Below ₹100 per piece
₹100 to ₹200 per piece
₹200 to ₹300 per piece
Above ₹300 per piece

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Things to consider while shortlisting wedding gifts in Chennai

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing gifts / return gifts for weddings:

Set your budget

For the gifts, decide and set a budget. You might need to talk to a few service providers before you come up with this number.

Number of guests

Based on the number of guests, you can plan on whether you prefer giving the return gifts on a per family basis or return gift for every guest. The cost increase multifold for the latter.

Trends and styles

Explore the options to provide the gifts. There are hundreds of trendy gift options that don't burn your pocket. Look for those.

Wedding return gift dealers

Wedding ceremony means the exchange of gifts. While your wedding guests plan the gift for you, you should plan it for them as well. From a simple showpiece to a grand jewellery, any gift will have a value in everyone's life. People talk about it, remember it, keep in their house, etc..

The smart way to buy return gifts for your wedding guests is to order in bulk. Once you know the approximate guest count, order the gifts in bulk to get maximum gifts. Order in such a way that even if there is some left, you can still use it for your own.

At WeddingBazaar, you can get some amazing deals with respect to the gifts. Visit the gifts section for more!

What makes wedding gift dealers of WeddingBazaar different from others

Our gift partners are well-versed in their field and are fully aware of all the trendy options. From luxury gifts to cute budget-friendly showpieces, they have an ocean of options.

Popular wedding gift styles in Chennai

Popular wedding return gifts are eco-friendly saplings, showpieces, diyas, Idols, clocks, wall hangings, etc..

How to request a quote for gifts on WeddingBazaar

After you select the gift service provider, mention your name, email ID, phone number, and the best time to reach you. One of our wedding planning experts will then contact you for further process.

Steps involved in getting wedding gifts in Chennai

Here are the steps to purchase the gifts:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Get an estimation of the guest count
  3. Research on the trendy gift options
  4. Visit multiple stores or check online
  5. Shortlist a few gifts and filter out based on price, quality, and delivery charges
  6. Purchase the gifts

The price range of wedding gifts in Chennai*

Category Cost
Couple gifts Rs.10,000 to Rs.1,00,000
Return gifts for guests* Rs.40,000 to Rs. 2,00,000
Idols, Showpieces, Clocks Rs 100 (per piece) onwards

*In bulk order

*Prices may vary according to individual preferences.


What kind of gifts can be given as return gifts for guests?

Gifts such as plants, seeds, fancy carry bags, sweets, jute bags, wall clocks, wall hangings, idols, showpieces, handmade soaps, mobile pouches, etc.. are some of the wedding gifts provided.

What are the trendy gifts to give for the couple?

Eco-friendly saplings, showpieces, diyas, kitchen appliances, domestic/international tour tickets, etc..

What is the mode of payment for gifts?

This depends on the service provider. Most service providers accept a cheque or online payments as well.

Any discounts or offers available for gifts?

Watch out for the 'Offers' section in our website to find out about great deals and discounts on wedding gifts. To get notified about latest offers sign up here.

Is it ok to just give some money as a gift for the couple?

Yes, the couple can be gifted some money in a close envelope as a gift.

Do you send the items gift packed or do we need to pack it separately?

If requested by the client, the gifts can be packed at additional charges.

Can we order the gifts online?

Yes, the gifts can be ordered online too.

What is the replacement or return policy?

This varies from one service provider to another. Please check the return policies with individual service providers beforehand.

Do you offer wedding registry services?

No, WeddingBazaar does not provide wedding registry services.

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