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Source: Sutej PannuIzzah Shaheen Malik

Often, our choices of outfits are greater in number than the number of wedding functions. And once you're down to your final two options, the daunting question looms above our heads once more. And when it's something as ethereal and functional as a Sharara and Anarkali, the choice is pretty challenging to make. 

To wear a sharara or an anarkali, that is, indeed the question. So, to make it easier for you all, here's our latest edition of the What To Wear When series! And today we're answering your burning questions about the differences, pros and cons of wearing Shararas and Anarkali. 

What to Wear When: Shararas Vs Anarkali

When To Opt For A Shararas

Shararas originated somewhere in the 16th century during the Mughal era in India. Many believe the outfit arrived when the Mughals came to India. It is an ethnic outfit that was traditionally worn by Muslim women during their nikah (wedding) or walima (reception). However, shararas have now become a popular outfit for brides of all religions. A typical sharara is a three-piece set, consisting of a kurta, flared pants a dupatta. An offshoot of the Sharara is a Gharara (that's a whole outfit with its own story to be discussed some other day). Shararas are a classy choice for weddings and pre-wedding functions. They come in both minimal and heavily embellished forms and have slowly surpassed bulky lehengas, loved by brides and bridesmaids all over. 

Pros of Shararas

1. You can go as minimal and as heavy as you want with your sharara, based on the occasion. Going for a sharara for your haldi? Choose a monotone sharara with light gota work. Looking for a day wedding sharara, go for a stunningly embroidered pastel sharara with a regal dupatta!

2. Whether it's your day mehendi, wedding or your Roka ceremony, a sharara can be the right choice for any of these functions.

3. As a silhouette, it helps all brides get the perfect figure. So, get ready to have a perfectly sculpted look thanks to this gorgeous outfit!

4. Shararas can be done with both pants and skirts so you always have that extra option ready for you! 

Source Sutej Pannu

Cons of Shararas

1. Though beautiful, fitted Shararas are not that comfortable due to the sculpted tailoring.

2. Generally, shararas start at a decent price butally nice ones with heavy embroidery and the extra trail ally put a hole in your pocket.

3. Not a lot of mix and match can be done with this silhouette so unlike a co-ord set you cannot make a lot of outfits out of a sharara set.

4. Shararas do not look flattering on all body types. They generally do not suit apple-shaped and diamond-shaped bodies, which is a major con of this silhouette!

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When To Opt For An Anarkali

Source Anju Modi

Anarkalis are one of the most gorgeous outfit options for all the brides out there. Whether it's an intimate pooja or your wedding day, these opulent ethnic dresses are a must-have in your bridal trousseau. Anarkalis are outfits whose origins also lie in the Mughal era, famously named after the fictional courtesan in Emperor Akbar's court, Anarkali. With a name that means 'blossoming pomegranate', these regal outfits embody our country's rich culture and history to the T. And Anarkalis will never be out of fashion. You can wear them for your roka, engagement, sangeet and even your wedding day and grasp everyone's attention, glimmering brighter than ever. Honestly, something just stirs in our souls when we witness a bride don a gracious Anarkali suit and twirl around, letting the flowy garment embrace her beauty to the fullest. 

Pros of Anarkalis

1. The best thing about Anarkali is that they suit all body types. And when we say 'all' we mean 'ALL'. 

2. Anarkalis are airy & practical outfits, making them ideal for every weather.  

3. They're found in both minimal and heavily embellished forms, so there's a pick for every occasion!

Source Gazal Gupta

4. Anarkalis especially suit people with tall stature. 

5. They add a royal and classy touch to your look.

6. Anarkalis are top choices of outfits that can be used to create a stunning colour-blocking effect! 

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Cons of Anarkalis

1. Though gorgeous, Anarkalis are heavy outfits.

2. Storing them isn't without its challenges. 

3. Since they can be expensive, many brides and bridesmaids often go for other outfit options within the same price range. 

4. No matter how embellished, sometimes they just don't feel festive enough for a wedding. 

Source Anju Modi

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose an Anarkali or a Sharara, ultimately it's about presenting the best version of yourself. However, knowing what looks good on you always helps. To get a closer look at how you look in these outfits, we'd suggest you visit a store and try both of them out physically. Ultimately, we hope this little What to Wear When guide helped you in making a decision!


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What to Wear When: Shararas Vs Anarkali

by Shivani Singh

What to Wear When: Shararas Vs Anarkali