CRISIL Limited is a leading data analytics company that provides research, ratings, policy advisory services. Being the pioneers in credit rating; they commenced operations from 1988, CRISIL has grown leaps and bounds and today apart from rating activities, they play strategic partnership roles to banks and multinational corporations across the globe.

WeddingBazaar’s partnership with CRISIL:

WeddingBazaar and CRISIL have stitched together a vital partnership to help build trust and credibility among our customers and service providers. As a result of this new partnership, WeddingBazaar emerges as a pioneer in the wedding services industry to introduce a rating system to systematically verify service providers

Advantages for customersAdvantages for service providers

Customers can now find the most reliable service providers verified by the best rating agency in India

Instant recognition by the customers and a higher chance of conversions

Guaranteed high-quality service by the verified service providers

Creates trust and good impression on the brand once it is verified by CRISIL

Additional information on the service providers will be displayed on the profile page

A boost in online presence which in turn increases brand visibility

Customers can now sit back relax because of the thorough verification process

Opportunity to attract global customers thereby increasing the chances of business growth

Advantages of a CRISIL rating to a service provider

Here are some of the advantages of CRISIL rating to a service provider:

  1. It improves the trust in your brand
  2. It sets you apart from other service providers offering similar range of services
  3. Increased chances of the customer choosing your service over a service provider with no CRISIL rating
  4. All these in turn rapidly increase your business

Advantages of a CRISIL rating to a customer

Here are some of the advantages of CRISIL rating to a customer:

  1. A CRISIL rating ensures that the service provider is thoroughly checked and is genuine
  2. A full-fledged background check and quality of work will be done by world-class experts for you
  3. You can reduce the time spent on research about the service providers because WeddingBazaar and CRISIL do that for you

What are the documents to be submitted to get CRISIL rating

Here are the list of documents that you will have to submit to get a CRISIL rating:

  1. Proof of legal status (shop establishment certificate/partnership deed/ Certificate of Incorporation/ MOA)
  2. Electricity bills for last two months
  3. Brochure and Visiting card
  4. Copy of firm/company registration
  5. Copy of GST Registration certificate
  6. Copy of PAN card
  7. Copy of TAN card (if applicable)
  8. Document supporting professional practice conducted
  9. Documents supporting membership of any association / federation (if any)
  10. Document supporting license or certifications availed (if any)
  11. Latest updated CV of promoters/professionals
  12. Completely filled business and project details as per format
  13. Customer and supplier details as per format


Who is eligible to get a CRISIL rating?

Any registered and verified service provider of WeddingBazaar can apply for a CRISIL rating.

If am not a service provider with WeddingBazaar can I still get a CRISIL rating for my business?

No, CRISIL rating feature is provided by WeddingBazaar to its service providers exclusively. Only a registered wedding service provider with WeddingBazaar can get CRISIL ratings through our website.

Should I pay anything as a service provider to get a CRISIL rating?

Our company has tied up with CRISIL to offer this service. An exclusive rate for WeddingBazaar services is being offered. Please call us on 812 422 2266 or mail us on care@weddingbazaar.com for the fees in your city.

How is the CRISIL ratings for my brand calculated?

CRISIL rating is calculated in three steps.

  1. The documents submitted by you as the owner of the business will be verified by CRISIL
  2. They will interview your customers, neighbours and your suppliers
  3. Take pictures of the locality

How will the customer know about my brand's CRISIL rating?

A badge will be displayed near your brand in the WeddingBazaar listing page. If the customer clicks on your profile page the CRISIL rating will be visible.

What are the additional details that I need to submit to get a CRISIL rating?

Additional details such as basic business details, customer details and supplier details(if applicable) are required to get a CRISIL rating.

Is this rating for customers?

No. This is a rating for service providers only. This increases the credibility and trust so that a customer can choose a CRISIL verified service provider without any hesitation.

What is the 'verified' tag that is already on the website?

The 'verified' tag is given to service providers who have submitted their basic KYC details. This is done internally by the WeddingBazaar team.

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