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Source: Mili Kanabar GhoshAmrit Photography

Whenever we ask brides-to-be whether they're going to choose a single dupatta or a double dupatta with their wedding outfit, all we hear are concerns about what should be done. While planning their wedding day fit, many brides find themselves confused about this decision, after all both styles have their pros and cons. Yes, the struggle indeed is real. 

In our previous, What To Wear When articles, we've talked about queries on makeup, jewellery, hairstyles, outfitsblouse designs and much more. And today, we'll be talking about when to wear a single dupatta vs when to sport double dupattas. 

Undoubtedly, the debate over the number of dupattas you wear with your wedding lehenga is never-ending. There are so many brides who love the effortlessness of a single dupatta, while many like to sport two for comfort and aesthetics. There are also some brides, like designer Arpita Mehta, who have taken this a step ahead and incorporated three dupattas into their wedding ensemble. 

So, what should you do when you're stuck deciding the number of dupattas, considering both styles have their distinctive look and charm? Well, to help you decide, we've created a list of the pros and cons of both styles in detail so that you can slay on your wedding day in the best way possible!

Scroll down and check out a complete guide on whether you should wear a single dupatta or a double dupatta on your wedding day!

What To Wear When: Single Dupatta VS Double Dupatta    

When To Wear A Single Dupatta 

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Single dupattas are the time-old way to wear any bridal lehenga. To date, every lehenga sold comes with a single dupatta. Single dupattas, when draped well, are not only simple but also undemandingly gorgeous. 


1. Keep it simple yet minimalistic: If your idea is to keep things simple and minimalistic, then going for a single dupatta is a good choice. A single dupatta is a fuss-free choice, especially if you're in the mood to dance the night away and have as much fun as you want. 

2. It's all about the colours: When your outfit is made with a combination of more than two colours, a single dupatta will help keep your ensemble look more defined. If you wear more than one dupatta with a dual-toned or multicoloured outfit, it may look haphazard and too much. 

3. Ideal for summer weddings: Single dupattas are best for summer affairs. It can get quite hot and sticky during summers, even if you are indoors. So, with a single dupatta, you not only get to sport an effortless look but also save yourself from the annoyance of too much fabric sticking to your hair and skin. After all, no one wants to be an irritatable bride. 

4. Photographs will come out better: In terms of wedding photography, a single dupatta looks amazing in veil shots and other poses. Your outfit will look less bulky with a single dupatta, making sure your photographs look amazing. 

5. Wear it with a saree: A single dupatta is the right choice when you're wearing a saree at your wedding. That single dupatta can work as a veil and look absolutely stunning!


1. The length issue: One of the biggest cons of having a single dupatta is its length. Often one dupatta is not long enough to work as a shoulder drape and a head veil. So, if you're looking for both, then it's best to go with two dupattas. 

2. Too much heavy embroidery: Often, the single dupatta provided with your bridal lehenga sports heavy embroidery and a broad and heavy border. Such dupattas don't work well as head veils and can weigh down on your head and even ruin your hairstyles over longer periods. 

3. Thin fabric won't work well: Similarly, a single dupatta that comes with your lehenga can often be made of thinner materials like a net. The net does not hold onto pins very well and gets damaged very easily. So, if you use that single dupatta as a veil and tuck it into your hair, it is bound to become damaged by the sheer amounts of pins used. 

When To Wear A Double Dupatta 

First seen on the runway by everyone's favourite wedding wear designer Sabyasachi, the double dupatta was once a blazing trend amongst celebrity brides. However, today many brides have embraced this trend. By adding a second dupatta to your ensemble, you end up lifting your overall look and bringing it close to perfection. 


1. It's always a realistic choice: It's always practical to have double dupattas with your outfit when you wish to sport a shoulder drape and a head veil. Your two dupattas can be used separately without putting too much burden on your overall outfit. 

2. Combo of both light and heavy fabric dupattas: You can have two kinds of dupattas with different materials. Your second dupatta can be something lighter and more durable in contrast to your first. While the first, heavier one can be draped over your shoulders, the lighter one can be used as a veil. 

3. Add some extra pop of colour: If you're looking to add colour to your outfit, the double dupatta decision wins. Let's say that you're wearing an off-white and red lehenga at your wedding. However, the red is a little less than you'd like. So, you can easily turn that around by adding a 2nd dupatta that is red!

4. Helps to camouflage areas: A second dupatta helps camouflage areas you wish to hide. Whether it's your shoulders, your stomach or even your back, a second dupatta can help hide that area through good styling.

5. Get that vintage bridal look: Double dupattas give off a stunning vintage and regal look. Many brides love old-world bridal fashion charms and wish to recreate them on their wedding day. A double dupatta decision is a move to make. 

Source Brellow


1. Difficult to carry: If not chosen properly, your second dupatta can become a liability. If both your dupattas are heavily embellished with broad borders, the whole thing becomes pointless as you'll be busy trying to manage two heavy dupattas. 

2. Looks messy: Sometimes, a double dupatta can be too much. If your outfit has a lot going on then a 2nd dupatta may look like it's a bit much and the line between fashion and faux pas sort of blurs. 

Last Words!

Ladies, whether you pick a single dupatta, double dupatta or even more, we know for a fact that you're bound to look stunning from every angle. Just having a good dupatta with your out, be it a lehenga or saree, can elevate your entire look and make you look pretty. So, as you continue pondering over what to choose, make sure to keep these points in mind!


So, what's it gonna be? Single dupatta or double dupatta? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

What To Wear When: Single Dupatta VS Double Dupatta

by Shivani Singh

What To Wear When: Single Dupatta VS Double Dupatta