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Best Wedding Caterers in Kochi

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These are the Best Wedding Caterers in Kochi


One of Kerala's multicultural cities, Kochi has gained notoriety for its vast spice reserves. It is also known as the Gateway to Kerala, and with its breathtaking scenery, it is the ideal tourist destination. Kochi is a small town in Kerala, also ...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Caterers on WeddingBazaar

Syama Km1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 11 hours, and 58 minutes ago

★ 5.0

What a great service and we are very satisfied and happy. We strongly recommend. I am soo happy What a great service and we are very satisfied and happy. We strongly recommend. I am soo happy What a great service and we are very satisfied and happy. We strongly recommend. I am soo happy

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Meenu1 year, 4 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 15 hours, and 3 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Harvest Caterers

The food was raved about by our whole team and the partners that attended the dinner. it was super being truly amazing at their craft. Their rating is well earned and certainly deserved.all the best ...

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Meenu1 year, 4 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 15 hours, and 4 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Harvest Caterers

The food was raved about by our whole team and the partners that attended the dinner. it was super being truly amazing at their craft. Their rating is well earned and certainly deserved ... Really delicious .

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Meenu1 year, 4 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 15 hours, and 6 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Harvest Caterers

It was my first time coordinating a birthday party (alone) and I was going crazy looking for catering services that serviced . I came across First Class Catering on help and I am so glad that I did! I had contacted several catering companies and harvest was the first one to respond back to me in less than 30 minutes.

...See More

Where To Find The Best Caterers in Kochi?

To find the best wedding caterers in Kochi, you have to get in touch with the Best Caterers in Kochi who have made their mark with high-quality food and efficient service at affordable prices. You can find various caterers who offer a great variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. You will also get caterers who are experts in providing Italian, Chinese, and other such cuisines which match your taste and preference.

When you want to organize a business meeting of your firm or society, contact the Best wedding caterers in Kochi, who will cater to all your food needs during the session. Are you in search of the best caterers in Kochi? If yes, get in touch with the Best caterers in Kochi who will offer you these services at reasonable prices. You can also find many options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

Things To Consider Before Choosing Wedding Caterers in Kochi

Catering for a wedding is a very delicate process. You must pay attention to all the fine details, including food, decoration, and venue. Here are some of the things which you should consider before choosing wedding caterers in Kochi:-

01. Experience: 

Before choosing a caterer, you should check its previous experience catering weddings and other events. An experienced company will know the best recipes and serve tasty and hygienic food items. Hence, you can easily choose someone with good experience in this field. Experience also helps you to decide how long a company has been catering for wedding ceremonies and other events. 

02. Quality Of Food:

You need to check the quality of food that the caterers serve. Some may serve tasty food which you will like while few others may do food with less taste. Choose the one that will offer you the best food quality and make your day special. You can also check online reviews and ratings to know about the food quality provided by a particular catering company. This will help you to choose your desired catering company easily.

03. Flexibility:

To make your event more memorable, you should hire catering services that are flexible enough to serve you various food items. Some caterers will help you with a limited menu, which will not be able to satisfy your taste buds. To end their service from the event, you have to pay a higher amount of money, which can be a big blow. So, please choose the one that is flexible and will serve you ample options for food items on their menu. 

04. Pricing:

To hire caterers in Kochi, you need to check their pricing. Some caterers will charge you a higher amount, while others may charge you a very affordable amount. Before hiring catering services, researching different websites and comparing the prices various companies offer is advisable. Check the professional and experienced team of the company, and based on this, choose the best choice that matches your budget. 

05. Timeline:

You can hire catering services in Kochi at any moment of the day when you feel like it. Some caterers may have a concise hiring calendar, and some may have a very extended hiring timeline. So, please choose the best caterers who will allow you to select the time of your event and then provide you with food items on time. So, go for one which offers good service, and you can avail of their excellent service. 

What Are Some Food Trends Spotted In Weddings in Kochi?

In recent years, food trends have changed drastically, and this change is due to various factors. The changes in food trends are not only limited to shifts in tastes but also due to multiple factors affecting people's daily life. Thus, Some of the recent wedding caterers in Kochi trends include:-

01. Aviyal:

Aviyal is a very delicious dish made up of mixed vegetables and spices. This dish can be eaten hot with rice or cold as a salad. This dish is trendy in South India mainly due to its taste and nutritional value. This can be served as starters during weddings which will prove to be a good choice since it tastes good and fits into the budget too. 

