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Since we've all been hauled up inside our homes for most of 2020, one of our biggest source of entertainment has been wedding videos!

Indian wedding videos are the biggest trendsetters on the internet these days. And every year, we witness new weddings where couples surprise us with unique wedding videos which are reshared and loved online for their uniqueness. And this year, the number of these reshared videos has only increased! 

So as 2020 comes to an end, we present to you a collection of viral wedding videos of 2020 that made us happy, have given us goosebumps and laughter. Relive these amazing wedding moments from 2020 and don't forget to share them with your friends and family!

Wedding Videos That Were Viral In 2020

Gauahar Khan's Pre Wedding Video

This music video-style production by the Wedding Story capturing Gauahar Khan & Zaid Darbar is adorable.

This Father-Daughter Duo That Danced It Out Like Pros

When this father-daughter duo hit the stage, we were spellbound by the father's energy and sync with his daughter for this dance performance. 

This Groom's Explosive Dance Moves

When it comes to dancing, grooms tend to be a bit camera shy. But this groom defied the odds and danced his heart out while looking dashing from every angle.

This Couple's Adorable Jaimala Moment

Every jaimala moment has its quirks. We're especially fans of this couple that not only made each other laugh but made onlookers smile at their antics as well. 

When This Adorable Giraffe Stole The Moment!

For this bride and groom, the location of their wedding was ideal, snug amidst nature, their eyes only on each other. But somewhere in the background, the giraffe's eyes were set on the groom's safa. And boy! Did he love that safa or what?

This Couple's Stunning First Dance

This couple danced it out to Shawne Mendes and Camila Cabello's  Senorita like total ballroom dancing pros, and we're all in for such coordination. 

That Moment When The Groom's Eyes Welled Up In Tears

For a bride and groom, their wedding is probably the most special moment of their lives. And this groom's heartwarming reaction to being wed to this lucky lady is just so pure!

The Hilariously Fun Wedding Video Of This Quirky Couple

Who doesn't love a different wedding video with an off-beat vibe? Introducing this couple's quirky video, with animated elements to it that captures their playful personality to the last detail. 

A Mischivieous Brother-Sister Duo 

Who can deny a good haldi moment between the bride and her brother?

This Sweet Moment Shared Between The Bride & Groom

Like the many shared glances between a couple during their wedding, this couple's opportunistic capture is what we wish to see at every wedding!

This Couple's Wedding Video That Made Us All Teary-Eyed

While there are small clips from every wedding video that capture our interests, some wedding videos in a whole are so heartwarming that they're tough to scroll past. 

This Bride Whose Dance Won Us Over

Every bride's solo performance will always have a special place in our hearts. This bride is no special. 

Celebrity Stylist Eshaa Amiin's Beautiful Wedding Video

Eshaa Amiin's wedding was a picturesque affair. And her gorgeous wedding video will give you butterflies. 

This Group Of Bridesmaids Who Danced On Our Fav 90's Hit

This video of a group of bridesmaids jamming to the all our favourite 90's songs is definitely an inspirational video worth pinning for your BFF's wedding!

This Bittersweet Moment Between The Bride & Her Family

Every bride's vidai is a bittersweet moment that can bring onlookers to tears. This vidai is no different, yet its capture is done in the most fantastic way possible.


If you're looking for more inspirational and heartwarming wedding videos, head over to our Instagram now!

Heartwarming Wedding Videos Of 2020 That Won Us Over!

by Shivani Singh

Heartwarming Wedding Videos Of 2020 That Won Us Over!