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Once in a while, we all come across a very different type of heartbreak. It’s one of those silly things like when someone eats the piece of cake that you were SO looking forward to gorging on all day, or when you have to set an alarm for 6 am when you literally just hit the bed at 2 am. Point is, some little things just make your heart sink, and it’s unfair but you know you just have to stick it to yourself and deal with the sadness.

On a very similar tangent, Bridal Shopping Blues is the subject we want to broach today. No, it’s not just a girly problem, it has the full potential to make you feel really disheartened. We’ve all been there and we’ve all been clueless as to how to combat it, so we came up with some great combat strategies for you.

Fool-proof ways to deal with Wedding Shopping Blues

Solo shopping trip?

We know it could seem like a near-impossible feat to achieve, but it's true what they say, too many cooks do spoil the broth. Everyone’s idea of what you would look perfect in is completely individualistic and not to mention 'subjective'. So our advice? Go solo or if that's too overwhelming for you, go with a friend who's style quotient matches yours!

FLATS are your new best friend!

We couldn’t possibly stress this enough: Wear Flats every time you go shopping! No matter how much you adore heels or how long you think you can survive in them, its inevitable. The long hours will strain your feet and make you cranky! And just like when you’re hungry, your judgment will be equally foggy if you’re in a snappy mood! But do carry your heels with you, you'll need them for outfit trials.

Self-care FOR REAL

Yes, we know “self-care” is the butt of all millennial jokes going around, but that doesn’t belittle its importance one bit. Wedding season is a hard time to be alive! So you might want to ditch the caffeine and nicotine trail because it really amps up your anxiety. Yoga, however, is the perfect remedy to calm your wracking nerves. Also, keep yourself super hydrated and packed with nutritious food. Nothing can help you survive wedding shopping than food.

Spend ACTUAL quality time with your friends

Friendship–the original and by far the best stress-buster. It is so important to spend time with your friends and family, and no, quality time that does not involve photoshoots or shopping trips. The people close to you are the ones that are in-charge of keeping you grounded so spend a chilled out, lazy Sunday whenever you can.

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Spoil yourself with a cheat meal 

We see how this could sound like a bad idea given the ridiculous amounts of carbs involved, but great food is the ultimate mood-lifter! Let’s face it, you...upset...on an empty stomach? Not really a pretty picture. You won’t have to go out of your way either, seeing as you’re already out to shop! And shopping counts as cardio, okay! So treat yourself to some pasta, maybe!

Don’t go overboard!

In the general sense, don’t go overboard with anything, but particularly don’t go overboard with the number of outfits you have planned. More outfits equals to more shopping trips, more alterations and more hair-pulling in general! A wedding has 5-6 functions typically, so finalise every outfit one by one and don’t overcrowd your plate! You don’t need those extra costume changes!

Last one!

Once you’ve found what you think is the perfect lehenga: remember you’re supposed to alter the lehnga to fit you and not alter yourself to fit the lehnga. Eating right serves long term purposes like keeping you young, fit and heart-healthy. So choose a realistic size and a realistic weight goal you want to achieve and follow a healthy diet, eat clean and make it a lifestyle!

We know what a task it is to be in your shoes right now, so we don’t expect you to have all of this at the back of your head, but the process of planning and shopping for your wedding should be as easy-breezy and delightful as your big day!


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7 Realistic Ways to Handle Wedding Shopping Blues like a Boss!

by Manavi Chauhan

7 Realistic Ways to Handle Wedding Shopping Blues like a Boss!