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Selecting the right colour for your wedding outfit can be quite daunting. If you are a bride-to-be, you know that a breathtaking ensemble will be your perfect ally for your D-day!

There are so many factors to consider when selecting your outfit. You need to decide the kind of outfit you want, then move on to selecting a colour that will go well with your complexion, your theme and your wedding decor. And another, very important, factor to consider here is the time of your wedding ceremony! Many couples choose to have night weddings, while some choose day weddings. Ultimately, the time of the wedding plays a crucial role in the entire planning process. But how do you decide which colours work for which time?

Well, that's why we're here, dear brides! 

Right from serene ivories and gorgeous reds to soothing pastels, metallics and eccentric hues, the colour palette for embellished bridal lehengas spans a million shades for brides to choose from. Brides have been experimenting with their outfit hues ever-so-boldly whilst elevating the bridal fashion scene steadily. So, to help you choose what colours work best for night and day weddings, here is a What to Wear When Guide from yours truly!

Scroll down and learn all about what colours work best for day and night weddings!

What To Wear When: The Best Colours For Day & Night Weddings

Perfect Colours For A Night Wedding

Credits: Dipak Studios; Amrit Photography; Manish Malhotra Vows

If you're going for a night wedding (or if that's the time your pandit-ji has decided for you), then you definitely can't walk out looking like a peacock in neon colours. You need something subtle yet glam, elegant and in-vogue! So, here are some colours that would work wonders for you during a night wedding (or pre-wedding)!

Stunning Deep Red/ Crimson

A Red lehenga is the epitome of grace and tradition in Indian culture. Brides have been choosing this shade for centuries to dress themselves up for their wedding. And when it comes to night weddings, a deep red or crimson lehenga will not only look phenomenal but exude an irresistible charm that is hard to resist!

Source Amrit Kaur

Radiant Gold

'Like gold, she is radiant and rare.'

Get in touch with your inner queen and ask her just which colour would make her happy. Trust us, she's going to reply with only one, simple word- Gold. The mere mention of gold lights a spark in everyone's eyes. Many brides feel that gold can be a bit too much, especially when you take makeup and jewellery into account. But we suggest that if you're choosing a golden lehenga for your night wedding, then go with polki jewellery with emeralds and either take your makeup to the next level with smokey eyes or keep it super subtle with something minimal.

Shimmering Silver

Edgy, experimental and uber stylish, silver is an unconventional lehenga colour. Yet its shimmering quality is so stunning that the silver bridal lehenga colour has become quite a rage. So much so, that more and more designers are tilting towards creating stunning outfits in silver. We have seen brides wearing silver outfits time and again. It looks completely ethereal in Indian outfits & there’s a certain elegance and simplistic grace silver bridal outfits bestow on a bride-to-be. 

Elegant Dark/ Navy Blue

Bringing to mind the feelings of calmness or serenity juxtaposed against power and integrity, dark blue is a colour that everyone loves and looks good in. The colour works best during winter weddings and helps a bride look appealing on her wedding day. The best part about the dark blue hue is that it goes well with all kinds of jewellery and demands attention in the most gracious way possible. Honestly, if you're someone who loves off-beat things, then this colour is for you!

Source Usman Ali

Source Dolly J

Rust/ Deep Orange & Brown

Now, this may sound a bit confusing. But let us explain just what we mean when we talk about Rust or the Deep Orange & Brown combination. The colour resembles iron oxide and has been a super hot colour in terms of bridal lehengas. Design houses like Rimple & Harpreet Narula and Marwar Couture are well known for producing outfits in this shade. This deep shade is perfect for night weddings and looks gorgeous when the ensemble is laden with heavy jewellery and dark makeup. The best part about this shade is the vintage vibe it gives off, making a bride look like a legit maharani at her wedding.

Charming Pastel Pink

We know what you're all thinking- 'Pastel Pink at night?' Well ladies, let us introduce you to the charm of pastel pink outfits and how they radiate beauty when juxtaposed against the background of a night wedding. Pastel pink is probably one of the most dreamlike and romantic colours to adorn a wedding ceremony. Both designers and brides are more than willing to play with this colour, adding unique styles to various wedding functions. Be it mehendi, sangeet, pheras or receptions, there is no occasion where brides can't rock a good pastel pink outfit. 

Source Amrit Kaur

Alluring Dark Green

Enigmatic, driven and alluring, a bride that wears dark green is not only choosing to wear something unique but is also making a style statement. Most brides-to-be who are on the lookout for an offbeat colour can opt for a gorgeous emerald or dark green for their night wedding. Not only is it a gorgeous choice for pre-wedding functions, but we've also spotted many brides picking this shade for their wedding. This colour will be your best friend if you're looking to move away from the traditional reds, pinks and oranges. 

Source Aza Fashion

Source Asopalav

Timeless Black

When it comes to colours for wedding outfits, we seldom see brides opting for something black. While grooms love to rock a dapper black outfit, brides rarely grace the occasion with it. However, black is a timeless colour. And if we can wear this colour on several other occasions, then why not a wedding? No matter how much we talk about other colours, black is and remains to be a colour that is bold and beautiful. And if you are a bride-to-be, then a black bridal outfit is sure to make a mark that cannot be forgotten.

