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Best Wedding Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram

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These are the Best Wedding Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram


Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, is a gracious, perpetually green city spread across seven hills. The warm waters of the Arabian Sea wash over its shores, which are in the state's extreme south. This city is one of the best in the nation...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Caterers on WeddingBazaar

sanjay san3 weeks, 3 days, 7 hours, and 8 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Veekayvees Caterers

best catering company in trivandrum i booked them on my brothers marrige it was a very classy experince. their food and services are execelent no more words to say i will refer them to anyone without a thought

...See More

Ananthu Dileep2 months, 1 week, 6 days, 2 hours, and 16 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Jacobs Caterers

Professional service and approach from the team helped to full filled our event plans and event coordinators managed the function much above our expectations, Food and service are excellent and can't compare with other service providers..

...See More

Sheena2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, and 27 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Jacobs Caterers

The team was so awesome to work with for my wedding day. They were very professional and everybody kept raving about how great the food and service was on my wedding day. The bartenders did a great job and were very personable. I am so thankful that I chose Jacob's Caterers to cater my event. They did such a great job on everything. It was all perfect to the last detail.

...See More

Sneha sree 2 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 5 hours, and 19 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Jacobs Caterers

They r the best in tvm.i love there.there service is really good.there decor is the best.they make our dream come true like the way what we want. There food is the best.everyone should try it..❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

...See More

Where To Find The Best Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram?

When you are planning a wedding in Thiruvananthapuram, you will easily be able to find well-established Wedding Caterers. The city has many fine Caterers who have been in the business for years, so they know exactly what to do and how to provide you with the finest services. Since there is no shortage of options when it comes to catering, you can choose from the best suppliers available. 

These providers provide food and beverages to ensure you have the best wedding. You can choose from various cuisines to create a gastronomical affair for your guests. They will also offer you various other services, such as keeping the bar stocked, providing you with professional chefs and bakers, etc. Some caterers in Thiruvananthapuram also provide staff to help your event smoothly without any hitches. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing Wedding Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram

When choosing professionals for your wedding, you should consider certain things. As the wedding is one of the most critical events in your life, you must ensure that your requirements are met. Here are a few things you should consider to find the best Wedding Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram.

01. The Caterer's Previous Experience: 

You should always keep current records of the caterers you want to hire, whether for your engagement party, marriage, or any other event. You must analyze their previous records and see how things went at those events and what kind of feedback they received from their clients. This will help you make the final decision when there are plenty of options available, as well as helpful when you want to contact them in future.

02. The Wedding Caterer's Menu:

Before you choose your wedding Caterers, you must go through their menu. Take the time to see what kinds of items they offer and pick the ones that suit your taste. If there are certain items you want to avoid being included in the menu, specify them beforehand. Also, it is good to know whether they offer options for food allergies or any other specific dietary requirements.

03. The Caterer's Fee:

As weddings are expensive, you must ensure that your wedding Caterer charges a reasonable amount. Look at their packages and see the items they supply within the package. You might have to pay extra for something excluded from the package. When there is a long waiting period between the date of booking and the wedding date, it is always a good idea to ensure that you get everything covered by the package, or else it may be costly. 

04. Schedule the tasting:

Once you have selected your wedding Caterers, schedule the tasting as soon as possible. It is a good idea to try out various dishes before picking the best ones for your wedding day. This will help you find the right one that matches your taste buds. For instance, try the appetizers, dinner courses and desserts. This way, you can get a good idea of what they offer. You can always ask the Caterer to make changes to the menu if you are unsatisfied with anything.

05. The Inclusion of Local Ingredients:

While arranging your wedding in Thiruvananthapuram, you should ask the Caterer to use local ingredients as much as possible. These ingredients will ensure that your guests experience the best of local cuisine and taste the best of Kerala food. When the wedding caterers serve the most authentic food, it shows that they are experts at what they do. It will also be great for your guests, who get the best of the local cuisine.

What Are Some Food Trends Spotted In Weddings in Thiruvananthapuram

For many people, there is nothing as grand as a wedding. So when it comes to making the most of your special day, you must ensure that everything is perfect. For this purpose, you must make sure that you select the best Wedding Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram. While doing so, remember some food trends many people are opting for these days!

01. Onion Tart Tatin:

This French Tarte is baked on top of swiss onion soup crust. It is served in a tart tin with thin layers of caramel onions. Onion Tart Tatin is one of the most popular food items as far as wedding Caterers are concerned. This is because it tastes highly delicious and looks great on the dining table. Many people love to have this savoury tart after their main course!

