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Best Bridal Makeup artist in Dehradun

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Bridal Makeup Artists in Dehradun


Dehradun, the state capital of Uttarakhand, is the hub for some of the most well-known hill destinations in the nation, including Nainital and Mussoorie. It is one of India's oldest towns in Dehradun, known for its salubrious climate, making it a ...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Makeup Artists on WeddingBazaar

Shikha1 month, 4 days, 13 hours, and 31 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Khushi Ahuja Makeovers

Khushi Ahuja is one of the best makeup artists in the industry. She has this dedication and a flair of professionalism with which she does the work. She did my Roka makeup and everyone at the function complimented me for it. It was flawless. I gurantee Khushi Ahuja would work with great zeal and commitment to make your vision come to life.

...See More

Priya1 month, 5 days, 10 hours, and 21 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Beyond Blush by Tamanna

Tamanna is an amazing makeup artist! She did a fantastic job on my makeup. I felt so beautiful and confident after she worked her magic. Her skills are top-notch, and she is also very friendly and professional. I highly recommend Tamanna for any special occasion or event - you won't be disappointed

...See More

Abhay1 month, 5 days, 11 hours, and 1 minute ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Beyond Blush by Tamanna

It was my sister's wedding. Not only she travelled 400kms for that but also worked rock hard to give a astonishing look to her. Real professionalism shown by their team. This is coming from a guy who was least interested in spending money on make up. Totally worth it.

...See More

Ishita1 month, 5 days, 11 hours, and 13 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Beyond Blush by Tamanna

Loved the final look! Tamanna has an amazing sense of colours which perfectly matched my skin tone. It was not at all caky. The products were all branded. she really did a great job in giving me that perfect glow. Thank you for making me look beautiful and making my day!

...See More

Latest Bridal Makeup Ideas

Things to keep in mind while hiring a bridal makeup artist in Dehradun

If you have decided to hire a makeup artist for your wedding, you must do so with the best bridal makeup artist in Dehradun. Here are some Things to keep in mind while hiring a bridal makeup artist in Dehradun 

01. Check their portfolio first:

It is essential to check out the makeup artists' portfolios. In the portfolio, you should get a clear idea of what they are capable of doing and their past work. If they have done a lot of glamour makeup, it will be much easier for you to choose them because you will be able to decide whether their work looks good or bad in the pictures. Generally, people who have been in the industry for a long time know how to do good makeup and maintain high-quality standards in their work. 

02. The makeup artist should be a professional:

It is crucial to hire a professional makeup artist. A professional makeup artist will know how to do the best possible job for you, which is what you want in your wedding or party. Since they have been doing this work for ages, they will have lots of experience and knowledge about what works and doesn't. A professional makeup artist can also handle extreme situations if any such thing happens in your function. 

03. Check their services:

You should find out about the services of the makeup artist. It is essential to ask for a detailed paper on the services provided by these professionals. The form should have all their rates and packages, working hours and location in Dehradun, and other details so you can compare them. You must also know how much they charge per hour. 

04. Ask for references:

It would be best if you always asked for a reference. First, it is essential to know whether the makeup artist is reliable and trustworthy. After this, you can check the connections they are providing. One of the best ways to do this is to ask the previous clients of the makeup artists. This can be done by calling their clients and asking them a few questions related to their experiences with that particular makeup artist.

05. Keep in mind budget limitations:

It is also essential to keep in mind your budget limitations. If you are on a tight budget, it is better to find someone who will be within your budget. If your choice of makeup artists comes under your budget, you can easily choose them without any worries. However, if you are on a tight budget, it might be a good idea to check the makeup artists' rates and choose one accordingly.

Services that makeup artists offer to their clients?

The main job of a makeup artist is to help you look beautiful and enhance the features of the face so that if somebody sees your picture, they can recognize you. The makeup artist in Dehradun does it to improve your facial features and make you more attractive.

They offer different types of services like

1. Wedding or Party makeup service:

The makeup artists have a lot of experience in doing different types of makeup on the bride, and she is the most important and valuable asset. The best service that they offer is a wedding or party makeup. This will change your look during your special day, making you look more beautiful.

2. Glamour makeup service:

They offer different looks for you, which will look like you have done a lot of glamour makeup, which is lovely. Your picture will look more attractive with these makeups, and the people who come to see your image will also be impressed by your appearance. They also do different types of cosmetics used in movies, such as photo shoots and magazine shoots.

3. Women's beauty parlor services:

They offer a lot of beauty parlors in Dehradun, and you can visit one of them and have an attractive look. They will make you look more beautiful without any makeup. You will look more beautiful, and your picture will retain the charm which you have always had.

4. Bridal makeup services:

This is one of the essential services that they do. They make you look more beautiful and enhance your natural beauty very professionally. Maintaining a bride's beauty during her wedding day is tough. However, it is imperative to do so because she has looked like a beautiful woman only, but with this makeup, she will look even more beautiful and will also be able to meet all the expectations of the people who come to see her.