Ravishing Dark Multicolours

Ever confused about which single colour to choose from? Like, are you one of those people who would love the red outfit, but also the pink outfit, or maybe even the silver outfit? Or maybe you'd enjoy a little purple too? Yeah, we get you. That is why multicoloured outfits are a godsend! When it comes to night weddings, it's best to go with darker multicoloured outfits, since they're bound to suit the occasion better. And with the winter wedding season around the corner, this choice would go a long way for you.

Source Amrit Kaur

Source Asopalav

Ideal Colours For A Day Wedding

Credits: Amrit PhotographyDipak Studios; Amrit Kaur

Day weddings have their charm! Whether it is their general luminescence, the colour palette or the simplicity they behold, we love almost everything about them. And when we say everything, we're also talking about the wide array of colours brides get to explore for their outfits. Right from subtle pinks & soft ivories to classic reds & zesty yellows, there are way too many options available.

Soothing Powder/ Dusty Blue

Time and again brides have proved that powder blue is a fierce colour, despite its softness. This cool-toned colour comes with an undertone of grey and is unique, feminine and super soothing. From sarees to lehengas, designers have produced some of their bests pieces with the use of this colour that can be wrapped around every kind of Indian silhouette. For the calming charm it lends to the bridal look, powder blue outfits have become a hep choice amongst new-age brides. 

Bold Rani Pink/ Fuchsia

When we think of bridalwear after red, fuchsia or rain pink is what comes to mind. Rani Pink is a bright and happy colour, and as popular as bridal red. It makes for an excellent bridal outfit colour, as witnessed in Alia Bhatt's mehendi look, and can be paired well with both silver and gold jewellery. There's just something subtle yet modern about this colour that makes it so popular amongst brides and brings the glam to the party without any effort!

Source Ali Xeeshan

Sunshine Yellow

There was a time when no one, and we mean NO ONE, would have considered wearing a yellow lehenga for their wedding. Yellow on haldi is commonplace. But for a wedding...well, that certainly wasn't conventional. But times have changed and bridal fashion has come a long way. We're now witnessing brides wearing yellow lehengas for their weddings, looking bright and radiant. A colour that can turn any bride into a ray of sunshine, yellow is a colour that stands out. A daring bride, ready to break some social barriers and make a fashion statement will opt for a colour like yellow as their bridal wear and we're all in favour of that!

Source Amrit Kaur

Graceful White

 Lately, brides have been obsessing over white bridal outfits. This can be for multiple reasons, like having a day wedding, an intimate wedding or just the fact that a bride is absolutely in love with this colour! Day weddings and white outfits are a match made in heaven. While you’ll always have a plethora of options for this day, the trend is ever-changing and it's high time one takes a leap of faith and dons a unique colour such as white!

Dazzeling Bright Red

While red in general is a colour much loved by everyone, bright red is a hue worth swooning over! A few shades lighter than your regular red we see in bridalwear, bright red is a shade that shines bright at a day wedding. Whether you chose to go down the monotone red lehenga path or choose something along the lines of floral, bright red is one of our top picks for a day wedding.

Delicate Peach

Peach bridalwear has won our hearts over and over again. A subtle shade that adds a pop of vibrancy to any celebration, peach is a shade that suits a day's wedding well. Peach bridal ensembles are feminine, soft and not too much work. And if you're looking to make a statement with your outfit, then choose a peach outfit with a tonne of shimmer! With peach, you can experiment so much, with ruffles, glitter, feathers etc. 

Chic Lilac/Lavender

This colour is elegant, sophisticated, absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous and perfect for your day functions. Every woman has a special relationship with the colour lavender (or purple, in general) and can look like a million bucks in it. From millennial brides to ever-so-charming bridesmaids, lavender continues to be the most sought-after colour for their wedding wardrobes. Dazzle everyone at your wedding with a lavender outfit!

Breathtaking Sage/Mint Green

Many would consider sage green to be a very subtle colour that may not even fall on their radar. But let us tell you just how surreal and whimsical this colour is. Considered to be a very chic English colour, sage green is a hue that looks like you've combined comfort with style. No matter when you wear it, you can be sure that green will always give you a refreshing bridal look.

Captivating Mauve

Mauve is such a wonderful colour. Not quite loud as purple, yet not as soft as lavender. It's certainly one of the pastel colours that brides have known to adore for the longest of times. Even though this colour is a bit muted, subtle and neutral, it still leaves a lasting impact on those who witness a bride wearing it. And since we also adore this colour, especially on lehengas, this blog is incomplete without this being on our list for day weddings. 

Exciting Light Multicolours

As we mentioned earlier, the struggle to choose a single colour is real! But unlike darker shades for night weddings, we suggest you choose lighter multicoloured outfits for a day wedding.  It's refreshing and adds a tone of diversity to your celebration. Multiple colours mean more fun and happiness and including them is the hottest trend of this season!

Last Words!

Whether you're planning a day wedding or a night wedding, the colour of your outfits is something to be planned. And while there are a plethora of options to choose from, it's always good to have a few options ready on your shortlist. Later, when you're shopping, you can use these options to narrow down and finally choose your dream outfit. So, we hope this guide helped you shortlist a few strong contenders for your list and will help make your shopping experience easier!


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What To Wear When: The Best Colors For Your Day & Night Wedding

by Shivani Singh

What To Wear When: The Best Colors For Your Day & Night Wedding