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Ladies, your big day is just around the corner and the fashion choices are limitless! From your bangles to your footwear, there are so many options that you can choose from. Talking about bridal dupattas, have you decided whether you will wear one or go with cape sleeves instead? Cape sleeve is the hottest trend in town.

While some brides are going with the traditional option of dupatta, others are choosing the modern cape sleeve alternative. Read along to make the right fashion choice!

What To Wear When: Cape Sleeves vs Dupatta

When To Wear Cape Sleeves

1. You Want To Keep Your Outfit Functional

Cape sleeves are the best when you want a functional outfit in which you can dance and move comfortably. Since cape sleeves are attached to your blouse, you can have free movements without worrying about them falling off. 

2. You Want To Cover Your Shoulders & Arms

If you want to cover your arms and your shoulders because you want to keep your outfit modest or to keep yourself warm, you should go for cape sleeves. Also, cape sleeves are quite flattering on beauties who have broad shoulders. 

3. Your Look Is Modern Or Indo-Western

Cape sleeves are a western concept. So, if you want to keep your outfit towards the modern or indo-western end, you should get cape sleeves. They add a cover for your arms while still keeping it lightweight and breezy. 

4. For Your Pre-Wedding Functions

Pre-wedding functions are the best for when you want to wear cape sleeves. They have a fun playful vibe to them which goes with the theme of your pre-wedding functions. You can wear cape sleeves at your reception party as well. 

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When To Wear A Dupatta

1. On The Wedding Day

Dupatta is perfect for your big day. It looks grand and special. The dupatta completes your look. You can include two dupattas in your bridal look as well. Plus, a dupatta looks beautiful with a bridal veil while cape sleeves don't stand a chance. 

2. You Want A Beautiful Drape

If you want to incorporate the elegance of draping in your bridal look, you have to go for a dupatta. There are hundreds of ways to drape your bridal dupatta; every single one is just as beautiful as the other one. 

3. Your Look Is Traditional

A traditional Indian bridal look demands a dupatta. You can drape one around your shoulders and waist while placing the other on your head. A traditional Indian bridal dupatta looks regal and has an unparalleled charm. 

4. You Want To Add Contrast In Your Outfit

A dupatta does not only make your bridal outfit prettier but also gives you a lot of room for creativity. With a dupatta, you get to add a color contrast to your outfit as well as infuse different textures making your bridal outfit look even more special. 

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What To Wear When: Cape Sleeves vs Dupatta!

by Pratiksha Pandey

What To Wear When: Cape Sleeves vs Dupatta!