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Best Bridal Makeup artist in Surat

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Bridal Makeup Artists in Surat


Surat is one of the most popular cities in India with many tourist attractions and religious sites. Surat has been known for its richness in textile industry, diamond trade and cotton textile industry for a long time. Surat is a perfect destinatio...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Makeup Artists on WeddingBazaar

Heer patel2 days, 3 hours, and 33 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Haus of Skin

I recently experienced a skincare treatment that completely exceeded my expectations. From the moment I walked into the clinic, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism, setting the tone for what would become a truly remarkable experience. The skincare specialist took the time to thoroughly assess my skin type and concerns, creating a tailored treatment plan that addressed my specific needs. Throughout the process, they explained each step in detail, ensuring I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way. The treatment itself was nothing short of transformative. Using advanced techniques and high-quality products, the specialist was able to rejuvenate my skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, revitalized, and glowing. Not only did the treatment target my immediate concerns, but it also provided long-lasting benefits that continued to improve my skin's appearance and texture over time. What truly sets this skincare treatment apart is the attention to detail and personalized approach. The specialist didn't just treat my skin; they also provided valuable advice and recommendations for maintaining healthy skin in between appointments. Their expertise and passion for skincare were evident throughout the entire process, instilling confidence in the results and leaving me eager to return for future treatments. In conclusion, I cannot recommend this skincare treatment enough. Whether you're looking to address specific concerns or simply pamper yourself with a luxurious skincare experience, this treatment delivers exceptional results that will leave you feeling radiant and renewed. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

...See More

Zeel1 month, 4 hours, and 15 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Kashishs Makeover

Best makeup artist i have ever seen . So decent and good work all over … just love her makeup not too much and not too less .. no makeup makeup look is the best one of her .. best artist to booked for bridal and sider makeup

...See More

Vikita shah1 month, 1 day, 6 hours, and 7 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Kashishs Makeover

I had a fantastic makeover experience! The artist was skilled, the atmosphere was welcoming, and I felt feeling amazing, friendly atmosphere, and the final look exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be back!

...See More

Trisha1 month, 1 day, 6 hours, and 28 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Kashishs Makeover

A fantastic makeup artist, would definitely recommend and use again and again. Amanda is truly a make up genius. ... Great makeup artist. Amazing makeup artist! ... Excellent! ... Wedding make up. ...

...See More

Latest Bridal Makeup Ideas

Things to keep in mind while hiring a bridal makeup artist

1. Check the portfolio :

It is very important to check the portfolio of a bridal makeup artist in Surat before getting into a deal. It is advised to look at the makeup applied in the portfolio and check whether it is the same kind of makeup applied in the wedding makeup. Finding a best makeup artist in surat who provides similar kinds of makeup is very important to get a natural look on your wedding day.

2. Check the price :

Finding a makeup artist in Surat who charges a much lower or higher price is very important because it will save your money or make you spend more money on the makeup which may not be good enough. Makeup artists charge different prices depending upon the work done by them. It is advised to choose a makeup artist who charges affordable prices and offers good services as well as long lasting results. Always compare the prices of different makeup artists before hiring one.

3. Check the working hours :

Makeup artists in Surat offer different working hours, which vary from the makeup artist to makeup artist. Some makeup artists provide best services during the mornings only while others specialize in evening and night times. Makeup artists without good working hours means they don't have enough time to do a complete makeup during busy times of day like mornings and evenings.

4. Check the experience :

Experience is also an important factor while hiring a makeup artist as it will reflect on the quality of your wedding makeup. Makeup artists who have vast experience are more qualified to create good quality makeup. It is advised to check the experience of a professional makeup artist who is providing wedding services. Make sure that you are getting the services of an individual with lots of experience and expertise in this field.

5. Check for certification :

A makeup artist with certification is an essential factor to check before hiring them. Makeup artists with certification are more qualified to do good quality wedding makeup. It is advised to hire only certified makeup artists for your wedding makeup because they are very honest and provide excellent services.

6. Check for availability :

It is very important to check the availability of a makeup artist before getting into a deal with them. Makeup artists who are in high demand at times of wedding season and have too much work can be unsuccessful during off seasons. It is advisable to hire a makeup artist who can give you more time for your wedding makeup as it will help in getting it done in an accurate way.

7. Check the references :

Checking the reviews of a person is also necessary before getting into an agreement with them. Online reviews from previous customers can tell you more about the likes and dislikes of customers. It is best to hire a makeup artist who has positive reviews from previous customers as it will reflect on the quality of their services.

Services that a makeup artist offer to their clients :

1. Bridal makeup :

A makeup artist with good experience can create the perfect bridal makeup for a bride. The makeup for the bride should be natural, simple and stand out. It is advised to hire a professional makeup artist who can provide wedding makeup in Surat as they specialize in this type of work and offer better services.

2. Party makeup :

It is advised to hire a makeup artist who is experienced in party makeup as they have expertise in making you look good and attractive at all times. Different kinds of makeup are done to make you look beautiful and attractive in different situations. Makeup artists specialize in different kinds of party makeup.

3. Henna services :

Henna is a natural ingredient which is used by a makeup artist to create patterns on the hands and feet of a bride. Henna patterns are applied on the hands and feet of the bride in order to give them a unique look on their wedding day. It is a traditional concept and practiced by all brides to get married in India. A makeup artist can create exclusive Henna patterns which are different from any other bride.

4. Groom makeup :

Making a groom look good on the wedding day is an essential thing which is done by a makeup artist to create a classy and stylish look. Different kinds of makeup are done to create a sophisticated and stylish look for the groom. Makeup artists can create good quality Groom makeup in a short time.

