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So, it's the best day of your life and you come home to a lot of blessings and a collection of brand new presents that need to be unwrapped, and as you in anticipation pull apart the paper you let out a disheartened "Shucks".

We asked real brides to tell us their experiences with awful gifts and how they were disappointed with the choice of guests nowadays. Scroll and Unveil!

1. A Lion Showpiece *Why Even?*

Avanti reveals, "Home stuff showpiece is one of worst gift ever I received for my wedding. That showpiece was a big lion that was not making any sense in my home to keep. To be very honest, I kept it inside an almirah and reused it by gifting to someone as a Diwali gift."

2. Mushy Cushions *We Hate Pillow Fights!*

Deepti says, "I am not at all in love with those mushy-mushy cushions and those oversized pillows which says always together. It is the weirdest gift I received on my wedding. Personally saying, it's a sheer wastage of money."

3. A Roti Maker *Really?*

Anjali says, "The worst gift I got was a Roti Maker. I was so shocked, I thought these things were made for couples who got married in the 80's. 21st-century girls are not just made for handling household chores, they have a life beyond that. Personally, it was really insulting and amusing to me."

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4. A Lacy Night Gown *Ewwww*

Neha says, "The embarrassing and the worst gift I got from my husband's aunt for my wedding was a nightwear for my first night. How can someone even think of gifting a new bride this and that too a floral one with tacky lace borders? Dude, it was not even funny!"

5. Edible Lingerie *No Comments!*

Sonia says, "The most unexpected gift that I got from a very good friend of mine that I was not even fond of was-edible lingerie, that too four to five pairs. She wanted to give me something hatke and something exclusive but this was not even close to that."

*Laughs* We are literally dying out of laughter! 

What wacky gifts were thrown in your sack? Let us know in the comments below!

Wacky & Unusual Wedding Gifts Couples' Received: Real Brides Reveal

by Sanchita Sehgal

Wacky & Unusual Wedding Gifts Couples' Received: Real Brides Reveal