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Amongst all the popular and unparalleled ways of personalizing a wedding, the one way that seems to have taken the wedding scenario by a storm is that of "coordinated outfits" with almost everything and anything. Outfit coordination in Indian weddings has steadily bloomed to be one of the most incorporated wedding trends and rightly so! Right from couples coordinating their outfits with each other or with their fam to them coordinating their outfits with wedding decor or theme, the coordination game is on with full swing!

For how different ways of coordinating at wedding adds a personal touch and oodles of merry and happening vibes, this fad is highly favored and loved to bits! And well, the couple or the squad or the baraat in coordinated outfits is no less than a sight to behold.

To inspire and help you ideate your wedding around this trend, we've summed up the abundant ways in which you can incorporate outfit coordination in your wedding. And no, it's not a tough nut to crack! Just hang on with us here and start taking cues!

Unique Ways of Coordinating Your Wedding with Your Outfits

1. Bride & Groom outfit colour-coordination

Wearing similar colors, opting for same fabric or choosing a color combination that goes together, the ways of coordinating your outfit with your bae are too many. Also, matching up together looks super adorable and is a sure shot head turner.

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2. Coordinating outfits with the wedding decor or theme

Having your attires in tune matching up with your wedding decor or wedding theme is another favorite way of being a part of this coordination game! With that said, make sure to play around with colors smartly so that your outfits and decor elements don't end up camouflaging each other. Choosing different hues from the same color palette or having similar hues incorporated uniquely is essential.

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3. Have the baraatis dance away in coordinating outfits

Listen up all you grooms out there! Swagger up your baraat by having all the baraatis or your entire ladkewala side wear matching colors or similar safas. Or center your baraat around a theme and have similar outfits and props. For instance the groom Ravine made a smashing entry in a Batmobile and had all the baraatis dressed in yellow t-shirts, safas and black capes. Have a look!

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4. Styling the bridesmaids or the entire ladkiwale in matching outfits

Ladies, how about having your stylish and modish bridesmaids in similar outfits or your entire clan color coordinate with each other? Glam up your bride squad brideys!

Source Deo Studios

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5. Have the dapper groomsmen outshine the rest

If our dearest bride gang can coordinate in similar outfits then so can our dashing groomsmen! You can opt for similar hued clothes, similar safa or stoles, similar jackets or maybe even same outfits!

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6. Coordinating outfits with siblings? Yass!

Now, who says you can't coordinate your wedding dresses with your siblings?! It's totally an in-thing and undoubtedly looks absolutely cutesy. The best ways to sync your outfits with your siblings is either by opting for the same fabrics or by choosing hues of the same color palette for your attires. We spotted a lot of brides color-coordinated with their brothers and sisters and trust us they look damn good.

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7. Make your parents & family feel special too!

Of course, there aren't many ways in which you and your parents can coordinate your outfits but that doesn't mean you can't! Simply choosing a matching color combination (like blush pink & rani pink, turquoise & ice blue, beige & gold) or opting for different hues from the same color palette does the trick!

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8. Bonus: Dress up your furballs too!

Photos with the pets is like an unmissable part at weddings these days, so why skip on getting them all dressed up and coordinated with the bride and the groom?

Source Photokitch

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Let us know how are you planning to coordinate outfits at your wedding!

8 Different & Graceful Ways to Coordinate Outfits at Your Wedding

by Divya Arora

8 Different & Graceful Ways to Coordinate Outfits at Your Wedding