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The evergreen Lehenga outfit is a must-have for every bride in India. However, after the wedding, what do you do with your wedding Lehenga? Do not store yours in your closet; you can reuse it in many ways. This is not an idea for the bride only but for those who invest in this ethnic piece for a friend or relatives' wedding. Just like other Indian outfits, the Lehenga holds a special place in every girl's heart, either that be Bridal crop top lehenga or regular lehenga suit. Even when you do not repeat your outfit. You cannot lack other ways to restyle this Lehenga other than leaving it inside your closet. In this article, you will learn other ways that you can reutilize your Lehenga and avoid making it a once in a blue moon outfit.

Ways To Reutilize Your Wedding Lehenga

Pair with a long kurta 

Is it months later after your wedding and your wedding Lehenga choli is still tucked in your wardrobe? Worry not, for you can team your Lehenga with a long Kurtis and find that you can still wear your bridal Lehenga. Only that it is in a different context and style. This style is in vogue right now in the fashion world. Plus, if you have not put on much weight and you can still wear your Lehenga choose this trendy style. Chiffon net Kurti with a front slit teamed with your Lehenga is a stunning look and one way to reutilize your bridal Lehenga. 

Convert Lehenga dupatta 

Since the bridal Lehenga is a three-piece outfit. You can decide to use the dupatta alone since most bridal dupattas in most cases are heavily embellished. Getting a heavy Kurti from this one-piece is possible. Plus, if you have to wear your bridal Lehenga you can match it with another contrasting dupatta if you wish to. Hence break your Lehenga set and enjoy using your dupatta as a kurta or short Kurti. That you can also wear at other traditional parties and you will look like the ethnic fashion diva with this trendy look.

Tailor it into an Anarkali 

The Lehenga choli look can be tailored into an Anarkali suit too. This way of transforming your bridal Lehenga is a unique one that is attractive as well. It is simple to achieve this floor-length Anarkali style by tailoring your choli to the Lehenga. Add some embroidery work at the waistline and make it an empire-line Anarkali suit. Adorn to this in various traditional ceremonies and apply makeup that pops and hold your hair in a sleek bun to complete your look.

Pair your choli with plain Lehenga

A bridal Lehenga is known to have an extravagant and grandiose look. The choli, in most instances, is heavily embroidered and is shimmering. Just as the Lehenga, hence this weight is why most women avoid wearing it often or not at all. However, to reutilize it you can pair your bridal choli with a plain Lehenga for a fresh look. This will give you an elegant ensemble that you can rock to a party or a friend’s wedding. Also, you can upgrade the look of your plain Lehenga by adding some embroidery work around the hem that matches the choli.

Choose different styles of draping

If you love repeating your bridal Lehenga ensemble. Try breaking the monotony of your Lehenga look by choosing different styles of the dupatta. This will change the way you style it and give you options on how to wear it. For instance, tucking your dupatta with a metallic belt to your Lehenga choli is one way. This look gives you a carefree style to enjoy a Sangeet party. Alternatively, if you want to display the rich work on your dupatta a front wrap drape is another option you can go for. Achieve this and more gorgeous draping techniques and reutilize your wedding Lehenga again.

Pair Lehenga with sleeveless choli

The fashion of sleeveless choli is another way to make a statement and reutilize your bridal Lehenga choli. Remove the sleeves from your choli and flaunt your beautiful toned arms. Plus, you will get a fresh look for your wedding Lehenga. Try this style for summer parties and a cousin's wedding. As it is a sensual look and enjoy this delightful idea on how to reuse your bridal Lehenga. This sleeveless choli can also be a different choli from your bridal ensemble one that is of a plain color. That you can also wear on a different occasion as well.

Pair with a long jacket

Another way to get a wow factor to your bridal Lehenga is by teaming it up with a long jacket. Choose one that is embellished with Zardosi work to give you a modish ensemble. On the other hand, you can opt to choose a sheer net jacket to blend with your embroidered Lehenga. This is a charming way to show off your bridal Lehenga choli but in a different way. Ensure the colour shade of your jacket is contrasting to the Lehenga for that vibrant effect. This look is similar to that of a long kurta with Lehenga except the pairing style is different.

Wear the ensemble separately 

The bridal Lehenga can give you three different outfits by wearing the three pieces separately with other outfits. This groovy idea is the most popular and most women do it unknowingly. As an example, adorn to monotone suits and pair it with your heavily embellished dupatta. Then for the bridal choli pair with a saree or designer dhoti pants and have an elegant different look. Lastly, get a corset blouse and team it with the bridal Lehenga for a modern look to your persona.

Rent your wedding Lehenga 

Do you know you can earn some money from your bridal Lehenga? Rent or sell your bridal ensemble to the many online sites that other people use. This is a better option to reuse your wedding Lehenga than having it stored somewhere in your wardrobe.


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9 Best Ways To Reutilize Your Wedding Lehenga

by Shrutika Potwar

9 Best Ways To Reutilize Your Wedding Lehenga