02. Balsamic Soy Roasted Garlic Mushrooms:

This is one of the most popular food items as far as wedding Caterers are concerned. This is because it tastes delicious and looks great on the dining table. These roasted garlic mushrooms are marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil and soy sauce for a few hours before being roasted over an open fire. The result is a light, sizzling dish that will look amazing on your dining table!

03.Tandoori Chicken Drumstick:

This is one of the most popular food items as far as wedding Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram are concerned. This is because it tastes delicious and looks great on the dining table. These drumsticks are marinated in spices and then roasted over an open flame. The result is a tender, succulent chicken that will taste super delicious when eaten with a side of naan, dal and grilled veggies!

04. Ras Malai Mousse:

This will be an excellent choice if you want something light but delicious. Ras Malai Mousse is made of flavoured whipped cream spread over a cake and topped with nuts and fruits. It is a tasty dessert served with a cup of tea. This is an excellent choice as far as wedding Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram are concerned!

05. Fresh Fruit Platter:

For something festive and healthy, you need to choose fresh fruit platters as a dessert on your wedding day. These are fruit platters served with different kinds of fruits, nuts and chocolate truffles. These can be prepared in unique bowls or simply on a silver platter. Fresh fruit platters are an excellent choice for weddings as they are delicious and add a great deal of colour to your dessert table.

Mistake To Avoid While Selecting Your Wedding Catering in Thiruvananthapuram

When it comes to your wedding, you want to ensure everything is perfect. This means that you need to choose the venue, the dress, the jewellery and even the food for your wedding day. While selecting a Wedding Caterer in Thiruvananthapuram, there are some mistakes that you must avoid at all costs!

01. Setting an unrealistic budget:

Weddings are expensive. Unless you have a lot of money and can spend lavishly on your wedding, you should ensure that you set a realistic budget for the wedding day. If you want to spend a lot on the venue and decorations, ensure that this is accounted for in the budget. Otherwise, you will spend more than you had initially planned!

02. Hiring caterers without tasting their food:

When selecting a wedding Caterer, it is essential to taste their food first. This will help you determine whether the Caterers are up to the mark and can dish out delicious food for your special day. If the food needs to be tastier, you must look for a different caterer. Only hire caterers that claim that they are good at organizing functions. Instead, it is best if they have experience in catering as well.

03. Improper Information On Food Servers And Makers :

When selecting the Caterer, ensure you get all the information about the food servers and makers from them. You must check whether they have the expertise to serve many people. Most importantly, it would be best to enquire about their 'no show' rate. If the Caterers have a high 'no show' rate, then it means that they are likely to skimp on your wedding day as well.

04. Selecting The Food Menu Without Inspecting Ingredients :

When you are looking for Wedding Caterers, make sure that you inspect the ingredients that they use while preparing food. If you find ingredients you do not know or have never heard of, you need to look for another Caterer. Never hesitate to leave a Caterer based on what they serve as ingredients. In this way, you will be able to ensure that their food will taste exactly like the food items that you have seen in Kerala!

Wedding Catering Costs in Thiruvananthapuram

Wedding catering costs in Thiruvananthapuram vary according to the number of guests, venue, menu etc. Start your search early and compare the best prices and offers to your requirements.

The price of wedding caterers in Thiruvananthapuram differs based on the number of guests you expect. You can expect that wedding catering in Thiruvananthapuram will cost you anywhere between 30k if you are hosting a small wedding with less than 100 guests. On the other hand, best wedding caterers in Thiruvananthapuram will cost you approximately 5ok if you are hosting an extravagant wedding with more than 500 guests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Wedding Caterers in Thiruvananthapuram

Q - What are the Services Provided by Wedding Catering in Thiruvananthapuram?

Wedding catering in Thiruvananthapuram provides almost everything a complete wedding catering service should. The services of wedding catering in Thiruvananthapuram include set up and tear down, dishwashing, table setting and everything else related to food.

Q - Should I hire the same wedding caterer for all events?

Yes, you should hire the same wedding caterer for all events. Once you have hired a Wedding Caterer in Thiruvananthapuram, you must be open with them about all your requirement. If something else is changing in your life, it is advisable to inform the Wedding Caterer and get them to make changes in their menu according to these changes.

Q - What is the average cost of catering per person?

The average cost of catering per person will differ according to your selected menu. While the cost of serving a continental menu is between Rs.700 and Rs.1500, the cost of serving an Indian menu ranges from Rs.900 to Rs.1200 per person.

Q - Does a catering service provide cutlery?

Yes, a catering service provides all the cutlery required to serve food. This is why you should not worry about cutlery at all. All you need to do is make sure you have plates and bowls of different sizes and shapes.