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We cannot describe our love for Bollywood in words. It not only entertains us but expresses our emotions perfectly on screen. Remember sending the song ‘Pehla Nasha’ to your childhood crush? 🙈 Our Hindi movies do things that we can’t. They convey our feelings and emotions and Bollywood is always there with us! Trust us, we all cried at the end of Kal Ho Na Ho. And we also got a motivational kick with Dear Zindagi. Sometimes, we feel as strong as Piku and sometimes sassy as Geet. But have you ever wondered, “Which character am I in real life”? Today, ShaadiSaga will tell you, as per zodiac sign, which Bollywood character are you. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones.

So, any guesses that which Bollywood character you are according to your zodiac sign? Check them out...🤔

Bollywood Characters According To Your Zodiac Sign

♈ Aries

Anjali (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)

Just like Kajol’s character in KKHH, the Arians are considered to be full of energy and daring. They are bold and ambitious for their future. Sometimes, they get stubborn also. Once they have made a decision, it’s really hard to manipulate them. Do you remember when Anjali decided to leave college? She didn’t come back. Even Rahul couldn’t convince her. 

Source Giphy

♉ Taurus

Mukku (Kedarnath)

If you have a friend who is born between April 20 to May 20, treasure them! They are very loyal and reliable. They are considered to be courageous and bold. If they have thought something, it’s impossible to change their mind. And Mandakini aka Mukku from Kedarnath is the best character to describe people of this sun-sign. She didn’t care about what the world said about her, and did what she wants. 

Source Giphy

♊ Gemini

Rani (Queen)

In one word, Gemini people are friendly. They are fun-loving and spontaneous. Since they have dual personalities, they have two sides. If you are close enough to them, you must have seen that. And we could not think of another character than Rani from Queen. She went through a lot, but never let her smile go. She was a conventional girl but never said no to new adventures. 

Source Giphy

♋ Cancer

Naina (Kal Ho Na Ho)

The caretaker for everyone, Cancerians are sensitive and sentimental. And just like Naina, they can do ANYTHING for the people they love. We also saw the fun side of Naina when she got drunk. If you tell something extremely personal about yourself to them, they will always have your back.  

Source Giphy

♌ Leo

Bindu (Meri Pyari Bindu)

The vivacious Bindu is what a Leo woman is! Wherever they go, they just spread the colours of happiness. You can never get bored with them. They are independent, confident and straightforward. They don’t believe in keeping things inside themselves. Focusing on the optimistic things is what Leos do the most. 

Source Giphy

♍ Virgo 

Piku (Piku)

Considered to be the ‘Perfectionist’, the Virgo women are practical. They have a big heart but they are smart to control their emotions. And Piku played by Deepika Padukone was one true Virgo woman. She was great in her professional work and loved her father. You cannot control a Virgo. EVER! 

Source Giphy

♎ Libra

Geet (Jab We Met)

If the Librans have to describe themselves in one line, it has to be “Mai Apni Favourite Hoon”. They are the epitome of self-love. The social butterfly, they just love to talk. They try to balance everything, even their energy. They can be sassy and emotional at the same time. And Geet is the perfect character to describe any Libra girl! 

Source Giphy

♏ Scorpio

Rumi (Manmarziyan)

You can never guess what a Scorpio is thinking. Being mysterious and tough is one of the significant characteristics of Scorpions. They are brave and extremely creative. And Taapsee Pannu’s character in Manmarziyan, Rumi describes them the best. Her IDC attitude is what we love the most. She owned her life. 

Source Gifskey

♐ Sagittarius

Neha (Dostana)

Always filled with enthusiasm, Sagittarians are big extroverts. They can easily adjust themselves according to the people around them. Extremely fun-loving, they love adventures. They don’t fear to show the real side of them to people. And Priyanka Chopra’s character from Dostana, Neha is one of those only. 

Source Giphy

♑ Capricorn

Nandini (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam)

A true Capricorn will always make a mistake to learn. They are mature and are known for their self-control. It’s really hard to impress a Capricorn. And Nandini, a cheerful character is what describes this zodiac the best. They are trustworthy, honest and lovable. 

Source Giphy

♒ Aquarius 

Ishika (Ladies vs Ricky Bahl)

An Aquarian does not like to think ‘what others say’. They are quirky and always like to choose the unconventional path. They try to show the world their bold and cold-hearted personality, but inside they have a big heart. They are extremely spontaneous and can a little aloof sometimes. 

Source Giphy

♓ Pisces

Kaira (Dear Zindagi)

Compassionate, strong, fearful and vulnerable, all at the same time. Only a Piscean can do it all. Kaira from Dear Zindagi is the one who made us feel everything. These people are born dreamers and artistic. Their approach to life is different. They see everything with an edgy perspective.

Source Giphy

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What was your character? Tell us in the comments

Which Bollywood Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

by Rashmi Jayara

Which Bollywood Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?