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Weddings, while on one hand, are the most fun you can possibly have, there is SO much planning that goes behind the glam and glitz! It is one of the few events where people still go through the process of designing, assembling, and mailing printed invitations.

However, if one element of the process can be made easier, why not treat yourself to the change? Instead of sourcing endlessly in the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk or Chawari Bazaar, why not go the E-invites way?

You can find the best e-invitation vendors, here.

Printed wedding invites could turn out to be one of the big expenses, and even if you spend weeks picking out the perfect design and getting all the details as per your wish, in the end, most of your guests who you work so hard to impress, may just open your invitation cards and ultimately throw them in the trash (we’re all guilty of doing this, aren’t we?)

Sure it will make a few grannies and aunties unhappy and have them gossip about your lack of budget (which is not the case). Don’t we have the younger generation to convince them of the changing times and the ease online invitations provide?

Sending them with a warm phone call from your end will definitely do the trick, we think.

Online invitations, though often quite over-the-top, are becoming more and more prevalent and, thankfully, more stylish. If you know the right place to make them, the calligraphy can be beautiful, and the designs can be made in the same sophisticated manner as what you would have purchased from the market!

If you're wondering how to go virtual and how exactly will it help you, here’s why it will keep your guests happy and most importantly, your pockets!

- Even if you have to pay a fee for creating an exclusive design, or for sending out the invites, it will cost you less than a paper invitation which would also include paper quality and parcel charges.

- If you are an eco-friendly couple, sending emails to your guests instead of paper invitations is a great way to save a few precious trees and set a trend for your friends and relatives. A good example to lead by!

- In the times of Google Maps, people still provide their guests with printed maps and other instructions which can be completely avoided with your online wedding invitations. All you have to do is give links to everything that the guests might need

- All the updations can be made in a hassle-free manner. If the time or place changes, informing every guest is just a few clicks away. The event would probably even sync to the guests' calendars, updating everyone's appointments all at once

- The best of all, guests can now RSVP online without you having to wait till the last day for them to show up or not!

In the end, however, what's important is the consideration that goes into what you’re saying and how you’re expressing it. Whether you send the message on paper or in email isn’t the most important question!

We hope you take the better route of the two, though. Just saying! :)

Let us know what you think about going digital in the comments below!

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Why You Must Choose E-Invites Over Paper Invitations For Your Wedding

by Tanya Puri

Why You Must Choose E-Invites Over Paper Invitations For Your Wedding