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One of the things that don’t require the bride and groom’s attention is the wedding guest etiquette until one or two of them end up doing embarrassing faux pas. While guests don’t intend on purposely doing something embarrassing or making things difficult, it may be possible that your guests only don’t find those things wrong in the first place. That’s why today we’ve compiled a list of pointers for all wedding guests to take note of before attending a wedding.

Scroll below if you’re a wedding guest or simply share this with other people so that they know what are the things they should always avoid doing!

Take Note of These Wedding Guest Faux Pas That One Should Avoid

Showing Up With an Uninvited Guest

This is one of the most common mistakes wedding guests tend to make. While you may think as a guest that is alright to bring a plus one for the bride, groom, and their respective families it is an added cost and one that they should not bear. Respect the bride, groom, and their family's wishes.

Wearing Your Own Wedding Outfit

Wearing your own wedding outfit is a big no. You don’t know how heavy or light the bride’s outfit is. As a wedding guest, you cannot overshadow the bride simply because you don’t have any occasion coming up where you can repeat your own big-day outfit. Get a new appropriate outfit or repeat an old one that’s heavy or stylish but will not steal the bride’s thunder.

Arriving Empty Handed

Arriving with a gift or cash for the wedding party is a common courtesy. Even though nobody will single you out for not getting a gift or arriving empty-handed, but, they will surely remember you solely for this reason. So, in a nutshell, don’t forget to do some wedding shopping for the bride and groom!

Reaching Extremely Late

Absolutely at no cost should a wedding guest reach extremely late. It is very rude for a person to reach the wedding venue super late or post the rituals. You have been invited to this couple’s happily ever after and you should respect that by reaching on time.

Disrespecting Cultural Traditions

Some day or the other you may have to head to a wedding where there will be different rituals and cultures. You as a guest have to really be mindful of these cultures and show your genuine respect. Don’t go around mocking a certain ceremony at the wedding functions. Not only is this offensive but also hurtful!

Ignoring Instructions

Post-COVID days have a lot of instructions and rules, especially at weddings that should be followed for everyone’s safety. Don’t be disrespectful by not complying with the wedding party. Wear that face mask, sanitize when needed, and do maintain a distance for the bride and groom’s sake if not for your own!

Chilling at Only the Bar

Everyone loves attending weddings for the unlimited food and the open bar. But, that does not mean that you should just be chilling at the bar. Start by greeting the ones you know, say hello to the bride and groom, and indulge in their rituals as a bystander. Post this, and feel free to chill at the bar!


What all wedding guest faux pas have you seen or heard? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Wedding Guest Faux Pas That Guests Should Refrain From EVER Doing!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Wedding Guest Faux Pas That Guests Should Refrain From EVER Doing!