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When it comes to planning your wedding, a crucial point to keep in mind is when to send the wedding invitations. Sending out invitations at the right time ensures your guests have ample notice to prepare and respond. So, let’s take a look today at the months when you should send your wedding invites based on your chosen wedding date.

When to Send Wedding Invitations Based on Your Chosen Wedding Date

When to Send Save the Dates

When it comes to saving the dates, it is always better to send out the invites sooner than later. The extended notice not only allows your loved ones to plan for travel (if any) or take time off from work but also helps them plan their schedule for when you are planning on getting hitched.

Scroll below to find out the right time when you are supposed to send out save-the-date invites for your upcoming wedding functions!

Send Your 'Save the Dates' Invitation in...

  • January for your May Wedding
  • February for a June Wedding
  • March for a July Wedding
  • April for an August Wedding
  • May for a September Wedding
  • June for an October Wedding
  • July for a November Wedding
  • August for a December Wedding
  • September for a January Wedding
  • October for a February Wedding
  • November for a March Wedding
  • December for an April Wedding

When to Send The Wedding Invitations

After sending out the save-the-date invites, you must send out the wedding invitations at the right time. Every person has a busy life, filled with personal and professional commitments. By sending invitations well in advance, you not only show respect for their time and commitments but by considering this will allow the likelihood of a higher attendance rate!

Check out the right months to send out the wedding invitations for your wedding functions.

Send Your Wedding Invitation Card in...

  • January for a March Wedding
  • February for an April Wedding
  • March for a May Wedding
  • April for a June Wedding
  • May for a July Wedding
  • June for an August Wedding
  • July for a September Wedding
  • August for an October Wedding
  • September for a November Wedding
  • October for a December Wedding
  • November for a January Wedding
  • December for a February Wedding

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Pro Tip: Make sure that you send out friendly reminder messages one month before your wedding. Do include important details such as venue directions, parking information, itinerary (if any), or any other last-minute details. This will help ensure that all the information is fresh in your guests’ minds!


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When to Send Wedding Invitations to Your Guests for a Perfect RSVP

by Shweghna Gursahaney

When to Send Wedding Invitations to Your Guests for a Perfect RSVP