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As the year changes, the tide of the pandemic and the so-called 'new normal' is also shifting. And thus, weddings, in general, have begun evolving. Now, we're well enough into 2021 to understand all the things that may be changing in terms of wedding trends. One of those things is wedding decor trends. 

We were pretty convinced for most of 2020 that Intimate weddings would be the thing for the next few years. However, with the changing policies and rules, intimate weddings are not intimate anymore. But they're not as grand as they used to be. So, this new kind of wedding deserves the right kind of decor. And what's a decor blog without talking about all the new kinds of trends that will rule the wedding decor game in 2021?

Scroll down and learn about all the wedding decor trends that will reign supreme in 2021!

Wedding Decor Trends That Will Reign In 2021

Bright, Vivid Colour Palettes

Like decorator and planners The Pink Knot Events, we're sure that in 2021, wedding decor palettes will be bright and vivid colours that stand out. Though occasions might not be grand, they will be bigger than 2020. And couples in league with their decorators will express themselves in bold, bright colours. 

Florals Dipped In Pastel Shades

Pastel coloured florals actually came into trend back in 2019, but have since reigned supreme on the colour palette of those who enjoy low-key pastel vibes. One of the top decorators in the game, Ceremony Secrets reveals, "With the onset of a pandemic the gatherings have definitely gone smaller in number but the decorations have gone grander than before. According to us, the trends that will rule this year would unquestionably be lots of floral décors paired up with different pastel-shaded elements!"

Evenings Drenched In Mood Lights

With wedding functions marked by outdoor gatherings all around the globe, mood lighting has garnered a lot of attention of both couples soon to be married and decorators. Decorator Ceremony Secrets, one of the best in their league, agree and said, "Since the previous year has also witnessed a surge in evening soiree, we think tents and hanging fairy lights and twinkly lights would be another trend to dominate."

Be it vintage-looking Edison lights, crystal chandeliers dangling from trees, or an intricate trellis of string lights, mood lighting in every form is bound to be explored in the coming year.

#VocalforLocal Wedding Decor

When the pandemic hit, one of the many problems wedding planners and decorators faced was the shipment of material that was generally outsourced. This, in turn, has caused them to turn to local sources of decor. Prompting the #VocalforLocal advocacy, wedding decor has started playing a great part in reviving the local economies. From beautiful and sustainable, locally sourced flowers to cost-effect decor elements like cane and wicker baskets, wedding planners and decorators are proudly reaching out to support local businesses and will continue to do so in 2021.

Source Rani Pink

Printed Drapes To Adorn Events

One of the things we've spotted in weddings recently is printed drapes. Primer decorators and planners like Planet Jashn are leaning more towards embracing printed drapes, rather than the regular satin looking ones. Prints have been a long part of India's cultural celebration and there is a myriad of options to choose from. 2021 will surely see a wide range of people choosing to use printed drapes in their decor rather than simple colours. 

Boho Chic Elements To Be Present

Recently, bohemian elements of decor have caught our eyes. Whether it's pampas grass or threaded dreamcatchers, bohemian elements have become quintessential at wedding soirees!. And in 2021, these elements will only increase, as everyone loves adding a good rustic vibe to their wedding decor. 

Chalkboard Designs To Show Up More

These days, taking centre stage at intimate wedding decor are chalkboard signs. Quirky and economical, these DIY chalkboard signs are super fun and easy-to-do. Plus, they add a very nice personalised effect to your wedding which everybody absolutely loves these days!

Marigolds Are Here To Stay

According to one of our favourite decor maestros, O2 Events, the marigold is one of the universal flowers used at literally all wedding functions and festivals. You’d spot hints of marigold here or there every once in a while that’s why you can opt for this flower as a colourful decoration theme for mehndi decor because everyone relates to it. 

Planned by O2 Events, Delhi

Planned by O2 Events, Delhi

Individual Chair Seating Arrangements

As weddings have evolved, so have wedding seating arrangements. What was once all about sofas and round tables, has now changed to individual chairs, evenly spaced out to follow social distancing norms. Though individual chairs were something we've seen mostly in western weddings, Indian weddings are gladly embracing this element as well. Many decorators and planners have also opted to adapt mismatched chairs to add a boho aesthetic to a day time outdoor wedding!

Hanging Decor Elements Will Rule

Decor elements hanging from ceilings will never go out of fashion.  While the regular kinds of hanging decor have been commonplace for a while, 2021 will see a slight shift into more quirky things mini kaleeras or bells. 


So, did you bookmark your favourite decor trend predictions for 2021? If not, what are you waiting for!?

Wedding Planners & Decorators Reveal: Decor Trends That Will Take 2021 By A Storm!

by Shivani Singh

Wedding Planners & Decorators Reveal: Decor Trends That Will Take 2021 By A Storm!