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It takes a village to plan a wedding. However, with emerging tools and trends, the whole process of wedding planning becomes much smoother. A wedding wardrobe planner is one such tool. It is a part of your wedding invite that hits two targets with one stone: coordinates the wedding outfits of all your guests and makes it easier for your guests to decide what they're gonna wear for your wedding. Sounds exciting? Read along to know all about wedding wardrobe planners. 

What Is a Wedding Wardrobe Planner?

A wardrobe planner is an essential part of your wedding stationery which goes to your wedding guests along with the wedding invites. It can be digital on tangible. Wedding Wardrobe Planner is a style guide that keeps your guests well-informed about the dress code for each of your wedding functions. From the color to the style, your wardrobe planner conveys the necessary information to your wedding guests. This helps them plan their outfits easily and on time. 

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Why Do You Need a Wedding Wardrobe Planner? 

A wardrobe wedding planner is for you if you want a seamlessly color and style-coordinated wedding. Below are mentioned some more reasons why you must consider a wardrobe planner for your wedding.

1. Easy Outfit Planning For Wedding Guests

A wedding wardrobe planner is quite helpful for your wedding guests. It saves them from the time and hassle of deciding what to wear for your wedding. With a wardrobe planner, they can make a fast and easy choice with their outfits. 

2. Effortlessly Beautiful Wedding Pictures

One of the major benefits of getting a wardrobe planner for your wedding is that it makes your wedding pictures look mesmerizing. When all your wedding guests are wearing a similar color and style, they photograph beautifully. 

3. No Risk Of Wedding Guests Outshining The Bride and groom

A wedding wardrobe planner saves the bride and groom from the wedding guests stealing their thunder. If you let them know in advance about the dress code, there are no chances of the wedding guests outshining you. 

4. Accentuate the Theme Of Your Wedding Functions

With a wedding wardrobe planner, you can further accentuate the charm of your themed wedding functions. You can coordinate it with your decor and make everything look either monotone or contrasted. 

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Wedding Wardrobe Planner: For Each Wedding Function

A wedding wardrobe planner helps you plan the wedding aesthetic in a better way by conveying the dress code for each wedding function to your guests. We have mentioned some gorgeous dress codes for each wedding function!

Easy Breezy Outfits for Haldi

Haldi outfits should be the most comfortable of all wedding functions. So easy breezy outfits in pastel hues are the way to go! And, here are the following colors your wedding guests can wear at the Haldi ceremony: 

  1. Yellow 
  2. Burnt orange 
  3. Orange 
  4. Multi-coloured 
  5. Powder Blue 
  6. Ivory 

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Pop Hues In Bohemian Style for Mehendi

Mehendi is one of the most vibrant wedding functions. So, ask your wedding guests to wear bright hues in bohemian styles. And, here are the following colors your wedding guests can wear at the Mehendi ceremony: 

  1. Green 
  2. Pink 
  3. Yellow 
  4. Aubergine 
  5. Deep Pink 
  6. Red 

Shimmers & Sparkles for Sangeet

Sangeet is the night to dance and dazzle. Let your wedding guests coordinate in their shimmery and sparkly outfits. And, here are the following colors your wedding guests can wear at the Sangeet ceremony: 

  1. Golden 
  2. Silver 
  3. Black
  4. Dar Blue

Traditional Indian Fits for Wedding

The wedding day calls for traditional Indian outfits. Plan ethnic outfits for your wedding guests and you can choose to either coordinate with the colour. And, here are the following colours your wedding guests can wear at the Wedding: 

  1. Ivory 
  2. White
  3. Baby Pink 
  4. Light Blue 
  5. Light Green 
  6. Purple 

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Wedding Wardrobe Planner: A 101 Guide!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Wedding Wardrobe Planner: A 101 Guide!