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Yayyyy! Your sister is getting married and her wedding is gonna be the most exciting time of your life. Being the chief bridesmaid, you have to plan everything, get things done, look glamorous all the time, perform the ultimate bridesmaids’ duties, give smashing dance performances, and relish everyone’s attention. However, seeing your sister getting married is like being presented with a platter of all happy and sad emotions together.

But hey, don’t get so maddened with the wedding planning frenzy that you forget to arrange a meaningful wedding gift for your sister. In fact, choosing a meaningful wedding gift for sister should top your list of priorities. And remember, your sister’s wedding gift just can’t be anything casual. Anyone can splurge money and gift her an expensive watch or an exquisite jewellery set. But being her sister, you gotta gift her not only something that she will cherish forever but also something that holds emotional essence. She is leaving her nest, embarking on a new journey with your jiju-to-be and leaving you all behind (sobs), after all!

Well, to make it easier for you, we enlist some thoughtful wedding gift ideas for your sister that will always be close to her heart!

Best wedding gifts for sister

1.  A nameplate for her new home

Your sister is moving to a new house, so why not gift her a nameplate? Get her and your jiju’s name etched on it, and gift them this precious gift to embark their new journey. Right from carved woods to the ones in metallic and glass, nameplates come in a wide variety. In case, your sister would be sharing the home with her in-laws, she can put the nameplate outside her room or use it as a decorative item in her bedroom.

2.  A framed family photograph

Sharing a new home with new family members ain’t easy! She will miss you guys more than anything. Hence, you can gift her a framed photo of your family as a wedding gift that will keep you guys close to her. *It is the emotions and thoughtfulness that matters the most*

3. A journal of childhood memories

Get into some DIY mode and do some real hard work to create the best wedding gift ever for your sister. This will really touch her heart!

4. An accessory for her wedding day

Right from her wedding bangles to a statement ring or a payal, gift her a jewellery piece or an accessory for her D-day. It will be a part of her bridal look and will always relish a special place in her jewellery box.

5. Get a personalised video screened at one of her wedding functions

Surprise your sister by screening a personalised video at one of her wedding functions. You can make a digital scrapbook of cherished memories, or gather video messages from her loved and compile them all to make a video.

6. A family trip before her wedding

One of the best wedding gift ideas for your sister would be to plan a family trip before she flies off to her new place. It will not only give her a breath of fresh air amidst hectic wedding planning but also give her hearty memories with her family before you bid her farewell.

7. Couple spa vouchers

Gift your sister a therapeutic experience she will definitely need after hectic wedding revelries.

8. Luxe additions to her vanity kit

If you are one of those sisters who is too lazy to execute above-mentioned ideas, then nothing better than adding some luxe products to her vanity kit. From her dream lipsticks to a high-end highlighter or a fragrance, there’s a lot to splurge on! And the best part, it would be a meaningful splurge that will surely bring a wide grin on her face.

9. A polaroid camera for her honeymoon

Let her lock and get instant printables of her love-filled memories at her romantic getaway.

10. A ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ compilation of her wedding planning

To create this endearing wedding gift, you’ll have to be in action from the days of wedding planning to the D-day. Keep making videos and clicking photographs of all the wedding planning madness, her trial sessions, jewellery shopping sprees, dance practices and makeup sessions - compile it all to make a lovely video or a scrapbook.

As soon as she returns from her romantic honeymoon, surprise her with a memorable compilation of ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ of her wedding planning and revelries.


Got some more ideas? Share with us in the comments section below.

10 Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Sister that She will Cherish Forever!

by Medha Chawla

10 Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Sister that She will Cherish Forever!