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Picking your wedding jewellery is one of the most crucial tasks for a bride before her big day and it is very common for brides to be confused about what type of jewellery would look better when and with what outfit. Oh, and if you have to just make a choice between polki and Kundan but don’t know how to choose from either of the two, then you are in luck because we have come up with the ultimate, ‘what to wear when’ guide for you which will help you make the right choice when it comes to your wedding functions. Scroll below and check out this amazing guide! 

What To Wear When: Polki v/s Kundan Jewellery

When to Wear Polki Jewellery 

Made with uncut, raw diamonds, polki jewellery has a basic cut and polish. While this type of jewellery is surreal looking, it won’t be as shiny and full of sparkles as your diamonds would. Oh, and the best part about polki jewellery is that on the underside there is meenakari work which adds elegance and beauty to the piece of jewellery. So, if you’re considering donning polki jewellery then we think that you should scroll below to find out when to opt for this kind of jewellery. 

1. If You Want to Don One-Of-A-Kind Jewellery

Since polki jewellery is basically made with uncut, raw diamonds, every piece is considered to be one-of-a-kind. Its demand is also high because all the pieces are so rare and untouched that it makes them special. So, if you’ve always wanted to wear jewellery that cannot be replicated by others, we suggest you opt for polki jewellery. 

2. Regal Looking Jewellery

Some jewellery pieces help one look regal and grand. If you want a grand look on your special day, then we suggest that you go with polki jewellery. Polki will help you look not only regal but also help you feel like you are royalty. Get ready to channel your inner maharani on the wedding day

3. If You Want To Don Colorful Jewels 

With new trends emerging day by day, now you can have rubies and green stones on your polki sets and don stunning-looking colourful jewels on the big day. Oh, and if you’re planning on donning a colourful wedding lehenga on your mehendi function or wedding day then polki can be a great addition to your look!

When to Wear Kundan Jewellery 

Representing the traditional cultural heritage, Kundan jewellery is basically created using glass stones. While no diamonds are used to make Kundan jewellery, after using the glass stones, the jewellery is set in a gold or silver setting. Since Kundan jewellery has a lot of intricate work done on it, it is considered to be a much more popular choice amongst the brides than polki is. So, if you’re considering donning Kundan then we think that you should scroll below to find out when to opt for this kind of jewellery. 

4. If You Are On A Budget, Go With Kundan Jewellery

Weddings literally can burn a hole in one’s pocket because there are numerous things one has to spend money on. So, if you are on a tight budget then we recommend that you opt for Kundan jewellery as it is far cheaper, is real and is extremely elaborate. Not only will you save some money but will still be able to make a statement while at it.

5. If You Want Your Jewellery to Dazzle & Bling 

Kundan jewellery is known to have more shine and give a lustrous look which is another reason why brides favour it over polki jewellery.  Kundan jewellery has a more lustrous look because it is highly polished. Opt for Kundan if you want your guests to be able to spot your jewellery from far away, ladies! 

6. Heavy Looking Jewellery With No Weight 

Another great factor to keep into consideration before investing in your jewellery is the fact that Kundan jewellery is highly polished and not raw and uncut like polki, which is what makes it light-weighted. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to trot around with a lot of weight on your outfit and jewellery without having to compromise on the look, we recommend going with Kundan jewellery. It is very easy to carry and looks absolutely stunning when paired with a bridal outfit.  

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What To Wear When: Polki Jewellery VS Kundan Jewellery

by Shweghna Gursahaney

What To Wear When: Polki Jewellery VS Kundan Jewellery