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Brides, you spend so much time, energy and effort on your wedding outfits. We adore your dedication. However, did it ever cross your mind that what you wear underneath those gorgeous outfits matters just as much? Yes, we are talking about your bridal lingerie. It can make or break your look. Read along to find out #whattowearwhen: the bridal lingerie edition that is bras vs. nipple covers/pasties. 

What To Wear When: Bras vs. Nipple Covers/Pasties

What type of bra should I wear? is an age-old question which has been bothering brides for as long as we can remember. However, you must remember ladies that bras are not your only option. Nipple pasties cover and body tapes have emerged as a saviour in situations where a bra just cannot help. So, let's go over when wearing a bra is a good option and when you should go for nipple pasties, covers and body tapes. 

When To Wear A Bra 

1. When You Need A Lift & Volume 

Bras are magical in the sense that they give you the lift and the volume that you need. When you are wearing a low neckline, you can wear a padded push-up bra to give your breasts that extra oomph. Bras work wonders for those who want to enhance their cleavage. 

2. When You Need Coverage

Bras are extremely helpful for heavy breasts as they help with support and coverage. If you have a bigger chest, you may want to wear an underwired full-coverage bra that helps support your breasts from the bottom and the sides. We love how bras give you overall coverage. 

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3. When You Need Confidence 

Bras are the best when it comes to confidence. There is a type of bra for all types of breast shapes and sizes and you can pick whichever one flatters you the most. A well-fitted bra can do a lot for your confidence. It can make you feel beautiful and sexy in your own body. 

4. When You Need A Long Term Use 

You must opt for a good quality bra if you want to make long-term use of it. Bras can be expensive but they can used over and over again. As long as it is your size, suits your breast shape and is of good quality, a bra is worth the money you are spending on it. 

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When To Wear Nipple Covers/Pasties

1. When You Are Wearing A Deep V-Neck Outfit

Nipple covers and pasties are such a blessing when you are wearing a deep v-neck outfit. You can just stick silicon nipple covers or pasties on your nipples to conceal them and you are ready to go. You can also use body tape to lift your breasts when you're wearing a deep v-neck outfit.

2. When You Are Wearing A Sleeveless or Backless Outfit

Nipple covers and pasties are just the right thing to wear underneath sleeveless or backless outfits. You don't have to worry about your bra strap or band showing. Your nipple covers or pasties will conceal your nipples perfectly. This works amazingly well for petite figures. 

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3. When You Want To Be Comfortable 

Nipple covers and pasties make you feel incredibly comfortable. You get to conceal your nipples neatly without straps digging into your skin and underwires poking you. You can move your body freely knowing that you are not wearing anything tight. What could be better?

4. When You Want A Quick & Affordable Fix  

Nipple covers and pasties are super affordable and helpful. They are reusable up to a few times but you don't have to pay a lot of money for them either. Plus, you can wear one type of nipple cover and pasties under all types of outfits. They give you the freedom to go braless which is priceless. 

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What To Wear When: Bras vs Nipple Covers/Pasties!

by Pratiksha Pandey

What To Wear When: Bras vs Nipple Covers/Pasties!