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First of all, ShaadiSaga wishes you all a very Happy New Year! 🎉❤️

Weddings are a very personal affair, as well all know. However, they're something that we want to share with the rest of the world. And even though we want weddings to be like any other celebration, they will always have that 'X factor' that makes then bit different than the others. It could be your decor, or maybe the way you plan, or even something as small as the choice of lighting you use! But the fact is, every year, weddings are different. 

And that's where wedding trends come into play. While there are certain things about a good old traditional wedding that remain the same, there are certain trends that tend to change. This is partly because there is always a change in the way people wish to spend their money. Maybe back in 2010 couples would have happily done the basic wedding package, with traditional photography, some Genda Phool decor and a whole banquet. But now, things are different. 

With 2021 here, for new weddings, we're hoping to see new trends emerge, with alternative ideas taking the reigns of modern-day wedding panning. Thus, taking inspiration from the latest wedding reports, we've rounded up all the trends that we wish will prevail in the 2021 wedding season. Scroll down below to read about all our predictions for wedding trends for 2021!

Wedding Trends For 2021

1. Relaxed & Close-Knit Weddings

One of the major wedding trends that have already taken a foothold in 2020 and are bound to follow us into 2021 are intimate weddings! It's not about the big, fat, Indian wedding anymore. Couples are opting to live out the best time of their lives in a more close-knit, meaningful celebrations with their nearest and dearest. Though the pandemic does have many parts to play in the shaping of this trend, we see no one complaining! Intimate weddings tend to have a close gathering of up to 50 people and can be both modern or traditional or even a mix of both. 

Couples who hosted intimate weddings have said that they enjoyed these weddings more than your regular large gatherings. People mingled better, everybody knew everybody and it was easy to relish these bespoke soirees, which weren't too heavy on their pockets either. So, brides and grooms of 2021, get ready to host a chilled out intimate wedding!

2. Eco-conscious Weddings

With weddings comes a whole heap of stuff: decorations, confetti, flowers, wedding favours, invitations, food etc. However, all of these elements come at an expense, and many – especially customised items – cannot be reused or given away once the big day is over. Thus, we're hoping to see more sustainable weddings in 2021, which promotes less wastage of food, use of biodegradable material for decor and green brides and grooms who opt for environmentally friendly options for their wedding days. And if you're someone looking to play your part this year, then here are a few ideas:

  • Hire decor or use op-shop goodies to dress up your space.
  • Create reception signs on old mirrors, doors, timber, or frames.
  • Consider a digital invite instead of the traditional posted option.
  • Still, want to send an invite? Print it on recycled paper!
  • Go plastic-free (you’ll need to work with your vendors on this, but it’s 100% doable).
  • Work with your florist to use in-season, locally-sourced florals and foraged greenery.
  • In place of gifts, ask your guests to donate to an environmentally-minded charity.
  • Support your local designers- Purchase bridal party outfits from local and/or ethical designers.
  • Source your wine and beer from local breweries and wineries.
  • Use paper or stainless steel straws at the bar.

3. Say 'I Do' Now & Party Later!

Another trend that has seen much traction, especially in the second half of 2020, is the 'wed now, the party later' concept. Fueled by event restrictions, the modern-day couple has decided to tie the knot in current time and plan to hold grand parties for everyone they know later. A lot of times, we've also witnessed couples elope with a few people as a witness. And in times like these, such weddings make sense! After all, you get to say your vows on the time you had decided, without postponing the reason for the whole wedding. The party can always come later, in the form of a more lavish celebration and we're all for this trend!

4. Colour Themes That Will Excite!

The one thing we saw a lot in 2020 was the minimal decor, muted colours, and mostly a very minimalist vibe. But in 2021, we say bring forth the colour!

It's time to bring back the colour hues in florals, outfits, decor and everything wedding. We expect to see a lot of trending theme colours for 2021 weddings, ranging from pastels like blue and pink to earthy tones like green and even royal ones like gold. You could go the whole mile and pick bright, peppy colours like rain pink, papaya orange and even golden yellow, or if you're looking to keep a more gentle palette, then you could always play with pastel colours. But we just want to see colours take over the weddings of 2021 in some form or the other. 

5. More Foliage In Your Decor

In 2020 we witnessed a tonne of pampas grass as part of the decor for many intimate weddings. So, one of the clear wedding trends for 2021 should be the inclusion of luscious greenery. Tables dressed with cascades of foliage or ceremony arches displaying masses of leaves and greenery on the show are the go-to for sophisticated wedding adornments. Think of adding elements like ferns, succulents, garlands of eucalyptus to your decor. The best thing about natural foliage in your weddings is that they can make any and every wedding style look gorgeous! 

6. Concept Lighting

Everyone loves lighting up their wedding events. And with statement lighting in the form of large bulbs & fairylights, chandeliers and large lamps, the concept lighting as the decor is taken up a notch. In 2021, we're hoping to see concept lighting light up your wedding venue and make it glisten in the moonlight or sizzle at sunset. Whether the sun is setting, or it's in the middle of the night, a good lighting effect can effectively alter the mood of any wedding venue for the better. 

We suggest couples think outside the box and find quirky ways of lighting up their event. From exposed bulbs to geometric lamps, festoons in cages, neon signage and vintage chandeliers to candles on a beach. There are lots of different ways that you can bring a touch of sparkle to proceedings.

7. High On Desserts

[1] Source Mohit Kapil Weddings [2] Source AmourDuCake

Who doesn't love dessert? And when you can imprint your own stamp of customisation on the, they only become better. Whether it's food or drinks or even desserts, you can always come up with new and different things to add to your menu. It's easier to do when you're hosting an intimate wedding since items like unique desserts and customised desserts are easier to order for smaller gatherings. From customised cookies to iced lollies, crepe and waffle stands, ice cream cakes, fondue stations, the options of unique desserts are endless. The point is, in 2021, we're hoping to see more unique kinds of sweet treats take the center stage at weddings!

8. Tech-Savvy Weddings

Due to the pandemic that started in 2020, we were all forced to take a hard look at how we plan and execute weddings. And it also made us adapt to new ways of communicating during the planning and execution of the wedding. So, after witnessing few planners like DreamzKrraft weddings take the planning process a notch higher by utilising technology to its fullest, we're almost enlightened. 

From using video calling apps for the planning to utilising live-streaming apps, weddings have embraced the idea of becoming more forward as time is passing by. It's a boon for all those who wished to include their friends and family in their weddings but couldn't due to all the restrictions. It only makes everything more memorable. That being said, we're also hoping to see a rise in the use of drones for video capturing in 2021, of the venue from above. 

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So, which wedding trend will you prefer for your 2021 wedding? Share your thoughts on our Instagram handle!

ShaadiSaga Predicts: 8 Wedding Trends We Wish To See In 2021

by Shivani Singh

ShaadiSaga Predicts: 8 Wedding Trends We Wish To See In 2021