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Dear bridesmaids, gone are the days when you would welcome the groom with an 'aarti ki thaali' along with a basic ribbon cutting ceremony? You all know that once he enters the venue, he will take your sister/BFF away forever. So, why keep things so easy for him? Make him play some fun games, levy a heavy entry tax on him or simply blow his mind with a great dance performance to spice up the groom's welcome. Being your best Shaadi guide, we scouted some of the most fun ways to welcome groom that are sure to elicit hearty laughs and etch memorable moments. If the groom makes a dashing entry, it is time for you girls to steal the show with a fun groom welcoming. ;)

Fret no more about how to welcome the groom in the most fun way, check out some playful stuff that we have chalked out for you.

Best Ways to Welcome the Groom at the Wedding

Make him perform dares

Keep a bowl full of chits ready and present it to him at the entry. Only let him enter when he performs at least 3 dares. The dare options can include 'sing a song', 'say I love you the bride on a video call', 'enact a scene from a movie' or 'dedicate a song to the bride'.

Let him enter only when he correctly answers the questions about the bride

So, yet another way to add a spunk at the groom's entry is by asking him some fun questions about the bride or their relationship. If he fails to answer, double up the entry tax, cuz you bridesmaids are worth it. :P

Welcome them with a power-packed dance performance

You can even welcome the groom and his baraat with a well-choreographed dance performance to make a striking impression. Songs like 'Nagada Sang Dhol' or 'Shubh Aarambh' would be the great picks.

State the message on the ribbon

Ditch the simple satin ribbons and get your message clearly imprinted on it instead. The groom's entry is the best time to encash your hectic bridesmaids' duties. :p

DIY 'spin the wheel' game/board

To up the fun factor, you can even take a cue from this bridesmaids clan who welcomed the groom with a 'spin the wheel' game. Here a few suggestions that you can write on the multiple sections of the board wheel - Surrender shoes, INR 2000 off, Send bride a selfie, Sing a song, Add INR 2000, Take a selfie with bridesmaids, Spin again, etc. You can call it a revamped version of 'dares', but it is sure to elicit hearty laughs amongst the families. Also, look at that quirky ribbon idea!

Give welcome drinks a twist

Welcome the groom with an injection shot of his favourite drink.   

Use some fun posters or placards

Be the sassy bridesmaids and welcome your groom with teasing posters and placards. We are totally rooting over this idea!

Source Pinterest

It's all in the details

Don't miss out on the details and opt for a fancy scissor for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Tag your co-bridesmaids in the comments to share these fun ideas with them.

8 Most Playful & Fun Ways to Welcome the Groom at the Wedding!

by Medha Chawla

8 Most Playful & Fun Ways to Welcome the Groom at the Wedding!