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Credits: Andi B Bridal; Coral Haze

No one may say it, but your footwear decides your mood during your wedding functions. Every bride loves the idea of choosing 'comfort over style' when it comes to wedding footwear. And honestly, it's a dream come true when you find footwear that's not only your style but also comfortable to wear. 

But how do you go about choosing the right footwear when your mind is already stuck on the question, 'Should I wear heels or sneakers?'

From deciding between a Single Dupatta VS Double Dupatta to choosing between The Best Colors For Your Day & Night Wedding, we've already helped you weigh the pros and cons of many outfit ensemble options. And today we tackle the bold question of choosing between heels and sneakers for your mehndi celebration. 

So, scroll down and check out all the reasons in choosing what to wear when: heels vs sneakers for your mehndi function!

What To Wear When: Heels Vs Sneakers For Mehndi

When To Wear Heels For Your Mehndi Ceremony

No one ever wants to say no to heels. They are one of the easiest elements to complete and create a cohesive mehndi look. Think about it: your heels can pull your entire look together, and they're one of the most popular footwear choices for brides-to-be. Not only do they come in a wide assortment of styles, but thanks to the variety of shapes and heights of heels, there are a number of comfortable options out there. 


[1] Source Jimmy Choo [2] Source Zehrajagani

1. Heels are a fashion statement: The sheer variety of heels out there makes them one of the best options to wear on your mehndi. Mehndi outfits are generally vibrant and quirky and brides go all out while creating this ensemble. And thanks to all the quirky and unique varieties of heels out there, you can have your pick of the flock!

2. The variety of heels is *almost* endless: Whether you want ultra-high shoes with lots of glam or something lower and more understated, there's a heel for you. You can even get them in various shapes like blocks, stilettoes, flares, platforms, wedges etc, and multiple heights. So, you can not only choose which heel type suits you best but also shortlist the heel height you are comfortable with.

3. Heels elevate your height: Of course, one of the main reasons why many brides opt for heels is because they add to their height. Any heel, even a simple 2-inch one, can elevate your height and in general make your entire silhouette look flattering, especially if you're wearing a saree or anarkali suit. 

4. They help if your outfit is too long: If you're mehndi outfit is longer than your ankles, it can easily get stuck under your feet and hinder movement. That's where heels come in handy!


1. There is less comfort: Let's be frank here, heels are uncomfortable. They may hurt right from the very beginning or may start hurting a few hours into wearing them. But they are way less comfortable than sneakers. 

2. Mobility is an issue: When you're wearing heels, moving around can be tough. You have to worry about balancing yourself on them, while also ensuring that you avoid walking on surfaces like grass to keep yourself afloat. 

3. Heels have to come off when you hit the dance floor: Some heels and desi thumkas do not mix. Especially if you're in stilettos or pencil heels, you'll definitely have to take them off as you hit the dance floor. And some heels are definitely tough to get out of. 

4. The pain & fatigue afterwards is greater: Yeah, every person who's worn heels, even once in their life, knows how bad your feet hurt after you've worn and danced in them for a while. So yeah, if you wear them for longer hours, your feet are bound to feel hungover!

When To Wear Sneakers For Your Mehndi Ceremony

Every year we're hit with a wave of new and old wedding trends. Some are fleeting while some stay with us longer. Sneakers in wedding functions are a trend that is here to stay. There is no denying that comfort is key when it comes to hitting the dance floor. Whether you’re planning an outdoor mehndi or just know that your feet cannot tolerate strappy heels for hours on end, there are plenty of stylish bridal sneakers that can take your look up a notch.


1. Comfort, Comfort & Comfort: Let's just face it: Not all can dance in high heels! And an Indian wedding mehndi is incomplete without dance, right? So, if you are a bride who wants to dance her heart out then make sure to go for the sneakers.

2. Sneakers are off-beat & unique: Since sneakers have become such a high-riding trend for brides that the options for bridal sneakers are now abundant. There are literally brands dedicated to creating sneakers for brides, which is so awesome. You can get bedazzled sneakers, embroidered sneakers, sequinned sneakers and so much more!

3. Works better with ankle length or shorter fits: If your outfit's length is till your ankles or shorter, then sneakers look amazing! Many brides choose to wear short lehengas for their mehndi, or even ankle-length dhotis or skirts, and sneakers complement these outfits in the best way possible. 

4. Quirky options: Sneakers come in so many quirky and fun designs that it's really tough to say no to them!


Source Chal Jooti

1. Sneakers don't suit certain outfits: Outfits with long seams and edges or anarkali suits (or suits in general), there are many outfits out there where sneakers just don't fit or make the drip look cool. 

2. They don't really help with height: No matter how high your sneaker's sole is, they will never compare to the height a good heel can add to your structure. And most bridal sneakers don't really add a lot of height to your look, so if you're wearing anything that's too long, your sneakers won't really help.  

3. Badly designed sneakers can hurt your feet: There are many sneakers out there which aren't designed that well. And unfortunately, if you end up buying that for your mehndi function, your feet are going to hurt due to the bad design. 


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What To Wear When: Heels Vs Sneakers For Your Mehndi Function

by Shivani Singh

What To Wear When: Heels Vs Sneakers For Your Mehndi Function