The Most Beautiful and Elegant Kanjivaram Wedding Sarees

Kanjivaram sarees are widely known for their vibrant colours and bold designs and give the bride an authentic South Indian look.

A bride clad in a beautiful silk saree, intricately woven into traditional patterns, using nothing but the purest of mulberry silk, gold, and silver zari threads on the day of her wedding, is a sight for sore eyes. The bride and the groom are said to be a match made in heaven, but it’s also believed that a bride and her “Muhurtha Saree” are also matched in heaven. There are very few wedding outfits that can match a saree’s elegance.

The Importance of Kanjivaram Silk Sarees:

A silk saree can be spotted in almost every Indian woman’s wardrobe and is a mark of the Indian culture. These type of sarees form an integral part of every occasion, ceremony, and weddings. There are different types of silk sarees like a plain saree with no border, an intricately designed saree with a small border and tiny gold florets, or an icon of grandeur with a huge border and intricate designs. The Kanjivaram silk is known to be the best silk in the world and is believed to be a gift from the gods themselves, noted for their texture, glimmer, and durability. 

Origin and History of Kanjeevaram sarees:

Kanjivaram sarees borrow their names from Kanchipuram, a small town situated near Chennai. This dusty town is a paradise for sarees where more than 1 lakh weavers have settled down, with around 20,000 looms, and have been weaving about 4 - 5 lakh pieces of the infamous Kanjivaram sarees each year. These weavers are known to be descendants of sage Markanda, a master weaver of Gods. The history of these craftsmen dates back to the period of Krishnadevaraya, whereas the history of silk sarees themselves have been etched in the vedas and puranas. With such a rich history and association with mythology, they display the best quality and finest craftsmanship, passed down over various generations.

Special Features of silk sarees:

These sarees are widely known for their vibrant colours and bold designs. The designs on the body of the sarees are usually quite different from those on their pallus. A common practice among these weavers is weaving the bodies of sarees, the pallus, and the borders separately. They then attach these three pieces, ensuring that even if sarees tear, the borders stay intact. The zari of these sarees are made of three silk threads twisted with silver wire, making the fabric extremely durable and heavy.

Let’s unfurl the best of designs and patterns available during this season in the market:

Plain Saree with gold border:

A contrast border woven into a bold-coloured body of a saree in a zig-zag pattern is a display of simplicity and elegance. 

Temple Border:

The unique feature of these sarees are motifs depicting the infamous gopuras of South India, woven on the saree edge border or between the body and pallu. 

Traditional Kajivaram saree:

Mostly preferred for weddings and pujas, a traditional saree is woven with basic colors such as red, blue, green, or yellow, adorned with chakra, temple, or coin motifs.

Modern weaves:

The modern patterns such as shapes, drums, etc., woven into a more non-traditional colored body, such as pink, purple, black, etc.. These sarees are the perfect choice for a casual party or family get-together. 

Floral Weave:

These are the most adorned of all kinds among the younger generation. Sarees woven with floral or paisley motifs with zari pallus are best suited for both traditional and non-traditional wear.

No matter what the pattern or colour is, Kanjivaram sarees always stands to be the “Queen of Silk Sarees,” which will never be out fashioned. 

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