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Bridal mehendi artists

Mehendi is the one thing all Indian ladies get excited for. There's some beauty that is hidden behind mehendi that makes it so lovely. Maybe that's a reason, why this is included in Indian weddings.

The mehendi ceremony is performed on the day before the wedding. The major reason is that the natural herbs present in mehendi or henna cools the body and calms the mind. During the wedding ceremony, it is common that the soon-to-be couple will be under stress. Be it the wedding planning or the life that starts post-wedding. They need some stress buster which can help them cope up with this stress and actually enjoy the wedding.

Every bride will have a dream mehendi design, agree, lady? The last thing that you would want is someone to ruin that for you. However, professional makeup artists know how to make your dream mehendi design a reality. Do you know where to find them?

WeddingBazaar, the one-stop wedding planning destination.

Visit our mehendi artists section to know everything about our wedding mehendi artists.

Things to consider while shortlisting mehendi artists in Chennai

Here are a few things to consider before booking a mehendi artist:

Number of people

Make a note of the number of people who will be getting the mehendi applied apart from the bride. There are cases where both the bride and groom's family get mehendi at the same place. In this case, make sure the count is proper. An approximate number is also fine.

Decide on the venue

If you are hosting a small and intimate mehendi ceremony, you can plan and have the mehendi ceremony at your home. However, if you want a bigger function then decide on the venue. It can be a small party hall, resort, or even the backyard of your house. Decide the place based on the size of the guests.

Research on the mehendi designs

Many artists and many platforms have trendy, beautiful, and eye-catchy mehendi designs. Do your part of the research and if need be, ask your family members likes and dislikes. Take note of everyone's preferences.

Fetching the mehendi artist

At WeddingBazaar, we have a plethora of mehendi artists and you can select any one based on your preferences. When you meet the mehendi artist, make sure to tell him or her your requirements and number of days you need thier services.

Tips to find the best mehendi artist in Chennai

Here are a few tips to help you find the best bridal makeup artist:

The more, the merrier

Research and find out about a few mehendi artists. Some places even have a street dedicated for mehendi artists. Find out and talk to as many artists as possible.

Live work and speed

Some artists will have stalls where they put mehendi on the spot. See if you can find them and observe their work. Even if the design that they put is simple or the length is short, observe their strokes and speed. You will get an idea of their work then.


Ask the mehendi artists to show their collections and their work. Go through their collections and check for the versatality in each design.

Services provided

Check with the service provider on how many mehendi artists will be accompanying them. Also check with them if they get a specialist for the bridal mehendi.

Select the mehendi artists from WeddingBazaar

Unsure of where to start? Our wedding planning experts from WeddingAssist platform do all the required research for mehendi artists and will filter out the best options based on your needs..

What makes mehendi artists in WeddingBazaar different from others?

Our mehendi artists are very professional and are the best in the industry. There concentration always lies in providing the best service to the customers. Don't believe us? Try their services yourself! They use the latest mehendi designs and the best quality of mehendi.

Popular mehendi design ideas in Chennai

Popular mehendi designs are plain arabic, arabic design with motifs, trail designed arabic, classic Indian, traditional dulha dulhan mehendi, raja rani mehendi, etc..

Steps involved in hiring a mehendi artist in Chennai

These are the steps involved in hiring a mehendi artist:

  1. Search for options and styles
  2. Decide on the venue
  3. Research on the mehendi artists around you
  4. Ask all your queries
  5. Check their collection and live work if possible
  6. Enquire with their services
  7. Filter out the artists and finally pick one

How to request a quote for mehendi artists from WeddingBazaar

After you select the mehendi artist, mention your name, email ID, phone number, and the best time to reach you. One of our wedding planning experts will then contact you for further process.

What kind of bridal mehendi packages are offered

Bridal mehendi packages include mehendi for bride and her family (the number of people varies.)

The price range of mehendi artists in Chennai*

Category Cost
Bridal mehendi design Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,500
Bridal and Family mehendi Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 12,000

*Prices may vary according to individual preferences.


What is the approximate cost of mehendi artists in Chennai?

The approximate cost for mehndi artists in Chennai will be around Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5,000 for the bridal mehndi and around Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 /person apart from the bride.

How many days in advance do I need to book a mehendi artist in Chennai?

Mehndi artists in Chennai have to be booked at least a couple of months before the wedding.

Is there advance payment to be done for mehendi artist?

Yes, some mehndi artists prefer to get a small amount as advance payment, while some collect one time payment after the wedding.

Is the mehendi done for the members of the family?

Yes, if mentioned in the contract it can also be done for the members of the family.

How many mehendi artists will be sent to my wedding?

Depending on the scale of the mehendi ceremony and request from the client, the number of mehendi artists for a wedding can be decided mutually.

What kind of mehendi do the artists use?

Our service providers use the best quality mehendi.

Any discounts or offers available for mehendi artist?

Watch out for the 'Offers' section in our website to find out about great deals and discounts on mehndi services. To get notified about latest offers sign up here.

Will your mehendi artist use the designs suggested by us?

Yes, mehendi artists usually take suggestions from clients regarding the designs.

Will your mehendi artist be available on the day of the wedding?

Yes, if requested the mehendi artist can be available on the day of the wedding too.

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