5. Necklace services :

Makeup artists who are experienced in necklace work can provide necklaces for the bride which can be themed according to her wedding theme or choice. Makeup artists who are experienced in creating different kinds of necklaces for brides are usually hired by brides during their events or marriage ceremonies at home.

Best wedding makeup ideas and trends for every kind of bride :

1. Brides with fair hair :

Fashion brides usually prefer to get their hair colored in bright and vibrant colours like red, orange, blue and purple. It is a trend now that brides with fair hair prefer to have the same kind of colour on their wedding day which will make them look younger and attractive. Makeup artists who are experts in this field can help brides in getting the most beautiful hair on their wedding day.

2. A Pop of Pink Eyeshadow :

Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day in their own unique way. Brides who prefer eye makeup always go for a pop of pink eyeshadow which looks attractive and stunning on the eyes. It is best to hire a professional makeup artist who has good experience and skills in doing this kind of makeup.

3. Winged Eyeliner With Pink Lips :

An expert makeup artist can create the best winged eyeliner for a bride which makes her look more attractive and significant. It is important to hire a professional to get this done because they have the skills and expertise to provide accurate and fast makeup services in a very short time. Makeup artists who specialize in winged eyeliner can create beautiful and attractive eye makeup.

4. Pastel Eyeshadow With Orange Lips :

A makeup artist who is an expert in pastel eyeshadow can make brides look more beautiful and outstanding on their wedding day. Brides who prefer this kind of makeup are usually hired by makeup artists to get it done because they have skills and expertise in doing this kind of makeup. It is essential to know the kind of makeup you want before getting into a deal with a specific person.

5. Makeup for Brides with Blue Hair :

The trend of brides with blue hair is to have makeup done in bright shades of blue like teal, turquoise and aqua blue which will make them look beautiful and stand out. It is advisable to hire a professional makeup artist who has good experience in making this kind of makeup. Brides who prefer bright shades of makeup on their wedding day should go for a professional makeup artist to get this makeup done.

6. Dark Eye Makeup With Vibrant Lips :

Dark and bright colored lipsticks are now much popular among brides these days. Makeup artists who have experience in making lip makeup for brides can help brides to get this done on their wedding day. Makeup artists with good skills can also create eye makeup for brides which will make them look more beautiful and attractive on the day.

7. Smokey Eye Makeup :

Brides who have taken on each and every part of their wedding complex can be seen with smokey eye makeup which makes them look glamorous and romantic. It is usually done to make brides look more beautiful and appealing. A makeup artist with good experience can do this makeup for you easily which will help in getting everyday wear colours done.

Bridal beauty lessons that one can take from celebrities :

1. Nude Glamm For A Day Wedding :

Nude will always be the colour which can make you look more beautiful and unique. Nude brides always have a gorgeous look on their wedding day because makeup artists who specialize in this kind of makeup are available for them. Makeup artists who have experience in doing different kinds of makeup can do excellent jobs in this field.

2. Butterfly Lashes :

Makeup artists with excellent skills and experience can always do the best butterfly lashes for brides which look glamorous on their wedding day. It is important to get these lashes done on your wedding day because they will make you look attractive and attractive on your special day.

3. Teal eyeshadow :

Teal is one of the top colours which can make you look glamorous and attractive on your wedding day. A professional makeup artist with skills and experience can do excellent work in creating this kind of eye makeup for brides who want something unique and different.

4. Glitter and Matte Makeup :

Glitter and matte makeup is emerging in the market these days. It is a new trend which has attracted many brides and became famous all over the world these days. Glitter eye makeup makes the eyes look more beautiful and attractive while matte black lip colour makes it all complete.

5. Wild Beautiful Lashes :

Wild and beautiful lashes are a must have for brides who want to look gorgeous on their wedding day. They can also be done by makeup artists who have excellent skills in applying these kinds of lashes for brides. Brides who want to stand out on their special day should prefer these kinds of lashes during the ceremonies and events at their home or venue.

How does help in finding the best bridal makeup artist near me? helps people to look for information on any type of service they need like a makeup artist, hair stylist, bridal makeup artist in surat and best makeup artists near me services. It is essential to find the best makeup artist in surat who can help in creating the right look that you want on your special day. It is advisable to go for someone who has experience and skills in doing different types of makeup. You will also find some reviews, photos and blogs on different bridal makeup artists near me which can help in picking the right person you need for special events like weddings, family gatherings and other social occasions.

Frequently Asked Question About Makeup Artists in Surat

Q - Do the makeup artists come to my place for makeup?

The makeup artists can come to your place for makeup if you want them to. They know the best locations which can be easily reached by all people who are planning for special events like weddings, engagement and other occasions.

Q - Will the wedding bazaar charge any booking fee from me?

No booking fee is charged from brides who want to hire makeup artists for different occasions and events. You will have the opportunity to meet different makeup artists and choose the one who can help you on your special day.

Q - Is there any need for a trial by makeup artist before hiring?

Yes, it is much advisable to do a trial by the makeup artist before hiring them on any occasion or event which you have planned. This will assist you in finding the right person who can help you in getting the right kind of makeup on your special day.

Q - What is the average fee of a makeup artist in india?

The average fee of a makeup artist in India is approximately Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per hour. The price may vary depending on the location and other factors.

Q - What does a bridal makeup package include?

A makeup package can include a complete makeup session for the bride and her family members including bridesmaids. It may also include hair styling, nail care, body polish and other beauty services. You can also get these packages with the help of a makeup tutorial which will help you in knowing how to use the right kind of product and tools.

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