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Your wedding is around the corner and we just know what you're looking for! A whimsical way of making your wedding decor interesting and worth remembering. While peppy wedding themes and amazing photobooths are on the rise in weddings, brides are always looking to give their wedding decor an X-factor. And do you know how you can make your wedding decor different? With quirky and fun Sign Boards!

A rising trend turned must-have, wedding signboard ideas are present everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. From being held as props to being placed by the bars or being kept smack in the middle of your Mehendi function, wedding signboards can be put anywhere. And the best part is that you can customise them to your liking, giving your wedding a fun element to be remembered by your guests and loved ones. However, if you're still confused about what kind of signboards you should go for and what to write on them, scroll down below for some popular wedding signboard ideas that we spotted for the 2020 wedding season! 


Fun & Quirky Wedding Sign Board Ideas

From being fun backdrops to inviting people to the dance floor, we have the best wedding signboard ideas that are the perfect element for your wedding functions. 

Welcome Boards

Nothing beats a warm welcome for the guests. From emotionally driven messages written on chalkboard thanking your loved ones to funny wedding messages for everyone to laugh and relate to, here are few of the latest wedding signboard ideas we've spotted. Bookmark your favourites right away!

Source Pinterest

Bar Sign Boards

Quirky bar decor and fancy bar services have highlighted weddings for a while now. Following this growing trend, we urge you to add elements around your bar that keep the vibe upbeat and enjoyable. Sign boards are an easy and handy way of doing that. From personalised bar menus to messages for the wedding party, here are some of the top wedding sign board ideas vest for bar decor! 

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Mehendi Sign Boards

From choosing unique seating arrangements to playing with peppy colours, mehendi functions have a vast potential when it comes to experimenting with decor. This is the ideal function for having loads of beautiful wedding sign board ideas. You can have sign boards that highlight the extra fun activities at your Mehendi like photobooths, bangle stalls, dance floors and wedding favours! 

Source Pink Palki

Direction Boards

Something that's sprung up from an age-old carnivals, direction boards have taken center stage at many wedding functions. You can add them to your dinner areas, guiding guests towards the different cuisines or even at your day time functions, telling them where to head for drinks, photos, food or even the dance floor. When made in beautiful colours, these sign boards make for the perfect wedding decor. 

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Photobooth & Props Sign Boards

Everytime we spot a photobooth at a wedding, we just can't keep calm! From amazing backgrounds to cover ups for funny pictures, photobooths are a decor element you CANNOT miss out on. And to add more fun to these photobooths, you can use small sign boards and instruction boards that add a comical touch to your pictures. Oh! Don't miss the bride holding #RIPBachelorhood that is so cute! 

Bachelor & Bachelorette Sign Boards

What's your last #hurrah to singledome without written notes of humour? Sign boards full of naughty and witty captions are perfect to add that hilarious element to your celebration. 

Source etsy

Dancefloor Sign Boards

Yes, you can totally have these too! Remind your guests that your wedding is not just any party but a celebration where you dance till you drop. From dance floor rules to witty captions, these beautiful wedding sign board ideas are ideal to be placed near your sangeet dance floor. 

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We have bookmarked our favorite wedding signboard. What about you? 

25+ Best Wedding Sign Board Ideas To Add A Personalised Touch!

by Shivani Singh

25+ Best Wedding Sign Board Ideas To Add A Personalised Touch!