02. Poriyal:

This is another South Indian specialty, but it is made of red pumpkin and coconut milk this time. This dish is also quite popular in North India and can be served as a main or a side dish. You can also try other poriyals, like 'Kani poriyal,' 'vathal poriyal,' 'chutney poriyal' and 'lentil soup poriyal.' It is best to choose the type of poriyal which suits your taste and preference. 

03. Appalam:

In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, wedding caterers in Kochi will serve 'Appalam,' made up of rice flour and is crispy and delicious. The spices used to make this dish give it a unique taste that you will love. You can serve it as an appetizer or after the meal with some ghee on top to give your guests a great experience. 

04. Ullittu:

Ullittu is also a trendy dish in Kerala, especially during the season of Onam. It involves blending coconut milk with green chilies, curry leaves, and onions. This dish is mainly made of sprouts and tastes delicious. You can choose to serve it as a midday snack too. Also, try some other varieties of ullittu like Ullittu (vegetarian), Uppumoru Pazham (vegetarian), Avakkai Ullittu (vegetarian), Alleppey Alleppey Andhra Style Ullittu, and many more. 

05. Thayir pachadi:

In Kochi, Thayir Pachadi is a trendy dish that can be served as a side dish or used as a dip too. This dish is made up of curd along with some spices and tastes good. The delicate taste of this dish will win your heart, and if you are having problems deciding what to serve as a starter, you should go for this one. You can also try other Thayir Pachadi, like Aviyal Thayir Pachadi, South Indian Style Aviyal Thayir pachadi, and many more. 

Mistake To Avoid While Selecting Your Wedding Catering in Kochi :

1. Hire cheap caterers:

Many people think that hiring cheap caterers will help them save some money, but it is not the case because you will end up paying more than you should. Many of these companies tend to compromise on the taste and quality of food items, and when you serve bad food, there is no point in doing this. So, make sure you go for a company that offers good quality food items with a reasonable price tag.

2. Restrictive Menu:

For a large crowd, you will need to plan your menu correctly and also take into account the number of guests that will be attending your wedding. Remember to include some items from around the world in your menu so that you can keep the person sitting at your table guessing what is next going to happen. So, the menu should be well-balanced and cover all the regional tastes.

3. Poorly Tested Foods:

Always make sure you hire wedding catering services that a reputed company provides. Try only to hire one that is well-known and is lacking in its reviews. It would help if you also opted for a well-established company that many have previously trusted. So, research these two points and choose the best fit for your budget and taste buds.

4. Unhealthy Foods:

Always avoid serving unhealthy food items at any of your parties, and this is the same with a wedding. Doing food items that are good for your health will make you serve a healthy body to your guests; this way, they will love the spread that you have prepared. Also, it would help if you looked after their diet chart before deciding what to serve at your party. 

5. Last Minute Changes:

Never change the menu options at the last minute because sometimes it may lead to tension between your family members, friends, and agents as it will be difficult for them to handle everything accordingly, which may lead to a situation where you regret not hiring these services in the first place. Before finalizing your menu, you should consider all the aspects and remember that every dish speaks volumes.

Wedding Catering Costs in Kochi 

Looking for a wedding catering service provider in Kochi can be tricky. Finding the best wedding caterers in Kochi to cater your wedding within your budget takes time and effort. The costs of wedding catering services vary from one location to another, as well as the type of food and the number of people you have at your event.

If you have an Indian-style wedding, you have to look for Indian Wedding Catering Services in Kochi, as there are options for all types of food and budget. There are also options if you plan to have some western style. Therefore the average cost of wedding catering is around Rs. 35000 to 50000 INR, which can be determined by the number of guests you have, the type of food you have ordered, and your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions about Caterers in Kochi

Q - What Are the Services Provided by Wedding Catering in Kochi?

A wedding catering service provider can help you make your wedding the most memorable. Wedding catering services in Kochi serve an array of food items. They offer various services, including catering wedding breakfasts, catering wedding receptions, catering engagement parties, and even catering after parties.

Q - Should I hire the same wedding caterer for all events?

This depends on the number of events you are holding. If you are serving a large crowd, then it is recommended that you hire the same wedding catering service provider, as they will know your taste and preferences by then.

Q - What is the average cost of catering per person?

The average cost of wedding catering per person is approximately Rs. 1500 INR. However, it depends on the number of people you have and the type of food items. On average, you can expect an approximate cost of around Rs. 35000 to 50000 INR for a significant event.

Q - Does a catering service provide cutlery?

Yes, most catering service providers provide cutlery, disposable plates, saucers, and cups. However, if you want something more unique, you can ask your caterer to have a custom printed cutlery.

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