Best wedding makeup ideas and trends for every kind of bride

There are so many wedding makeup ideas and trends that you need to apply on your wedding day. You must choose the one which will look good on you. There are different types of wedding makeup:

1. Gray Hues and Long Lashes:

This is one of the most common wedding makeup ideas and trends. When you use gray hues in your makeup, it will look beautiful, and you will also be able to look beautiful. This kind of makeup is used in different events, so if you plan a party with your friends, you can also apply this type of makeup. The other trend that is very popular in this category is long lashes. Long lashes are very common among all girls because they enhance the beauty of the eyes, although they do not need any such enhancement.

2. Cool Tones and a Sheer Lip:

This type of wedding makeup is prevalent among most brides. It is also used in different types of events. This kind of makeup will give your face a relaxed look, and the best part about it is that there are so many variations. You can change your makeup according to different functions and events. You can also apply this makeup at home because it is not difficult.

3. Metallic Hues and a Subtle Lip:

This type of makeup is used very often. It gives your face a very vigorous look, and you will also be able to look beautiful with it. The other best part about this type of makeup is that it will last long. If you are planning your wedding in a short time, you can choose this kind of makeup because it is easy for you to apply and maintain it.

4. Natural Composition:

If you do not have time to apply makeup and do not want to look like a bride on your wedding day, you can also choose this makeup. It will make you look lovely and natural. This makeup is used in different events such as parties and photo shoots. Your picture will look beautiful with this type of makeup.

Bridal beauty lessons that one can take from celebrities

It is not always possible for everyone to do all the work themselves. If you want to look like a celebrity on your wedding day, you will have to take some lessons that you can take from celebrities.

1. Subtle makeup and glossy lips:

If you want to look like a celebrity, you need to take care of your makeup skill. It is tough to do so, and many people will not be able to do so. Celebrities also apply subtle makeup on their face; you should also try it because it will look beautiful. They also have glossy lips, and this is another thing that you should consider doing.

2. Focus on an all-natural skincare routine:

Celebrity skin care products are trendy, and you should also try them. You can also use their makeup. It will not make you look like a celebrity, but it will help you to look beautiful. The stars also take care of their skincare routine, which is not just about cleaning their face but also about applying moisturizers and all-natural brands that have various benefits for your face and eyes.

3. Use a blush that matches your skin tone:

Many celebrities also prefer brightening and enhancing their skin tones. You can also do so. It will make you look more beautiful as well as attractive. The other best part about this type of makeup is that it is not very expensive. That is why many people are also opting for this kind of makeup. So, if you want to look more beautiful on your wedding day, you can take care of this aspect of your makeup skills.

4. Work a glamorous hairstyle:

Celebrity hairstyles are trendy, and if you want to look beautiful on your wedding day, you should also try a glamorous hairstyle. You will look more beautiful with such hairstyles, which will make you look more attractive. This is why many celebs prefer such hairstyles for their weddings as well. You should also try this kind of hairstyle for your wedding day.

5. Victorian Rose Lips and Dusky Eyes:

If you have not decided which kind of look you would like to rock on your special day, then Victorian rose lips and dusky eyes are one of the best options that you can choose. This trend is very common because it's versatile and goes well with every bride. Victorian rose lips and dusky eyes give the appearance of fair skin, delicate eyebrows, a gentle facial structure and a beautiful neckline.

6. Pop Art Lips With Plum-Colored Eyes:

This is another trend that is very common among brides because it gives a nice look to the bride's face and it gives a very modern look to the bride who wants to add some spark to her look. This type of lip will make you look well-groomed and attractive on your wedding day. This lip's colour is also different from your wedding makeup colours.

How does help in finding the best bridal makeup artist near me?

At we have curated a list of wedding experts and bridal makeup artists in Dehradun so that you can easily search for the best ones nearby. The best thing about us is that we constantly update our bridal makeup artist list so that you get the freshest and newest ones available near you. We also have an extensive bridal hair stylist in your area along with them so that you will be able to find the right one for your event. Our specialists can also help you choose which one is the best for you, whether it be for a best makeup artist in Dehradun or a wedding hair stylist.

Frequently Asked Question About Makeup Artists in Dehradun

Q - Do the makeup artists will come to my place for makeup?

It is one of the most common questions people have, and if you are also worried about it, you can relax because makeup artists will come to your place for makeup. All you need to do is tell them that you want makeup for a wedding, and they will come to your home.

Q - Is there any need for a trial by a makeup artist before hiring?

If you want to hire the best makeup artists in your city, you need to try them at your place. They will apply makeup on you and see whether or not it will suit you. If it does not suit you, they will change it, and if it works, they will ask for payment and sign a contract with you.

Q - What is the average fee of a makeup artist in india?

You need to pay a decent amount to hire one of the best makeup artists in India. The average rate will be around 25000 INR which is not too high. You can also check the portfolios of different artists and decide if they are worth paying such amounts, and if they are, you can hire them.

Q - What does a bridal makeup package include?

The makeup package will include the initial makeup, all-day makeup, the dress, and any accessories that you want to buy. It will also have hair and nails. You can get everything at the same place, which is a good option.

Q - Will the wedding bazaar charge any booking fee from me?

The wedding makeup bazaar will not charge any booking fee from you. You can take their services as per your requirement and you can also compare their prices before choosing the right bridal makeup artist for yourself. These services are usually available in every part of the country and you should be able to book a professional makeup artist in order to make yourself more amazing on the big day.

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