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Congratulations, you are about to get married! Hope you are enjoying the courtship period, daily pampering sessions and the jitters of entering into a married life. Now that you're about to begin a new life, chances are that you might get a lot of advice from friends and relatives, some helpful and some literally USELESS. But, the catch is which one to take and which one to break.

Shaadisaga asked brides to spill the beans on the worst advice they received during their wedding planning, here's what they said:

"Leave For Honeymoon The Very Next Day"

Saumya says, “The worst advice from my married sister-in-law was to leave for the honeymoon just the next day of the wedding. It was completely a terrible advice. First of all, I  spent the first three days of the honeymoon just sleeping off the exhaustion and then went down with viral with the next three days with medicines in my hand."

"Don't Hire A Candid Photographer"

Athiya says, “Got an advice by my uncle of not hiring a candid photographer and going for a traditional photographer, it was the worst one. He told marriage is a union of two families in India and only the traditional photographer clicks your family pictures. But what it resulted in was hundreds of pictures of the guests and hardly 15-20 of mine. I was so disappointed with the album as well as the final video. So please brides, personal suggestion hire a good talented candid photographer.

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"Add More Heavy Outfits"

Prerna says, "Add more heavy suits beta", these were the four words that haunted me more than anything in my life. The most useless and overdone advice every bride gets and I also got. I think always take daily wearable suits more than heavy ones. I have used only 1 from past 6 months and the fashion is changing, I don't think I will be able to wear the other 11 heavy ones."

"No Makeup On Mehndi Ceremony"

Aashima says, "Mehendi pe kaun lagaata hai lashes, aur makeup bhi halka hona chahiye, shaadi wale din nikhaar aana chahiye" (Who wears false lashes and makeup on mehndi? The makeup should also be light as you are required to glow more on your wedding day) This advice took me the wrong way totally, I got horrible pictures on my mehndi. Other people were so decked up at my mehndi and being a bride I looked bland. Sometimes you should not listen to Nani maa's advice.

"End Moment Beauty Experiments"

Sukriti says, "I took a trip to the parlour just 4 days before my wedding and tried bikini wax for the first time as suggested by my very close friend to do it before few days only. My usual skin is never prone to acne but all because of this experiment, I got hell lot of acne and it was quite embarrassing and that too 3 days before my wedding."  

Have you received any worst advice right before your wedding? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Worst Wedding Advice Received From Friends & Family: Real Brides Reveal

by Sanchita Sehgal

Worst Wedding Advice Received From Friends & Family: Real Brides Reveal