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What's an Indian wedding without flowers? These gorgeous & dainty beauties are the real MVPs of weddings that work up their charm to make the aura blissful and picturesque. Be it the trellis of unbridled flowers making up for the mesmerising decor, or when they bunch together to become impressive installations, adorn the bridal hair, hang around the couple's necks as beauteous jaimalas...the list may go on. To keep it short and clear, the flowers are the prettiest guests at your wedding. And at present, we are obsessing over how these dainty beauties can add oodles of charm to your wedding photos as well.

We spotted some super stunning wedding photographs featuring the best use of flowers, and we can't wait to share them with you guys!

So, scroll down to beautify your wedding album with the blooms.

Creative ways to use flowers to amp up the wedding photos

1. A flower burst shot that captures your drenched in the wedding madness

2. Kudos to the photographer's vision for beautifully placing the pretty pastel roses in this bridal shoe photograph!

3. Let the blooms work their magic on the photos of your wedding invites

4. Ever seen a more beauteous ring shot?

5. When the add oodles of charm to your bridal portraits

6. A blissful couple portrait showcasing the picturesque power of flowers

7. And hey, nothing can beat an all floral backdrop!

8. Perk up the beauty of your wedding details by surrounding them with gorgeous flowers

9. Before the henna gets beaten into a paste, how about having a shot like this?

10. Cuz your wedding invitation cards need to be sealed in great photos

11. Those white flowers floating in the vessel have amped the aesthetics of this jewellery shots by multifold

12. The picturesque engagement ring snap that deserves to be in your wedding album!

 13. Prettify the engagement ring tray with the blooming flowers

14. No better way to capture your wedding rings than with flowers

15. Who knew a bunch of roses would make for such an amazing backdrop for your bridal jewels?

16. Creativity level of this couple portrait = Infinity!

17. Lovin' the way the red daisy has turned the ordinary mehndi shot into a unique one!

18. Just the presence of flowers can multiply the beauty of a photograph! This one is proof.

19. And oh, a white-dominated frame popped with the pinks of flowers and the dupatta

20. An ethereal mangalsnanam photo with the rose petals adding all the beaut vibes

21. These otherwise basic bridal accessory shots look so pretty because of the roses!

22. The dainty baby's breath flowers instantly beautify your wedding album


Are you also swooning over these photographs? 

Charming & pretty ways to amp up your wedding photos with flowers

by Medha Chawla

Charming & pretty ways to amp up your wedding photos with flowers