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We've seen a lot of quirky and colorful umbrella decor at Punjabi-style mehendi ceremonies but spotting 'White' umbrellas at Indian weddings was something we did not expected at all. But since it's our utmost duty to keep bringing new and jaunty ideas onto your feeds, we thought of showing you this cool new thing we recently spotted at weddings—White Umbrella decor. We at ShaadiSaga think that every little-big thing makes ample of difference when it comes to weddings, be it experimental bridal outfits, evolving food trends, cutesy save the date ideas or unique photo-video ideas, we're always eyeing for something offbeat and new.

Suiting and fitting in perfectly with both subtly elegant decor and rustic decor, white or transparent umbrellas have a captivating charm of their own. They can turn around the entire look and feel of the decor and surely give a dreamy vibe to the place.

Don't believe us? Check out these ideas that we've fished out and listed below for you to see for yourself!

Breathtaking White Umbrella Decor Ideas to Up Your Decor Game

1. White translucent umbrellas and fairy lights making up for a magical decor.

2. A gorgeous ceiling of lace umbrellas with a plethora of pink and white flowers.

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3. A huge umbrella setting with hanging crystal strings.

Source Pinterest

4. A ceiling done with cutesy little umbrellas and fairy lights.

Source Wedding Duo

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5. An upside down printed umbrella setting with roses and pearl strings.

6. A tree of umbrellas. What an art!

7. Unique backdrops done in painted tyres, blooms and umbrellas.

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8. A LIT umbrella ceiling.

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9. Use umbrellas to amp up quirky corners making for perfect photo ops.

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10. Offbeat and edgy table centerpieces.

11. A pretty pink drape ceiling with cascading florals, lamps and of course, white lace umbrellas.

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12. Transparent umbrellas hung from peachy drapes with colorful pom-pom strings. So different.

13. Minimal umbrella hangings.

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14. Use white frilly umbrellas along with colored ones for a surreal effect.

15. Umbrellas and colorful cloth bows for a tablescape setting.

Source Pinterest

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16. A beautiful peachy ceiling done in ribbons, cages and white umbrellas.

Source Fort Events


Would you be incorporating white umbrellas in your wedding decor? Let us know your thoughts!

15+ Surreal Ideas to Add White Umbrellas to your Wedding Decor

by Divya Arora

15+ Surreal Ideas to Add White Umbrellas to your Wedding Decor