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Being the ultimate trendspotters, we've always been on our toes to introduce you with freshest of wedding trends that can amp up the look & feel of your wedding. From putting forth the trend of printed aisles & floors, showing you how to infuse the cuteness of pom poms & tassels in your wedding to inspire you to go the mogra way for your wedding decor, we've time and again spilled you with choices (and indeed some of the best ones!) So, keeping up with our tradition, we're here again to kick-in some inspiration on how you can incorporate bangles in your wedding decor in different and varied ways.

While bangles have undeniably been a favorite amongst brides for that instant charm they add to their Mehendi laden hands, it has of late become a go-to option for decorators too. Such is the mystifying effect of these colorful & dainty hoops that almost any and every decorator is swearing by them. While some are using them to beautify the table settings & chair decorations, others are making chandeliers and quirky centerpieces out of them to glam up a Mehendi decor. Now, to give you cues on how you can include the charm of bangles in your wedding for that added pleasing elegance, we've created a quick guide right here. Go, check it out now and ask your decorator to make the most of it!

Easy Ways to Perk up your Decor with 'Bangles'

1. Add them in your Mehendi seating decor

Give your Mehendi seating a complete makeover by simply hanging these dainty adornments around or outlining your sofa seating with them.

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Source Pinterest

2. How about chandeliers made with glass bangles for decorations?

After the crystallized & floral chandeliers, these vibrant ones made out of glass bangles are making the most noise. They look super elegant and can give your Mehendi ceremony a perfect look and feel. What's even better is that you can even DIY them at your home. All you've gotta do is string these bangles into three concentric circles, fix them one over the other with the help of threads or ribbons and then hang it to the center of your venue.

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3. Make a backdrop out of it

Get your creative side on the table and DIY a photo backdrop for your home function. Take out those discarded bangles from your mommy's jewellery box, weave them into ribbon strands and then fix them on a wall along with flowers and some colorful drapes. Voila, your bangle backdrop is ready!

Source Pinterest

4. Infuse them at the entrance of your venue

Bangles can also be used to trim the entrance decor of your venue. Just make curtains out of these colorful bangles and then layer them with drapes at the entrance of your venue.

Source Pinterest

5. Etch them into the ceilings

What better way to decorate them ceilings than with this dainty piece of jewellery? These suspended bangle hangings look too cutesy and can give your sitting areas the perfect edge.

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6. Incorporate them in your phoolon ki chaadar

Want to make your phoolon ki chaadar stand out from the rest? Just add a few ghungroo embellished bangles to it and make a stellar bridal entry on your D-day!

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7. Perk up those installations with these vibrant hoops

You can even include bangles in huge installations like these and glam up your decorations to multifold. We love how beautifully this huge tree is done in hues of pink & green accompanied by those Ghungroo embellishments.

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8. Use them in your mandap decorations

Since most of the rituals and ceremonies are performed at the mandap, you have to make sure it looks nothing short of beautiful. So, cover it with your fav blooms and these fancy adornments.

9. Hang them around the venue

When you can't think of anything else, randomly hang them around your wedding venue with mogra or marigold trellis, just how you see in the pictures. It works wonders.

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10. Do your table settings & chair decorations with these fancy adornments

Bored of those usual table settings? Go the bangle way! Set up your tables with flowers, bangles, and some pretty candle holders.

Source Pinterest

Here's how you can prettify the back of your chairs with bangles too

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You can even incorporate small tree-like centerpieces with bangle hangings to your table settings.

If that doesn't work for you, simply glue a few bangles on matkis and then use them as centerpieces

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11. Include them in your favors corner

Another way you can infuse these colorful hoops in your wedding is by serving them as favors at your Mehendi or Haldi ceremony. Just stack a table with some of these colorful beauties and you are done.

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How are you planning to incorporate bangles in your wedding decor? Let us know in the comments!

Simple & Quirky Ideas to Use Bangles for Your Wedding Decorations

by Anupriya Khanna

Simple & Quirky Ideas to Use Bangles for Your Wedding Decorations