers equipped with alcohol license will serve them at the weddings, provided the wedding venue does not have any restrictions.

Do you offer bartending services?

Yes, bartending services are also provided by our wedding caterers if requested by the hosts. Also, it depends on the wedding venue's policies and restrictions.

WIll your caterers take only a cooking contract?

It depends on the wedding caterer. While some may accept only a cooking contract, the others might not accept it.

Will tamboolams be provided?

Yes, thamboolam will be provided by wedding caterers if they are part of the agreement.

What is a cooking contract?

A cooking contract is when the hosts provide all the raw materials needed for the cooking. The caterer only cooks with the materials that you provide.

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