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They say that your "Best friends are those people with whom you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time ever." And as we grow old, we tend to realise that this saying is quite true. I, for one, speak from the first-hand experience, because even though there are limited friends in my life, each one of them (especially my best friend) is someone who is a quality company. They're the people with whom I have the most memorable time, who've been there for me in both good and bad times, played therapist for me when needed (and vice-versa) and also helped me let loose when needed. My friends are my lifelines and I bet every one of you agree with that. Thus, honouring them on Friendship day is a must.

Honestly, if it were up to me, I'd dedicate an entire month to celebrating friendship. But, for now, let's be happy with the one day that we have and spread a little love! So, in honour of all the friends that we have and all those that will come into our lives in the future, here's a compilation of wedding snaps that showcase the unbreakable bond that we call friendship. Scroll down below and enjoy the ride!

Wedding Pictures That Scream Squad Goals

Since we're in the phase of social distancing and intimate weddings, having all your friends join you during your wedding celebrations may not be possible. For now, at least. However, we hope that one day, we'll all be back to setting some major squad goals for everyone to witness. Till that happens, let us look back at some of the most unbridled and fun moments that brides and grooms have shared with their friends during weddings!

The Bridal Brigade

We're all aware of the bride and her crew of friends are one of the most tight-knit groups ever. They keep the bride from turning into a bridezilla and are probably the ones sneaking her shots of vodka from behind the stage. They're the most brilliant crew, extinguishing any metaphorical fires and helping the bride stay calm during all the humdrum of the wedding. And we love these organised (sometimes disorganised) crews that know just when to strike the right pose. 

Source Jidhun Mg

The Baraati Squad That Never Sleeps

Wild, lively and full of enthusiasm - that's how one would describe the Baraatis. And these groom squad photos surely show that. From dancing endlessly on dhols to playing them, the groom's crew is one fun-loving contingent everyone loves. 

The Sangeet Soiree

Sangeets are that one function where all the squads band together to slay! From well-choreographed dance performances on the stage, to dancing the night away on the dance floor, your friends will always be there for you!

The Quirky Bachelorette Party Moments

Your bachelorette pictures will never get old! They'll be a fond memory of a night well spent, with endless sips of booze and conversations close to the heart. They're the memories with your friends that you'll never forget (even if you're blank on certain details!).

The Million Dollar Haldi Shots

Yup, that one wedding function comparative of Holi. The one, auspicious day, where you're friends get the opportunity to douse you in Haldi, followed by other things like milk, water and even booze. Unforgettable, indeed!

Sunshine, Poolside, Downside!

Rightfully said! Pool parties are the best when your friends are there to have fun with you. Every group deserves to splash in the water and relax on a nice summery day!

Source Wedding365

Source Amrit Arora

The Much Loved Mehendi Function Pics

That one function where everyone is busy kicking back, relaxing and forgetting about their 'duties' for just a while. From dancing to the beats of dhol to taking cheesy 'candid' pictures and relishing just about every moment with your crew, Mehendi functions give us some of the best captured moments.

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The 'Sauda Khara Khara' Squad

If you don't dance with your squad on this song on your wedding, then what's the point?

We're All in For Supportive Friendships

We're all more appreciative of friends who support us in our decisions, even when our own family might not. A supportive friendship without any conditions is purely beautiful and there's no denying it. 

Let's Face It, It's Always 'Fries Before Guys'

All our foodie brides are well aware of this expression. Am I right, or am I right? 

Nothing Beats Friends Who Are The Ones That Pronounce You Husband & Wife!

When Pallabi & Francesco decided to have their impromptu wedding on a beach in Thailand, their friends Luca and Livia not only witnessed the wedding but were also the ones who got them married! While Luca played the role of officiator, his partner Livia walked the bride down the aisle. This way, the couple wasn't alone in one of the most important moments of their lives. 

Because The Squad Should Know How To Dab

This one speaks for itself. Every tight knot squad should know how to dab, even if the trend fades away! Because those who do embarrassing things with you are your true friends indeed!

Friends That Drink Together, Stay Together

Ain't that the truth! After all, the best friendships are built on a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm and inappropriate shenanigans. 

Source Wedding365

Source Wedding365

Always Appreciate A Squad That Keeps You Safe, Especially During A Pandemic

Even if the global pandemic has turned weddings to a smaller scale, your friends will be there to support you in every way possible. 

The Bride & Groom Squads That Recreated The Same Photos

Let's be honest, we love this groom who recreated his bride and her friend's bachelorette pictures in the most epic manner with his best mates! Nothing screams squad goals louder than this. 

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What are some of your favourite moments with your friends? Give a shout out to your friends in the comments!

Friendship Day Special: 75 Wedding Snaps of Bride & Groom Squad That Screams Love & Bond!

by Shivani Singh

Friendship Day Special: 75 Wedding Snaps of Bride & Groom Squad That Screams Love & Bond!