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Type of venue Banquet hall

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Number of guests 750 to 1000

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Type of venue Banquet hall

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Things to consider while shortlisting wedding venues in Chennai

These are the things to consider before booking a wedding venue:

Set your budget

Wedding venue takes upto 20% of your wedding budget. This should be the first thing for which the budget should be decided for.

Immediate action

Everything else in wedding planning can wait, but not the wedding venue. This is because most of the wedding venues will be booked for almost a year and it will be difficult to find one. Therefore, as soon as the wedding is fixed, go for a wedding venue quest!

Requirements for a wedding venue

Make note of what you prefer to have in the wedding venue. Note the number of green rooms, guest rooms, fans, AC, parking availability, Valet services, dining halls, kitchen and other things that you need at the wedding venue. Make a note of all the questions and clarifications that you would want from the wedding venue provider.

Check for the availability

This can easily be your main filter. Most wedding venues get booked well in advance. So you need to look immediately to get yours booked. If there's any chance, ask for some buffer time to the wedding venue provider before vacating the wedding venue. This way, you will have some time to relax after a long day's affair.

Special requirements

Some prefer having western toilets, hot water, or other special requirements. Discuss with your close family members who stay at the wedding venue about their preferences. Also check if the venue is wheelchair-friendly.

Explore and visit

After noting down all the requirements, explore the wedding venues near your household. It is best if you can personally visit all those wedding venues and speak with the owner or the person in charge.

Ask questions

The more questions you ask, the more clearer picture you will get about the wedding venue. Be it the extras provided or the number of guest rooms that are available, ask all questions that you have noted.

Parking space and valet service

Check the parking space and valet service provided. Enquire the transport facilities that are there around the wedding venue from around the city.

Installment options and interests

Check with the wedding venue provider about the installment and/or EMI options available. Ask the interest percentage that they have.

In-house service providers

Some of the wedding venues like resorts or hotel suites will have in-house service providers. Enquire about the price range, services, and other details. Also, enquire if service providers from outside are allowed.

Wedding venues

The first thing anybody does the moment the wedding date is announced is to book a wedding venue. The obvious reason being the demand and availability. It is highly difficult to find a wedding venue which matches to all our preferences and budget. There are some mandatory questions to ask before booking a wedding venue.

Some criteria which the wedding venue has to clear is the security, room availability, kitchen availability, parking and valet services, etc.. There are different types of wedding venues available like wedding halls, banquet halls, hotels, resorts, barns, farms, etc.. Each wedding venue will have certain policies. Some of them will have in-house caterers and some don't.

Many people book the wedding venue around 6 months to 1 year in advance. It is difficult to find a wedding venue in such a case. Consider the wedding venue for destination wedding, it should be planned a year in advance, else the destination will be taken.

So much for a wedding venue, but don't get stressed. We take that from you.

The wedding venue providers from WeddingBazaar know how important the big day is for you. Our wedding planning experts make sure that you get your dream wedding destination with their art of negotiation.

Tips to find the best wedding venue in Chennai

These are the tips to find the best wedding venue:

Communication is the king

Speak with the wedding venue provider and ask as many questions as possible. Do your homework and clarify eerything with the owner or the person in charge. Some will agree with all your needs while some will not be having facilities for your special reuirements. There, you will have a filter to decide the wedding venue.

Number of guests

Plan the approximate number of guests that are attending your wedding. After getting the estimation of the guest count, you will have a fair idea of how big the wedding venue must be.

Personally visit the wedding venue

However good the photos on google are, whatever be the comments of people who have seen the wedding venue, at the end you are the one to decide. Therefore, it is best if you can personally visit the wedding venue.

Venue policies

Carefully listen to all the wedding venue policies that are present. You can decide later on the wedding venue by keeping this as a filter.

Capacity of the wedding venue

Check the guest capacity and the dining hall capacity. If you wish to have a themed wedding reception or the whole wedding, check if the wedding venue supports it or not. If there are any particular rituals to be done, like the oonjal ceremony, check if there is provision for that to be performed.

Select the wedding outfits from WeddingBazaar

Instead of roaming around the city in confusion, you can simply avail our assistance. Our wedding planning experts from WeddingAssist platform do all the required research for wedding venues and will filter out the best options based on your needs.

What makes wedding venues in WeddingBazaar different from others

Our wedding venue service providers are hand-picked and are the best in the industry. They understand the customer needs and any assistance that can be done from their end, they are always ready to do. Having said that, don't entirely believe us, try their services yourselves!

