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Say, were you planning a proposal somewhere outside, in a more picturesque setting? But, unfortunately, your elaborate plans went down the drain due to the ongoing pandemic. Well, quarantining at home doesn't mean you should push off popping the question. An at-home proposal doesn't have to sacrifice romance - it can even enhance it!

While many couples enjoy doing something outdoors, maybe even a destination proposal on the outer banks of the Seine river in Paris, some may find that the exclusivity and intimate originality of a proposal at home to be more wholesome. In fact, something a little more low-key is a much better fit than a public declaration, and can still be just as romantic and meaningful. Not only does proposing at home make for a moment with much less pressure and much more intimacy, it makes your surroundings customisable, meaning there are lots of fun ways to put your love on display. 

So, without further ado, here are a few amazing and romantic ways to propose at home!

Romantic Ways To Propose At Home

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Spell It Out

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Straightforward and photogenic, this is probably one of the best ways to propose at home to your beau. You can use anything, from balloons to simple paper, or even light up the room in a neon sign (if it's done at night). Spelling your proposal at night is probably one of the best ways to DIY the whole process of popping the question!

Play a Slideshow of Memories

There are only a few things more romantic than revisiting your history together. For a slideshow proposal, all you have to do is compile some of your most important pictures and videos into a slideshow and play it on your TV. To add a more romantic twist to this presentation, gather your comfiest pillows and blankets to snuggle on the couch and perhaps even light a few candles, too. Trust us, no movie theatre date could ever top this!

"Travel" to Your Favorite Destination

Did you plan on proposing to your future spouse by the backdrop of your favourite destination? Well, travelling somewhere is not that easy right now. But you know what they say, if you can't go to Paris, then bring Paris to you. (or something similar!) Recreate your favourite destination inside your home by cooking the regional cuisine, playing music from the destination and even decorating the room to match the aesthetic. 

Cook Your Favorite Meal

Or bake your favourite dessert! Honestly, ever since dining out at your absolute favourite restaurant has become difficult, cooking the dish your beau love the most might be something special. Whether it's a special plate of fettuccini in alfredo sauce with a glass of light white wine, or maybe a succulent grilled chicken with mashed potatoes, proposing with food never goes wrong. After all, the way to your lover's heart is always through their stomach. 

Fill Your Room with Balloons

For an idea that’s visual and has a major wow factor, set up a room that’s overflowing with balloons and kneel down amongst them (we love the idea of a red and pink theme here, or maybe gold and silver to match their new jewellery). The pièce de résistance? A strand of helium balloons asking ‘marry me?’ over the spot where you’ve settled. Once they’ve said yes, you’ll have so much fun taking selfies in this colourful set-up.

Get Your Buddy With Paws To Help

What's better than incorporating your pet buddy into your proposal at home? It's not just a super cute but super thoughtful idea. You can always loop the engagement ring onto their collar, or even use their help to carry the 'will you marry me' sign. Your four-legged buddies will always make for the ultimate sweet surprise.

Do The Classic 'Breakfast in Bed' Proposal

Source Etsy

This simple at-home proposal idea couldn’t be more endearing especially if your future fiancée is a pancake fan… Get a beautiful tray and dress it up with flowers and fresh fruit, then plate up an array of their favourite breakfast dishes on statement crockery. If you want to ask them right away, print out a sign and include it in a frame on your display, or to keep it a secret for longer – hide the food under the silver cloches you often get in fancy restaurants. Leave one dish free of food, but still pop a cloche on top – that’s where you hide the ring.

Give Them a Gift

Source Pinterest

It’s simple but effective, and something they’ll remember forever. Wrap up an elaborate memory box (boxes inside boxes, plenty of tissue, pictures, ribbons), either for a special occasion or ‘just because’, and watch as they open layer after layer. By the end, they should find a ring-box sized parcel and if they still haven’t figured out what you’re asking by then, that’s your cue to tell them just how much you love them, and that you want to make them your husband or wife.

Pick a Playlist

There are two main options for a proposal with a playlist twist. The first is to incorporate songs that have been significant throughout your time together – your first date, your first kiss, and ‘your song’ if you have one. The second is to string together songs that hint at marriage – from Bruno Mars’ Marry You to Billy Idol’s White Wedding, you’re spoiled for choice. For a direct approach, send them the link, or simply play it in the background until they finally figure out your intentions.

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Have more ideas to share? Sound off in the comments section!

Romantic Ways To Propose At Home That Won't Cost You A Bomb!

by Shivani Singh

Romantic Ways To Propose At Home That Won't Cost You A Bomb!