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While choosing your bridal lehenga (or any other outfit) is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your wedding, there are other details you must go over time and again to ensure your ensemble is flawless. And one of those things is your makeup. Specifically, your eye makeup. 

Now, we know what you're thinking. Isn't the makeup your makeup artist's department? Well, technically it is. But when it comes to deciding the kind of makeup you want, you have to plan in advance. There's no wrong answer when it comes to your wedding eye makeup look. Some prefer the over-the-top,  dewy makeup look. While others love the au natural, 'no makeup' makeup look! Some may even wanna combine the elements of both and create something of a middle ground that's also fashionable. But when there are unlimited choices, there are unending debates on which option to choose. So, to make it easier for you, we're once again back with the latest edition of our What To Wear When series. And today, we're tackling the question of What To Wear When: Colourful Eye Makeup Vs Neutral Eye Makeup!

If you're one of those bridal birdies that are always confused about such stuff, worry not! Scroll down and learn the pros and cons of wearing colourful and neutral eye makeup!

What To Wear When: Colourful Eye Makeup Vs Neutral Eye Makeup

Credits: Rridhi R MhnaPooja Khurana Makeovers

When To Wear Colourful Eye-Makeup

When it comes to your eye makeup, there’s a solid chance that most brides, in adherence to the current trend, will stick to low-key, natural makeup looks. Though we have nothing against the clean girl look or a classic smokey eye, switching things up with a pop of colour is always a sight to see. Colourful eye makeup is a trend that's always on our radar, thanks to the unbound innovation of makeup artists. And it's one that should be on yours too. It gives you an opportunity to step out of your makeup comfort zone and embrace something absolutely stunning. Thanks to some really talented makeup artists and the power of Instagram, we've gotten a lot of inspiration as to how you can start to wear colour and feel good about it.

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1. Vivid eye makeup looks are ideal for fun mehndi and cocktail/sangeet celebrations. They add a certain kind of jazz to your overall ensemble that's tough to forget. 

2. If your outfit is of a neutral tone with lighter embellishments, then you can amplify your look with colourful eye makeup. 

3. Coloured eyeliner especially suits jewel-toned, vivid outfits.

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4. Sometimes, your entire ensemble can be taken up a notch by choosing colourful eye makeup that matches your outfit.

5. All in all, choosing colourful eye makeup is a very punk rock move and we love brides who pull them off!

6. One of the best ways to make your eyes pop is to choose an eyeshadow shade that complements your eye colour with the help of a colour wheel. 

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1. If not done right, it can look cartoonish. 

2. If the colours of your eye makeup do not compliment your attire, the makeup look will look bizarre.

Source Richa Dave

3. Certain bright eyeshadows are pure pressed pigments which can stain your skin. 

4. If you have very oily skin, your makeup can melt faster than normal, which can cause it to look splotchy after a certain point. 

Source Amrit Kaur

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When To Wear Neutral Eye Makeup

From fighting against patriarchal standards of beauty to the pure ease of it, there are plenty of reasons why we love the neutral eye makeup look so much. We love it when brides are all about playing up their features instead of hiding them—especially the eyes. And no other look seems to achieve that better than the one created with neutral shades on the colour palette. Neutral tones can be defined as hues with softer, paler, and generally more desaturated appearances. So if you're looking to pull off a neutral look, opt for less saturated tones! You can still rock a full face of colour and have it called a neutral look—as long as they are in neutral tones. These looks have mostly been associated with brown (which is still true, don’t get us wrong!) but it is not restricted to just brown. Neutral tones can span the entire colour wheel, the difference being its downplayed vibrance and saturation.


1. Such eye makeup looks are perfect for low-key events like haldi and poojas. 

2. For brides with wide-set, almond-shaped eyes, neutral eye makeup will look wonderful. 

3. If done right, a neutral eye makeup look can make you look fresh, despite your exhaustive schedule. 

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Source Amrit Kaur

4. Neutral eye makeup requires a shorter prep time than doing a flamboyant look. 

5. With the re-emergence of Y2K makeup, neutral tones are back in trend. So, no matter what year, this look is always in fashion. 

6. Neutral eye makeup is the best friend of brides with paler skin. 

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1. It can look bland sometimes. 

2. It can look rather dull in your wedding photographs, especially those clicked in natural light. 

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3. Neutral eye makeup doesn't match well with nude lips.  

4. Neutral doesn't mean 'no makeup' so if you're planning on keeping the makeup look minimal, this may not fit with you. 

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Final Thoughts

Whether you go with a neutral eye makeup look or a colourful one, the ultimate point is that you will get to play with colours differently. To decide the best-suited look, always speak to your MUA beforehand. We always suggest that brides trust their Makeup up artists. This kind of trust builds when you have a trial session with them beforehand. Similarly, before your wedding, we suggest you start experimenting with makeup. Learn and practice basic makeup and find out what works best for you!


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What To Wear When: Colourful Eye-Makeup Vs Neutral Eye-Makeup

by Shivani Singh

What To Wear When: Colourful Eye-Makeup Vs Neutral Eye-Makeup