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An Indian wedding is incomplete without serving a multi-cuisine finger-licking and sumptuous food spread that gives your guests foodgasms. 

We're all well aware of the fact that a major chunk of your wedding planning revolves around planning the right kind of food for every function. When it comes to food at Indian weddings, we're all very certain that it is the one thing that guests remember every wedding by. They'll not only discuss the food during the wedding but also recall it by the food for the years to come. 

Plus, every couple is looking to create a unique experience not only for themselves but for their friends and family. While decor, outfits and sangeet songs are always a step to embodying this uniqueness, we promise you, food is no less. In today's time, you don't have to plan a non-traditional wedding in order to serve something unexpected and unique in your food menu. So, to help you take your weddings a notch higher than others, here are a few unique food items to take your wedding menu to the next level and turn your wedding into a hit!

New & Exciting Food Menu Options For Weddings

I. Savouries

The options for savoury food items are plentiful. From chat corners to live pasta stations, savoury food is a must-have at any wedding. However, there are some undiscovered gems that can be included in your food menu for various occasions like cocktails, brunches, mehendi and even sangeets. Here are our top picks:

1. Mini Cheeseburgers

Source Pinterest

Nothing makes our mouth waters like the name 'cheeseburgers'. Whether you like them meaty, vegetarian or vegan, the best part about cheeseburgers is that they can be made in various options. Mini cheeseburgers are bite-sized and easy for your caterers to prepare in large quantities. Plus these finger foods are bound to entice everyone, from adults to kids, with their scrumptious aroma and finger-licking taste.

2. Garlic Knots

Though continental food is not a very famous option at Indian weddings, garlic knots are a class apart. Filled with gooey parmesan or mozzarella, these tiny pieces of bread slathered with yummy garlic butter is bound to be a hit with everyone. You can pair them up with either continental cuisine or Italian since they go well with pasta as well. 

3. Croissants

[1] Source pardonyoufrench [2] Source pardonyourfrench

Never have we seen a person say no to Croissants. These delightfully buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry of Austrian origin is known worldwide for its crescent shape and undeniable aroma. It can be made in various flavours and sizes and enjoyed with a number of condiments as well. Honestly, if this doesn't have your guests going back for more, then what ever will?

4. Litti Chokha

Source whiskaffair

We know, we know. What an unusual addition! Litti Choka is native to Bihar, Jharkhand, some parts of Eastern U.P. and Nepal. While Litti is a dough ball stuffed with sattu, Chokha can be made from either potatoes or brinjals (depending on what you enjoy). The thing is, we don't really see this filling food item on food stalls at weddings. However, this delicious delicacy shouldn't be neglected at all. The spicey and herbed flavour of this delight is bound to attract people and ensure they stay back for another plate. 

5. Savoury Pies

What's another word for a celebration? Pie! No one can ever have enough pies. Even though each serving fills them up nicely, they keep going back for more! While pies can be made both sweet and savoury, savoury pies are a fun addition to any good food menu. Opt for flavours like minced chicken, spinach and cheese, Shepard's pie, mushroom and ricotta etc. You can even ask your caterer to prepare bite-sized pies for your guests as snacks. Honestly, need we say more?

II. Sweets

Desserts are a quintessential part of any wedding menu. And we're bored of seeing the same old gulab jamus and gajar ka halwa. Guests, nowadays, prefer other varieties of 'Instragmmable' foods. They want to enjoy bites of food they drool over on their feeds all day. So, why not give them those? 

1. Personalised Macaroons

Macaroons are not new to the wedding scene. But they are still very new to the Indian wedding scene. These sweet bite-sized cookies are not only a fashionable choice for your wedding reception, but also one that catches the eye of every passerby. You can opt to personalise your macaroons by choosing colours that match your wedding theme or even have them painted and decorated by a professional pastry chef. Try them out, you will thank us later!

2. Doughnuts

Source Pinterest

Everything is better with doughnuts. Don't believe us? Just order yourself one and you'll know. Doughnuts are delicious to the core and come in a variety of flavours. Whether you like chocolate, cookie crusted delectable ones or fruit flavoured, jelly-filled ones, there's a doughnut for everyone!

3. Churros

Crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside, churros are the ultimate comfort food that should be present at your dessert bar. They can be placed either separately with their chocolate dipping sauces or along with a fondue station. You can either serve them in a bulk, plating them all together, or plate them individually with dipping sauces like dark chocolate, white chocolate, salted caramel etc. 

4. Fondue Station

Source Pinterest

Chocolate fondue is not just delicious, but it packs a magnificent 'wow' factor in its display. Most would only think to serve cake cubes and fruits with chocolate fondue, but being creative and providing variety is the secret to success. Add a load of pairings like cake pops, ice cream sticks, mini-pretzels, marshmallows, fruits (strawberries please!), cookies, mini doughnuts, etc. We're sure this addition to your dessert bar is bound to have guests flocking all around. 

5. Artistic Desserts

[1] Source just_add_sugar [2] Source Pinterest

Make your dessert table not only a culinary but an aesthetic experience by giving it a creative pop of colour and design with hand-decorated desserts. You can get customised cookies that match up to your wedding theme, or even ice cream and cake pops covered in artisanal designs. Pre-plated desserts like chocolate mousse, tiramisu and creme brulee are also amazing options to add to your dessert bar.  

III. Beverages

No matter how grand your food spread is, nothing is complete without some thirst-quenching beverages. While we're sure you'll be getting a premium bar service for your wedding functions, you can always customise this area with more non-alcoholic options (other than mocktails!). 

1. Self Serve Smoothie Station

[1] Source bromabakery [2] Source binjalsvegkitchen

They're healthy and both kids and adults love 'em! With a self-service smoothie station, you can just add a tonne of options for your guests to enjoy! Whether you choose banana or strawberry, chocolate or mixed berries, smoothies are not only filling but also a healthy alternative to milkshakes. You can also add a few flavoured milk options in your smoothie station. 

2. Fresh Juice Bar

Get a fresh juice bar for your day time functions, especially if it's spring or summer. You can always choose seasonal fruits for fresh fruits or opt for fruits that are available all year round. You can always spice up the juices by adding flavour and even give away the options to your guests to add alcohol to their fresh juices!


Which of these unique food items are heading to your menu? Let us know in the comments!

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by Shivani Singh

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