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Ever been a part of those boring wedding where people are mingling for a small talk over drinks and only things that interest them is the variety of items in the buffet?

Yes, we feel you!

Now would you want your guests to feel the same at your wedding? If not, then take a break from monotonous traditional customs and engulf these fun activities that will keep your guests talking about your ceremony for years to come.


#1 Encourage To Shake a Leg

Because what even is a wedding without crazy dance

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#2 Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Social Media

Your guests will obviously be Instagramming your wedding experience so give them a hashtag to see all the unseen photo collectively, later.

#3 Something To Keep The Kids Engaged

Because special guests need special treatment. 

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#4 Something That Will Matter a Few Years From Now

Give a chance to your guests to be a part of your eternal happiness by collecting their responses that will take you down to the lane of memories.

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#5 Treasure Hunt

Because there are so many more fun elements in your wedding besides food.

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#6 Provide a Photobooth

Hop into photo-booth with your guests for once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities.

Which one are you incorporating into your wedding? Comment below!

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Ways To Make Your Wedding All The More Fun & Interactive

by Simran Keswani

Ways To Make Your Wedding All The More Fun & Interactive