Popular types of wedding venues in Chennai

Popular wedding venue types are traditional wedding halls, outdoor lawns, resorts, hotels, party halls, Kalyanamadapams, convention halls, etc..

Steps involved in booking wedding venues in Chennai

These are the steps involved in booking a wedding venue:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Decide on the type of wedding venue that you prefer
  3. Note down the questions, special requirements, and any clarifications needed
  4. Research and note down wedding venues available around your household
  5. Filter them based on the availability
  6. Personally pay a visit to the shortlisted wedding venues
  7. Check for parking space, transport facility, valet services, and other services
  8. Enquire about the EMI, installment options, and interest rate
  9. Book the wedding venue

How to request a quote for a wedding venues from WeddingBazaar

After you select the wedding venue that you have shortlisted, mention your name, email ID, phone number, and the best time to reach you. One of our wedding planning experts will then contact you for further process.

The price range of wedding venues in Chennai*

Category Cost
Resorts Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 50,00,000
Wedding halls Rs. 75,000 to Rs.25,00,000
Hotel suites Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 50,00,000
Barn weddings Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs, 10,00,000
Palace weddings Rs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 60,00,000

*Prices may vary according to individual preferences.


What are the in-house services available?

The in-house services varies with every wedding venue. Usually the in-house services that are offered are catering and decoration services.

Can I get a service provider from outside?

Yes, some of the wedding venues will allow service providers from outside, while others are strictly against using service providers from outside and prefer only their in-house caterers or in-house decorators.

Is there a discount if I choose an in-house service provider?

It entirely depends on the wedding venue and service providers.

What is the parking capacity of the venue?

The parking capacity of the wedding venue will vary from place to place depending on the available real estate. Please check this beforehand.

What are the add-ons provided at the wedding venue?

The usual add-ons provided are extra beds, generator, AC, homa kundam(a place where the rituals happen,) seats for guests, etc..

What are the facilities available at the wedding venue?

The facilities at the wedding venues include rooms for the bride, groom, and family members (upon request), parking facilities, restroom, kitchen etc.. The exact facilities will vary with every venue and make sure you check about this with the venue owner before booking.

Is there a place to perform the oonjal ceremony?

Yes, most of the wedding venues will have a dedicated place to perform oonjal ceremony. They also provide the oonjal or swing for this.

Is there a place to perform haldi ceremony?

Yes, almost all the wedding venues will have a dedicated place to perform haldi ceremony.

Can the sangeet ceremony be held at your wedding venue?

Yes, the majority of the wedding venues can be used for sangeet ceremony. Make sure you contact you wedding decorator to set the sangeet stage.

How many months prior do I need to book for a wedding venue?

Some of the renowned wedding venues even get booked a year in advance. Usually, advance booking before 6 months will be ideal.

How much is the advance payment for a wedding venue?

The amount of advance payment varies with every wedding venue.

Any discounts or offers available for wedding venues?

Watch out for the 'Offers' section in our website to find out about great deals and discounts on wedding venues. To get notified about latest offers sign up here.

Is EMI available for a wedding venue?

EMI options is not provided by most of the wedding venues. Please check with the service provider.

What is the buffer time before vacating the venue?

Some wedding venue providers offer 4 hours to half day buffer time before vacating the wedding venue. It depends on the next event that will be happening at the venue.

What is the maximum guest capacity that wedding venues can have?

Depending on the size of the wedding venue, the guest capacity will vary. For wedding with 20 guests, 500 guests, 750 guests, 1000 guests, and 2000 guests there are different types of wedding venues. For wedding above 2000, you might have to look for an open air option that can host a large gathering.

How many green rooms are available to use in the wedding venue?

The number of green rooms available will vary with each wedding venue. Usually one for the bride and the groom will be provided.

Is the kitchen available?

Most of the wedding venues will have a functional kitchen.

What is the capacity of the dining hall?

Dining hall capacity will vary with each wedding venue. Before you book a wedding venue check if the dining hall has tables and chairs and also check if they have buffet stalls for buffet service.

Are valet services available?

If requested, valet services can be arranged by the wedding venue.

Is there a separate kitchen available for non-veg cooking?

Most wedding venues have a separate kitchen for non vegetarian cooking. Otherwise, the venues will be exclusively of veg cooking and non veg cooking. No mixing is done.

Is the outdoor wedding venue available?

Yes, outdoor wedding venues like lawns, gardens, rooftop venue, etc.are also available.

Is lodging facility available at the wedding venue?

Lodging services varies with every wedding venue. Check with the service provider before booking.

Is mist fan available?

Some wedding venues will have mist fan and if requested, they shall provide.

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