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Calling all winter brides! Looking to infuse a touch of seasonality into your wedding without going too heavy on the festive vibes? Well, we've got some creative suggestions for your winter wedding colours!

While the classic red, white and green wedding theme is perfectly fine, we understand if you're seeking something a bit more unconventional. That's why we've curated some unique wedding colour palette ideas to spark your inspiration for your winter wedding decor!

While winter weddings call for cool blue undertones, Indian weddings are more about the pizzazz! We have quirky, vibrant mehndis, glamorous sangeets drenched in dark hues and gorgeous mellow haldi functions covered in swaths of yellows and whites. This is why, having a few options as your winter wedding colours is important. 

So, without further ado, scroll down and check out our selections for winter wedding colours that you will love!

Winter Wedding Colours

1. Blue, White and Metallic

Blue, white and metallics can make a stunning colour palette for winter wedding decor. The combination of blue, white, and metallics can create a beautiful and elegant winter wedding decor that captures the magic and charm of the season. Blue is often associated with winter, as it can evoke the feeling of a cold, snowy day. You can choose from various shades of blue, such as icy blue, navy, or even a soft pastel blue, depending on your preferences. White is a classic colour for winter weddings, as it resembles the purity of snow. White can be used for table settings, linens, bridal attire, and floral arrangements. And metallics, like silver and gold, add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your winter wedding decor!

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2. Forest Green, Black and White

Forest green, black and white can indeed make a lovely and sophisticated colour palette for winter wedding decor. These colours can be adapted to fit a variety of aesthetics, from rustic and natural to modern and sleek. Forest green is a deep, lush colour that can evoke the feeling of evergreen trees and the natural beauty of winter. Black adds a sense of formality and contrast to the colour palette. White, as always, complements and balances the other colours. You can use white for table settings, linens, flowers, and decor accents to create a fresh and clean backdrop for the darker green and black elements. However, when working with these winter wedding colours, make sure you use black carefully, in subtle elements so that it doesn't dominate the colour palette. 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

3. Gold and Dark Wine

Gold and dark wine (or more commonly known as burgundy) can create a beautiful and luxurious colour palette for your winter wedding decor. This combination is rich, elegant, and perfectly suited for the season. Dark wine or burgundy is a deep, romantic colour that complements gold beautifully. Whereas gold is associated with warmth, opulence, and a touch of glamour. It can be used for a variety of elements in your decor, including table settings, candleholders and cutlery. The combination of these two colours is classic and sophisticated, making it a perfect choice for a winter wedding. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the season beautifully!

Source Pinterest

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4. Rusty Orange

A rarely seen colour in Indian wedding decor, but quite popular in bridal outfits, Rusty orange can be a unique and beautiful choice as your winter wedding colour. However,  it's essential to use it thoughtfully to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rusty orange can be a bold and vibrant colour, so it's a good idea to balance it with neutral colours like ivory, white, or even shades of brown and green. To enhance the winter theme, you can also incorporate seasonal accents like evergreen foliage, and pinecones, or even metallic accents like gold or silver. Ultimately, rusty orange can work well as a winter wedding colour, especially if you're looking for a colour that stands out and brings warmth to the season!

Source Hoven Group

Source Pinterest

Source Cara North

Source Pinterest

5. White, Gold and Powder Blue

Now this one's a standout elegant winter wedding colour palette. The combination of white, gold, and powder blue can create a magical and elegant atmosphere for a winter wedding, capturing the ultimate charm of the season. White provides a clean and classic backdrop for your decor. You can use white for table settings, linens, floral arrangements, and even the bride's attire. Gold adds a touch of opulence and warmth to the colour palette. You can incorporate gold through various elements such as tableware, candleholders, and decor accents. Powder blue brings a soft and soothing element to the color scheme, representing the winter sky. 

Source Pinterest

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6. Luscious Red

Red can be an excellent choice for winter wedding decor, as it can create a romantic and passionate atmosphere that complements the season. Red is a bold and vibrant colour that can work beautifully in a winter wedding setting. Since red can be a dominant color, it's a good idea to balance it with neutral colours such as white, ivory, or even black. To enhance the winter theme, incorporate seasonal accents like evergreen foliage, pinecones, or metallic elements like gold or silver. And when you add some warm lighting to this colour, let's just say that wedding decor's gonna slay! 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

7. Magenta

Yes, you read that right- Magenta! More popularly known as Viva Magenta (Pantone Colour of the year 2023) currently, magenta is a fantastic choice for winter wedding decor. It is a bold and vibrant colour that can add a lively and energetic atmosphere to your winter wedding. It's perfect for couples who want their wedding to stand out and make a statement. Since Magenta works well year-round, it can add a pop of colour to spring and summer weddings and create a warm and rich feel for winter outdoor weddings. Complementary colours like white, green, or gold can help balance the intensity of magenta. Additionally, you can use magenta in smaller details like floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, or ribbon accents, rather than using it for large swaths of decor.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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8. Shades of White

White is a timeless colour that can create a variety of atmospheres. And when paired with other muted or neutral colours the result can range from classic and elegant to light and airy. White brings a fresh and clean feel to your outdoor decor, making it ideal for spring and summer weddings. White can be incorporated into various elements, such as table settings, linens, arches, and flowers, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. Whether you're planning a garden wedding, a beach wedding, or an outdoor rustic celebration, white can adapt to your chosen setting and style. 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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9. Lavender, Green & Beige

Another colour palette that we're currently obsessing over is lavender, green and beige. Lavender, green and beige can make a lovely and unique colour combination for winter wedding decor, but it's important to use these colours thoughtfully to achieve the right atmosphere. Lavender is a soft and romantic colour that can bring a touch of elegance to your decor. Green, on the other hand, represents nature and can evoke the feeling of evergreen trees and winter foliage. And beige provides a warm and cosy backdrop for lavender and green, making the overall decor feel more inviting. Lavender, green, and beige can create a tranquil and enchanting atmosphere for a winter wedding, offering a departure from traditional winter wedding colours. 

10. Jewel Toned Wedding Colours

If you are looking for truly winter wedding colours that fit the season and pair well with almost any location this is the one for you. Jewel tone colours are richly saturated hues named for gemstones including amethyst, citrine yellow, sapphire blue, red, purple and emerald green. There is a good reason why this classic jewel-toned winter wedding colours combo has been a long-standing wedding favourite given its timeless elegance and simple glamour! Couples planning a black-tie event can use this theme to produce a wedding that is the epitome of sophistication.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

11. Black And White

Black and white can work wonderfully for winter weddings! You can adapt this colour combination to suit different styles, from classic and formal to modern and minimalistic. Add seasonal accents like evergreen foliage, white flowers, or metallic touches to enhance the winter theme and prevent the decor from feeling too stark. However, it's essential to consider the overall aesthetic and atmosphere you want to create. Black and white are easy to coordinate with various aspects of your wedding, including bridal and groom attires, floral arrangements, table settings and wedding invitations. This simplicity can make the planning process more straightforward.

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11 Winter Wedding Colour Palettes You Need To Save Now!

by Shivani Singh

11 Winter Wedding Colour Palettes You Need To Save Now!