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Things to consider while shortlisting priests/pandits in Chennai

These are the things to consider while hiring a priest or pandit:

Set your budget

Start your search by first fixing a budget for the pandits or priests. Try to speak with people who have recently had a wedding. They will have an idea of good and reliable pandits or priests.

Family or outside

Some families will have priests or pandits known to them or are part of the family. Decide on whether you want to book them or want to search elsewhere.

Community specific

If you need a specific community priest, make a note of it. Search and enquire on where you can find them and discuss with them to get all possible information.


Any specific requirements that you have, make a note of it. Explain your needs to all the priests or pandits that you meet and get their response.

Pandits and priests

Pandits or priests are the pillars of any wedding ceremony. We know that you, being the hosts are supposed to be the pillars, but only a pandit or a priest knows the rituals of the wedding. Only they can make a wedding divine with their presence. Their blessings are much needed for any couple to start their married life.

However, we have also seen many pandits or priests who are frauds and it is highly difficult to differentiate the innocent ones with frauds. They have just the subtle difference and that leads us to not believe even the truthful ones.

Fret not, now, we have handpicked those pandits and priests who have the knowledge and devotion towards the almighty. They only have one thing in mind - sharing goodness among people.

We do believe in their thought and would want to share this goodness in every possible way.

Go through our pandits and priests section to know more!

Tips to find the best priest/pandit in Chennai

These are the tips to find the best priest or pandit:

Language preference

Check whether the priest or pandit can speak in languages that you are comfortable with.


Ask the priest or pandit whether they can explain about all the rituals that will be done during the wedding. Again, if he can explain in the language which everyone are comfortable, it would be a plus point.

Pooja materials / samagri

Check with the priest or pandit if he can arrange the items required for the wedding. If not, ask him if he can provide the list of items needed beforehand so that you will have time to get it.


Check if the pandit or priest is available for all the days of the wedding. Some groom's will have their upanayanam done just before the wedding. Ask if the pandit can do that as well. Likewise, there will be many rituals before and after the wedding as well. Make sure the pandit or priest is available for all of them.

Select the pandits or priests from WeddingBazaar

Unsure of where to start? Our wedding planning experts from WeddingAssist platform do all the required research for pandits or priests and will filter out the best options based on your needs.

What makes the priests/pandits of WeddingBazaar different from others

With abundant knowledge and devotion towards almighty, our pandits and priests are believer of good service. They not only make the rituals in the traditional way, but also provide a fun atmosphere with positive vibes around.

Steps involved in hiring priests/pandits in Chennai

These are the steps involved in hiring a pandit or priest:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Note your specific requirements
  3. Note down the rituals to be done before and after the wedding. Also see if you want the pandit to get all the samagri
  4. Search for community-specific priests or pandits if needed
  5. Check the priest or pandit's availability and language preference
  6. Filter out the pandits and priests based on price, availability, and service
  7. Select pandit or priest for your wedding

How to request a quote for priests/pandits from WeddingBazaar

After you select the pandit or priest, mention your name, email ID, phone number, and the best time to reach you. One of our wedding planning experts will then contact you for further process.

The price range of priests/pandits in Chennai*

Category Cost
Pandit for Hindu wedding# Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,00,000
Imam for Muslim wedding Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000
Priest for Christian wedding* Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000

*Inclusive of pooja samagri

*There is no set fee for the priest. This is just for reference.

*Prices may vary according to individual preferences.


How much is the advance payment for pandits?

The advance payment for pandits vary depending on the event.

Can you find me religion-specific pandits?

Yes, WeddingBazaar can help you find both religion and caste specific pandits.

Will the pandit get all the items required for the wedding?

Yes, the pandits can get all the items required for the wedding, if it is mentioned in the contract.

How many people will assist the pandit?

Depending on the scale of the event the number of people assisting the pandit will vary. Typically 1-5 pandits are present to conduct a traditional wedding ceremony.

Can the pandit do both upanayana and marriage rituals?

Yes, the pandit can perform both the upanayana and marriage rituals.

How many days in advance do I have to book the pandit?

Pandits have to be booked 6 months in advance.

Should the bride and groom know any mantras beforehand?

No, it is not necessary since they will be repeating the mantras after the pandit.

Any discounts or offers available for pandits?

Watch out for the 'Offers' section in our website to find out about great deals and discounts on wedding pandits. To get notified about latest offers sign up here.

What languages do your priests/pandits know?

Since WeddingBazaar is spread across India, we can help you find pandits with knowledge in almost any Indian language. Be it a pandit who speaks Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, or a Hindi-speaking pandit.

How to choose a pandit for interfaith weddings?

This depends on the couple and their families. Typically for inter-faith or inter-caste weddings, a priest or pandit from both the bride and the groom's side are present to combine and perform the rituals. In some cases priest or purohit will belong to only one side of the family.

Will the pandit give a proper explanation of all the wedding rituals?

Yes, if requested by the hosts, the pandits can give proper explanation about all the wedding rituals in english or in other languages that you know.

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