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The day you solemnize your love with your bae is one helluva special day. And given that it will have gobs of heart-warming moments, you’ll want your photographer to capture everything to the T. Be it the joyous jaimala moment that brings out cheery smiles, the gripping sindoor moment that instantly gives chills down the spine or the rawly emotional vidaai, you must have already pictured it all in your mind. But does your photographer know what all important shots you most definitely want him or her to click? While those mushy couple photos, family portraits & all the other classic shots are obvious, you still gotta have your own wedding photo checklist. Why? Because there are umpteen must-have shots & so many memories to be stored. And to make sure you don’t miss out on anything that holds utmost importance, a wedding photo checklist is a must.

So, we prepared one for you! Save for yourself and share it with your photographer before the D-day.

Your Ultimate Wedding Photo Checklist

Photos of your Wedding Look Essentials

* The bride's wedding lehenga or gown

* The groom's sherwani or tuxedo

* The bride's jewellery

* The groom's jewellery

* The bride's accessories-kaleeras, choora, payal, mangalsutra, footwear, etc.

* The groom's accessories-stole, shawls, safas, etc.

The Mandatory Getting Ready Shots 

* In between the bridal makeup session

* The moment when the bridal dupatta is placed

* While the bride is wearing her jewellery or footwear

* Getting captured when the bridesmaids help the bride get ready

* As the groom gets his safa draped

* When the groom slips into his sherwani/tuxedo

* And even when the groom puts on his tie

* Sealing the moment when the groomsmen aid the groom

The Breathtaking Wedding Decor Photos

* The spectacular mandap where the bride & groom take pheras

* The wedding stage since most of the action (and fanciest of decor elements) happens there!

* Grand entrance & walkways

* Also don't miss out on the little details like table settings, chairs & favours!

[1] Source Tanvi Puri [2] Decor by Dreamzkraft , Mumbai

Unmissable Solo & Couple Portraits

* Instagram-worthy close-up bridal portraits

* Those cliche full bridal portraits that go straight into your wedding album!

* Picture perfect close-up groom portraits

* Impressive full portraits of grooms because the wedding album is theirs too!

* And most importantly, the fun, adorable, cheerful and all sorts of mushy couple portraits (You just can't do without them)!

Must-Have Photos with your Loved Ones

* Fun photos of the bride with her crazy bunch of girlies

* The most heartwarming clicks with the parents

* Uber cool shots of the groom with his groomsmen

* Adorable photos of the bride or groom with their baby boos i.e. their brothers or sisters

* The entire fam-bam photos

* Don't forget to get clicked with the sweetest people at the wedding-your grandparents and of course, kids!

* Also, some cutesy captures with the furry guests i.e. pets!

Snapshots of the Most Endearing Moments

* When the bride walks down the aisle under a Shandaar Phoolon ki Chaadar

* While the groom makes a boisterous entry with all the baraatis

* A zealous moment when the bride & groom exchange the jaimalas

* The soul-stirring sindoor moment

* As the bride & groom sanctify their union by taking the saat pheras!

* The Vidaai-which is all about teary eyes & quivering smiles

Some Fun & Cheerful Candid Shots

And lastly, some beautiful candid shots of the bride & groom while getting ready, dancing around with their clan or sharing hearty laughs in between the wedding rituals. 

[1] Source Safarnama [2] Shot by The Wedding Salad, Mumbai


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Every Couple's Ultimate Wedding Photo Checklist (Save RN!)

by Anupriya Khanna

Every Couple's Ultimate Wedding Photo Checklist (Save RN!)