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Time and time again the same question arises inside the heart of every to-be bride. The question is, “should I opt for a pastel-coloured outfit or should I go with a dark-coloured one?” With a plethora of outfit options out there, it is but normal to have this question pop up in your mind. But while having this question pop up is natural, where all we ladies struggle with is the answer. What should we pick for the wedding functions?

To find out the answer, you have to factor in a lot of things such as the time of the wedding ceremony, the gathering, your wedding jewellery and whatnot. So dear brides-to-be, scroll below and see what factors we have taken out which will help you make the right call between a pastel-coloured lehenga and a dark-coloured one!

What To Wear When: Pastel Colored Outfits v/s Bold Colored Outfits

When to Wear Pastel Bridal Outfits 

Pastel bridal outfits are a god-sent creation for numerous brides. All the colours which we could earlier just imagine have now become a reality for all to-be brides. From your mehendi function to your day wedding, this category is the ideal one when we talk about bridal outfits.


1. If you are having a day wedding function then look no further than a pastel-coloured bridal outfit. With so many different sorbet colour options available for brides nowadays, it seems fitting to go with this category than your dark-coloured bridal outfit.

2. If you want to pull off a minimalistic look then pastel bridal outfits will again win the round cuz of how soft and soothing the colour tones are. Ladies, we promise that you’ll make one hell of a bride!

3. If you truly want to surprise the wedding crowd then go ahead with your STUNNING pastel outfit. Everyone will be expecting you to don a quintessential dark red bridal outfit but we say that you ditch it for the candy colours!

4. Planning on wearing the most astounding jewellery? Then we suggest you stick with a pastel outfit so that your breathtaking jewels can pop and stand out.

5. If one of your wedding goals is to get dreamy pictures then your pastel bridal outfit can help you get those whimsical shots. Yes, all wedding photographers agree that pastel brides get one of the prettiest wedding shots!


1. One of the major cons of donning a pastel outfit is that you can end up looking underdressed. Yes, we know it is every bride’s worst nightmare!

2. While wearing a pastel bridal outfit sounds like the perfect option, if you by mistake spill something on your outfit or a guest does, the pictures are going to have that big stain on your gorgeous silhouette!

3. A lot of brides go with pastel options for their night functions but these brides also look flushed out because of the contrasting colours of the environment!

4. Pastel colours come out well on only a few types of fabrics, making it difficult for brides to don a velvet outfit or a silk one!

When to Wear Dark Coloured Bridal Outfits

Dark-coloured bridal outfits were the only kind of Indian outfits back when bridal couture started to exist. We’ve all grown up watching brides don the most beautiful dark tones on their wedding functions and that for all of us were bridal goals.


1. Whether it is a day function or a night one, you can always rely on a dark-coloured outfit to make you look like a million bucks. 

2. If you live by the quote, “more is more” then dark-coloured bridal outfits are your calling cuz nothing will make you look glamorous than a dark-coloured outfit will.

3. Whether you go with the same colour jewellery or you opt for a contrasting hue, all jewels look ravishing with dark-coloured outfits.

4. Ladies, camouflaging is a big plus with dark-coloured outfits especially if you’re a tad conscious about your figure or if you’re curvy and wouldn’t mind looking slimmer.

5. No matter what fabric you opt for, dark colours will come out exactly as you would have imagined on any fabric piece!


1. Ladies, your wedding outfit will steal all the focus if you opt for a dark-coloured one. That means that there are chances that all that stunning jewellery and makeup will not be in focus.

2. Dark-colored outfits don’t have a lot of experimentation to them so possible that your bridal look wouldn’t even be remembered after the function cuz of how similar all dark-coloured lehengas and sarees end up looking.

3. If you’re having a summer or a spring wedding, your outfit will look completely off with the ongoing season and weather!

4. Every single person present at the wedding function would be expecting you to don a dark-coloured outfit cuz that’s what most of the brides go with.


So ladies, pastels v/s dark - which type of bridal outfit are you gonna go with? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

What To Wear When: Pastel Coloured Outfits v/s Bold Coloured Outfits

by Shweghna Gursahaney

What To Wear When: Pastel Coloured Outfits v/s Bold Coloured Outfits